Custom Scarves With Logo Designed for Your Business

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custom scarves with logo

Discover 8 benefits of custom scarves with a logo for your business below.

Did you know that the longest knit scarf on record measures 5,565.46 meters or around 14,978 ft and 6.16 inches long? It was completed in 2013 by Helge Johansen of Oslo, Norway. To put it into perspective, that's nearly 50 standard-sized football fields in length.

Scarves can keep us warm and make us look cool as functional pieces of clothing or as fashionable accessories. Custom scarves with logos are the ultimate item to promote your business in style.

Want to know more about how custom scarves can benefit your business, as well as where to find custom scarves with a logo? Then keep reading this post below to discover more about custom scarf benefits.

1. Unite Your Employees as a Team

You've probably heard businesses that refer to their employees as a team, but now you can really mean it. Just like soccer fans uniting to cheer for their favorite team while wearing sports scarves, you can unite your employees too. 

When all of your employees have branded company merchandise like custom scarves with logo design, they'll feel more valued by your business. It creates a sense of camaraderie amongst your employees.

Instead of feeling as if there's competition in the workplace, it reinforces sportsmanship. Like the members of a sports team, all of your employees must unify and work together to reach a common goal. 

After the difficult two years faced by employees having to work remotely or under stressful conditions, you want them to know that now, more than ever, you appreciate them. So now when you say that your employees are your team, giving them custom scarves shows them it isn't just another clichéd phrase.

2. Practical Gifts

When receiving gift items, a majority of recipients want something that has some usefulness to it. Giving something ornate or fragile as a gift will probably result in it just getting stuck in a drawer or given away to someone else. Oftentimes, the preferred gift items are wearable ones.

During the fall and winter months or in certain geographical areas where the weather tends to get much colder, custom scarves with logo serve as a practical gift item.

Scarves are terrific for providing some much-needed extra warmth when the temperature drops. You can wrap them around your neck, nose, ears, and mouth to stay toasty and comfortable and keep the chill at bay.

Custom scarves are gift items that are sure to get a lot of use by their recipients. And with your company's logo design on them, they'll remember who gave them this helpful and thoughtful gift for years to come. 

3. Give Your Business Exposure

Yes, custom scarves are great at keeping out the exposure that comes with severe weather, but they are also great at getting you another type of exposure: brand exposure. Wearing any type of custom or branded merchandise, such as custom scarves with a logo, gives your business more eyes on your brand.

Whether you or your employees are at the coffee shop or standing in line at the grocery store, branded clothing always gets the attention of bystanders. It takes between 5-7 impressions before a consumer will remember your brand. So, the more you get your brand out there, the better your chances will be.

Any logo item you wear is like a billboard. People will always look at what someone else is wearing. So if it's your own business logo on an item like custom-printed scarves it will be certain to get some attention. 

Even if you're just going about your day, as usual, your custom scarves will be doing their job promoting your brand and creating awareness. It's just another one of the custom scarf benefits you can receive.

4. Milestone Awards

Your employees want to know they'll be rewarded for all of their hard work and dedication to their job. That's why custom scarves with a logo make superb milestone awards for your business. 

Imagine the surprise on their face when you present them with a custom scarf for achieving a commission incentive, or you're officially welcoming them into the family after their first solid year at the company. Your custom scarves will be a welcome reward for a job well done by your employees, no matter what the occasion is. 

Whether you're giving your custom scarves out to employees who reach a certain sales goal or you're saving them for a special employee birthday. Or maybe you've decided to award them as a milestone anniversary award.

Once your employees know what to expect, they'll be waiting for the day when they too will receive their own customized scarves. 

5. Prevent Rising Employee Turnover Rates

Most employees don't ask for much from their job; as long as they're able to keep the bills paid they should be happy enough. But sometimes what an employee wants from a company they work for is to feel noticed and validated. They want to know that they are an important part of the company. 

Employees who don't feel like an integral part of the business they work for will leave to find employment at another company. This can cause you to waste a lot of precious time and resources trying to find and train someone else to fill the void. You want to keep your current employees happy where they are so you don't run into the issue of having them leave.

A small gesture like a company gift can go a long way to making your employees feel more significant. Giving them custom scarves with a logo and their name embroidered on them can make them feel closer to your company, so they'll be less likely to leave. 

6. Add Fun to Work Events

The co-workers who play together are more likely to stay together. That's why using custom scarves can be an excellent tool to use for making your employee bond even stronger and your work events more memorable. 

Holiday parties, conferences, corporate retreats, and team-building seminars are more fun when everyone can show off their company spirit in custom scarves with a logo. Use them for casual dress days at the office or have everyone wear them to a game if your business competes in a sports league.

Boost your employee morale levels and bring on the fun with custom-printed scarves your employees will love wearing every chance they get. You can also take photos of everyone wearing their custom scarves to use for printing out and creating slideshows, memory books, and promotional materials for investors or shareholders. 

7. Superb Promotional Items

Your custom scarves aren't just a great idea for giving out to your employees, they also make fun items to give away as part of a promotion that ties in with your business. Everyone loves getting free stuff, and you love getting some free promotion for your business, so it's a win-win concept all around.

Holding raffles and contests on social media or through booth setups at special events and conventions is a fantastic way to get your business's name out there. Offering special prizes like custom scarves with a logo is a surefire way to gain more attention. The prospect of winning an awesome prize will draw people in. 

You may even be able to generate leads through entry forms that require an email or phone number to participate. After the promotional period has ended, you can send out a notification asking if they would like to join a mailing or text list. This can help you convert more customers.

8. Great Corporate Gifts

For your long-time business clients, you want to utilize something with more wow factor than just a coffee mug, pen set, or gift card. Just as it helps to make your employees feel like a united part of a real team, the same is also true of custom scarves with a logo.

Corporate gifting is at an all-time high in an attempt to counteract the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. 94% of businesses believe having a personal connection to their clients is essential for maintaining a successful business. They want to connect to their clients in better ways and establish a more personal relationship.

Every time they wear their custom scarves with a logo, they are certain to remember your business. Custom scarves are not only useful gifts, they are a unique gifting item that helps your business stand out from the crowd of other bland and boring corporate gifts.

You can also embroider your client's name right onto the scarf for an extra added personal touch that says you value them as a customer.

Design Your Custom Scarves With a Logo at Ruffneck Scarves

This is a small sampling of some of the benefits of using custom scarves. With so many custom scarf benefits for your business, you'll wonder why you didn't think of this idea sooner. 

Designing custom scarves with a logo is easy and fun. At Ruffneck Scarves, our team will walk you through the process of creating the perfect custom scarves. 

See what Ruffneck Scarves can do to make your customized scarves come to life. You can also browse our wide selection of pre-made team soccer scarves on our website.

Contact us today to create your business custom scarves.

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