Customized Scarves: How to Create a Soccer Scarf Design

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customized scarves

Customized scarves are a great way to make a fashion statement and let the whole crowd know who you hope will win. When you're ready to create a one-of-a-kind design, look no further than Ruffneck Scarves.

We're a little over a month away from the World Cup, which is scheduled to be played in Qatar from November 20 to December 18. Are you ready to cheer on your favorite teams?

Whether you're rooting for a beloved Major League Soccer (MLS) player or your favorite hometown hero, why not showcase your support with a custom scarf?

We're the officially licensed scarf supplier for the MLS and can create a range of personalized looks for anyone to enjoy. Not sure where to begin? Today, we're sharing a few of our best design tips to help you create a style you'll love to wear all season long.

Connect With a Specialist

When you work with Ruffneck Scarves, you don't have to handle the design process entirely on your own! Our design team is experienced in all aspects of custom scarves, and we're here to help you every step of the way.

Start by filling out our short online form. Once you submit it, one of our team members will reach out to learn more about your request. As we work with you to design your soccer scarves, we'll take all of your requests and ideas into account.

The best part? Our design services are absolutely free. We can create any design you imagine, and you won't pay any extra.

We'll make sure to show you the final design to get your feedback and final approval before the scarves go into production and shipping. If you need us to make any changes or edits to the layout at that point, we can easily do so.

Keep the Design Simple

The idea of custom soccer scarves has its root in European culture. In Europe, it's common to see sports fans donning their most sophisticated scarves at nearly every sporting event.

In America, we're mostly used to the traditional team garb: t-shirts, hats, and hoodies. While there's nothing wrong with those game-day staples, why not mix it up a little and show your team spirit with a scarf instead? You can wear it again and again, it goes with everything, and you don't have to worry about washing it every time you wear it!

To keep the look universal, we recommend sticking with a fairly simple design. Keep the name of the team front and center, along with the logo. Then, fill in the empty space with the appropriate team colors.

This is especially helpful if you're ordering our traditional jacquard knit soccer scarves. These knitted scarves are great for almost every team logo, creating a retro look that's reminiscent of your favorite old-school video game!

These logos look best when they can stand on their own and aren't crowded by too many small details. Think about the message you want to portray, the colors you want to use, and the images you want to add. In this case, less is more and makes a more dramatic impact.

Keep the Design Intentional

With a jacquard knit soccer scarf, you can use up to five colors on the scarf and up to three colors on the fringe. While you're free to use the full limit, try to be intentional with the colors you choose.

It's usually best to stick to the team colors unless you specifically want to venture outside of the box. Don't feel pressured to use all five colors, and stick with the ones that make the most sense for your team and venue. This will help the scarf look neat and clean.

Leave the Edges Clear

Most custom scarves with logo designs will include beautifully fringed edges. Keeping this in mind, make sure to allow plenty of room for your logo to breathe on both ends.

If you position the logo too close to the edge, it could bleed into the fringe. While the colors might go all the way to the very end, exercise caution and move your images up a bit so they can stand out.

Choose a Printed Scarf for High Resolution

As you start to brainstorm your design, think about whether the logo would be best suited for a knitted or printed scarf. If the logo is very detail-rich, you may prefer a printed option.

If you want to capture an intricate logo on a lightweight scarf, we recommend creating your own Summer Scarf. These are made with a lightweight polyester material, which uses sublimated print technology to capture even the finest details.

Unlike our jacquard scarves, there aren't any color limitations with a summer scarf, and you're free to upload any type of design you want. This is the ideal material for printing people and landscapes, and you can even capture action photos on it!

If you love the look of a handmade scarf but need to keep the logo looking sharp, consider an HD Woven Scarf instead. These have an incredibly clear resolution, as well as a slightly thinner profile than the traditional jacquard scarves.

Use Contrasting Colors

Want to help the words and pictures on your soccer scarf really stand out? Design them in a color that will complement yet contrast the background color!

If you choose shades that are too similar in nature, it can be difficult to decipher what your scarf says. You want to make sure everyone knows where your loyalties lie, so display that message proudly!

Most people choose to make their background color one of their team's prominent colors. Then, they use a font that's either much lighter or much darker than that color. You can use this simple guide to help you choose contrasting colors for your design (Hint: They're opposite one another on the color wheel!)

Use Both Sides

Did you know that our custom scarves are double-sided? This allows you to create two different, yet equally stunning, designs at no extra cost! Use this opportunity to your advantage and feel free to exercise your creativity.

You might choose to keep one side mostly solid and display your graphics and logos on the other side. Or, if you have lots that you want to fit in, you can use both sides to show off your message.

Think About Fundraisers

While we're an officially licensed supplier of MLS sports scarves, you don't have to cheer for an MLS team to shop with us. We can help you create soccer scarves for any team you're excited about, even your local rec league!

In fact, our premium-quality soccer scarves make excellent team fundraisers. They're a welcome break from the typical fundraising garb and will last much longer than baked goods or a car wash ever could! We make it easy to get started with our fundraising program, with benefits that include:

  • Low order minimums
  • Incremental price breaks
  • High-quality fabrics
  • Exceptional return on investment (up to 170% profit according to our studies!)

When designing scarves for a fundraiser, remember to use the team's colors and incorporate the logo strategically. You can also use one side to display the team name or showcase your top-tier sponsors.

Invest in Matching Accessories

Once you've designed the perfect soccer scarf, why not go ahead and create a few other accessories with the same general layout and color scheme? At Ruffneck Scarves, we also specialize in Custom Beanies, designed in any layout you choose! These are both practical and fashionable, keeping your head warm and making a style statement.

To stay warm all season, you can also look for coordinating gloves, jackets, and other apparel to help your scarf shine. Keep the rest of your look basic and everyone will notice the special artwork around your neck!

Check Out Pictures and Testimonials

If you're not used to designing garments, you might need a little inspiration as you start designing your team scarves. That's why our team is here!

We'll listen as you describe the look you want to create, and then we'll work diligently to turn your vision into a beautiful reality. We can also show you pictures of similar scarves we've created for customers so you can gauge the quality and professionalism of our work.

Another great way to get inspired? Check out our testimonials! We featured them prominently on our home page so they're easy to find.

Feedback from real clients helps you understand a little more about what customers want, which special features they added, and how our team brought everything to life. Use these to help motivate your own request, and feel free to incorporate some of the favorite elements you see.

Create Customized Scarves With Us

Maybe you're turning on the television and cheering from your couch. Or, you could be sitting on a lawn chair, hands wrapped around a warm mug of coffee while your pint-sized player plays goalie on the community field.

Either way, customized scarves will keep you warm and let the world know who you're watching. When you create yours with Ruffneck Scarves, you can rest assured that you'll love the final product.

Buy a few for your loved ones, or order in bulk for a fundraiser. Either way, we've got you covered. Reach out to us today to get started.

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