The History of the Soccer Scarf Revisited

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Everyone has come to know and love the soccer scarf, but have you ever thought of where it comes from? Read all about the history of the soccer scarf.

Soccer is a sport that has taken the world by storm. Whether it’s called soccer or football, there are billions of fans across the globe. 

And how do these fans show love to their favorite team? With custom soccer scarves, of course.

But where does the soccer scarf come from? What made it such a popular accessory for soccer fans around the world? Well, let’s explore the incredible history of soccer scarves to find out.

The Soccer Scarf Origin Story

The start of soccer scarves began in the United Kingdom in the early 1900s. At this time, spectators dressed very differently to attend games than we do today. Usually, they would wear formal, monochromatic clothes.

Usually, fans would spruce up their outfits with scarves. Since soccer was usually played in colder months, these scarves helped to keep fans warm.

But, these scarves also served another purpose. Since jerseys weren't popularly worn yet, fans would choose scarves featuring the colors of their favorite team. This way, everyone would know who they were rooting for.  

Other accessories, such as handkerchiefs and ribbons were also used to show team loyalty. However, none of these had quite the impact or longevity of the soccer scarf. 

Did Players Wear Soccer Scarves?

There is one theory that claims soccer scarves didn't start with the fans at all. Instead, soccer scarves were worn by the players of each respective team.

Players used soccer scarves to identify which team they were playing for. They would wear them along with different colored rugby-style shirts. 

The modern idea of customized jerseys didn't really take off until the middle of the 20th century. Scarves and colors were a way to distinguish your team from anyone else out on the field. 

Evolution of the Soccer Scarf Style

In those early days, soccer scarves were usually hand-made by family matriarchs or grandmothers. In fact, these hand-knitted scarves were often called granny scarves.

Granny scarves usually only contained one or two colors. They didn't have team logos. Usually, they weren't even very good quality.

Sometimes, fans would buy scarves at local merchants, as well. However, since the teams had no involvement in this, they often looked varied. The quality was often a bit better than homemade scarves, but there was no uniform appearance.

Popularity Grows, Mass Production Begins

However, even low-quality scarves started to become more and more popular at matches. Football Clubs began to realize they had a great opportunity to market themselves. Thus began the production of customized scarves. 

As production continued, the quality of these custom scarves got better and better. Thicker fabrics, more embellishments, and intricate logos were all added to boost the quality of soccer scarves. 

Today's Modern Soccer Scarves

Soccer scarves are still quite popular today. But, modern soccer scarves probably look quite a bit different than they have throughout soccer scarf history. 

Today you can get custom scarves with a logo for your team. Crests, emblems, and even high-quality artwork are also commonplace on today's modern scarves. 

You can even buy custom soccer scarves for your favorite team or local soccer club. However, there are many different types of soccer scarves you can get to show your support. These include:

  • Soccer bar scarves
  • Half-and-half scarves

Let's explore these two types of soccer scarves further.

What Are Soccer Bar Scarves?

One popular type of soccer scarf is the soccer bar scarf. Soccer bar scarves don't feature any logos or emblems. Instead, they just showcase the team's colors.

Some casual fans might enjoy these because they can be worn in support of multiple different teams. For example, Manchester United and Arsenal are both represented by the color red. With a soccer bar scarf, you can wear the same scarf to represent either team.

Hardcore fans might appreciate soccer bar scarves, too. Since they only have colors, you can wear them casually, even when you aren't at a match. That way, you can support your team no matter where you are or what you're doing.

What Are Half-and-Half Scarves?

Half-and-half scarves feature logos or emblems for two different teams. These are often sold at match-day events for more casual soccer fans. This way, you don't have to root for a particular team to get a great souvenir from the match.

Serious soccer fans might want half-and-half scarves, too. This is especially true for those who root for two teams or countries. 

For example, someone might've been born in Germany but has since moved to Brazil. With a half-and-half scarf, they can show love and loyalty to both of their teams.

Sometimes, fans might even get a half-and-half scarf to show love to a favorite player that has migrated teams. Now, they can show support for both clubs.

Do Fans Always Wear Soccer Scarves?

Though scarves were originally used at soccer games because of frigid weather, they aren't always worn. You'll probably see soccer scarves at matches even if the weather is warm.

Oftentimes, fans will simply hold up their soccer scarves like a banner. This way they can still show their support, even if wearing a scarf isn't super comfortable. 

This is especially great for soccer fans outside the UK, where the weather tends to be warmer.

Even during cold weather, fans sometimes hold out their scarves instead of wearing them. This way, everyone can see just how excited they are to show off their team spirit. 

Do Non-English Fans Wear Soccer Scarves, Too?

You bet!

As soccer has become more popular in the US, so have soccer scarves. Even though it's usually a little warmer in the US during soccer season, Americans enjoy the tradition of showing off team spirit with their custom scarves. 

Some popular Major League Soccer (MLS) teams and colors you might see in the US include:

  • New York Red Bulls: Red and black featuring team logo
  • NYC FC: Light blue, dark blue, and orange featuring team logo
  • Philadelphia Union: Light blue, dark blue, and gold featuring team logo
  • New England Revolution: Red, white, and blue featuring team logo
  • DC United: Red and black featuring team logo
  • Atlanta FC: Maroon and black featuring team logo
  • LA Galaxy: Blue and yellow featuring team logo
  • Seattle Sounders FC: Lime green, blue, and black featuring team logo

However, not all American fans follow the MLS. It's not unpopular to see American fans sporting the colors and logos of teams from other countries.

So if you see someone walking around the Mall of America in a Manchester United scarf, don't be surprised. 

Do Other Sports Have Custom Scarves?

It's not very popular for fans of other sports to show their support with custom scarves. Most other sports, such as football or baseball, show support with custom jerseys instead.

Major League Hockey will sometimes utilize customized scarves. But, hockey scarves are nowhere near as popular as soccer scarves. Soccer scarves are a long-held tradition around the globe, after all. 

Though customized soccer jerseys are also popular, nothing compares to the tradition and style of a soccer scarf.

Local Soccer Scarves

Soccer scarves aren't just for major league teams. In fact, selling custom soccer scarves can be a great soccer fundraiser to raise money for your team. 

Not only are custom scarves a tradition, but they're also a great way to set soccer apart from other types of sports. After all, they're much more exciting than a boring old jersey. 

Soccer scarves can be worn by players, coaches, and their fans alike.

How Do You Wear Soccer Scarves? 

Most people simply drape their soccer scarves over their necks. Since they're usually made of thicker fabric, this is the easiest way to wear them. Wearing it like this also makes it easy to grab and hold up when you want to show a little extra support for your club. 

However, if it's particularly cold at your match, you can also wrap your scarf around your neck in a more traditional style. 

Some people choose not to wear their soccer scarves at all. Instead, they simply carry them. This way, they're ready to hold them up and cheer when their team scores a goal. 

Get Your Very Own Soccer Scarves Today

As you can see, soccer scarves are a tradition that's been around for over 100 years. To join in on the fun, get a soccer scarf for your favorite team today. Better yet, get one to support your local club!

Order your customized soccer scarves today. We have a variety of different options that ensure you're supporting your club in the most stylish way possible.

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