How To Wear a Soccer Scarf

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how to wear a soccer scarf

Nearly 1 in 3 US citizens consider themselves soccer fans, but we're still behind historically when it comes to soccer fans in other countries.

Soccer is much older in European countries. The American Professional Soccer League was only established in 1994, while European football goes back to the early 1900s. We've still got a lot to learn about soccer traditions.

One of the best soccer traditions is the soccer scarf! But if you don't know how to wear a soccer scarf, you may wonder if it's worth the purchase. Keep reading to find out about this cool soccer artifact and how to wear it!

What is a Soccer Scarf?

Soccer scarves are one of the most popular items of apparel that football fans wear to show their love for the sport and their favorite team. At soccer matches, you'll always see lots of people donning or waving custom scarves advertising their allegiance to a team.

These scarves serve a dual purpose. Of course, they are like any other piece of sports apparel in that they demonstrate devotion, but they also are quite useful.

Scarves are underrated for keeping you warm, but at a soccer match in the fall you just might need that extra layer. Worn around the neck, scarves can an area of your body warm that often goes exposed.

If you're a soccer fan, you need to get customized scarves for your favorite teams. You'll look stylish and like a true soccer fan.

History of the Soccer Scarf

So where did the practice of football fans wearing scarves come from?

Manchester's National Football Museum claims that the practice of wearing custom soccer scarves goes back to the 1900s. At first, soccer fans wore ribbons, lapel pins, and hats to show support for their teams. This was before the era in which jerseys could be mass-produced. 

Introducing the Soccer Scarf

But soon soccer fans realized that there was an article of clothing that could protect them from the elements during winter matches and show support for their teams. They were all wearing scarves anyway, so why not customize them? They would buy scarves and customize them at home to display the names, colors, and mascots of their favorite teams. In the 1920s, grandmothers at homemade scarves for their soccer-loving sons which were dubbed "granny scarves".

Manufacturers Start Making Scarves

Soon, manufacturers caught on to the trend. As teams started more clearly defining their colors and logos, manufacturers started incorporating them into their designs and producing scarves en masse.

Soccer Scarves in the US

By the time soccer became popular in the US, scarves were already in vogue in Europe. It was natural that the same traditions about showing team support would take root here. A lot of soccer scarves are less expensive than jerseys, and they're still a great and traditional way to show support for a team.

While the earliest scarf designs were quite simple, today you can buy very intricate soccer scarves. They include dominant colors, emblems, names, and sometimes even the faces of players on them!

Whether you have one scarf that you cherish or a closet full of scarves from every year of soccer play, if you're a true soccer fan you love your soccer scarf and want to know how to wear it with pride.

How to Wear a Soccer Scarf

The way you wear your soccer scarf can be revealing not only about what team you are a fan of but also about what kind of soccer fan you are. From ways that show off your team name loud and proud to fundraising goals to keeping a little extra warm in the stadium, here are the best ways to tie a soccer scarf.

The Drape

This is the simplest way to wear custom soccer scarves. While it won't keep you very warm, it is one of the best ways to loudly and proudly show support for your team. Oftentimes, soccer fans who use the drape method will also use their scarf as a banner. 

After the team scores, it's easy to lift up a draped scarf over your head and stretch it out so everyone can see the team name. After a goal, the jumbotron camera will often pan out over the stadium giving you and the other fans a chance to show off your scarves.

All you have to do for the drape method is hang the scarf over your neck. Adjust the two sides so that they are even in length and flat down the front of your chest. Identify where your team logo is on the scarf and make sure that it's clearly visible. Keep in mind that there may be visible elements on the back that you want to make sure are unobscured by a coat.

To turn it into a banner, simply raise up the two ends over your head after a goal!

The Quick Flip

The quick flip method is great for days when the weather rapidly changes. You can easily adjust this method for increased or decreased warmth, and it's still a simple enough style that you can use it as a banner if you want to.

First, drape your scarf just as you did with the first method. Then, pull one end a little bit longer than the other end. Take the long end and flip it over your shoulder so that it hangs down your back. Make sure that it goes over your coat so that everyone can see your team from behind.

Ensure that everything is laying flat and that all your favorite design elements are visible. To get warmer, simply tighten up the bit of scarf around your neck by pulling the ends. You can even cover your face a little on super cold days. For warmer days, loosen up the area around your neck and face.

The Wrap

If you prefer a wrap method for extra warmth while maintaining some visibility there are a couple of ways to achieve this with a soccer scarf. The first method is the half wrap.

The half wrap is similar to the quick flip. You still start with a standard drape and then wrap one end over the opposite shoulder. But if you're doing a wrap method, both sides should be even in length before you wrap it. As always, make sure things are flat and visible.

The full wrap offers less visibility for the design of your scarf, but it will keep you quite warm during cold matches. Matches will sometimes be canceled for inclement weather, but freezing temperatures aren't usually a problem. So, you need to find a way to stay warm!

Again, start with a standard drape. Do your first flip over the opposite shoulder, and then repeat that method on the other side. Now, both ends of your scarf should be on your back where you can adjust them to show off your team. The stacked scarf at the front of your face will offer insulation to keep you warm.

The European Knot

Is it a windy day for a match? That means it's the perfect day for the always classy-looking European knot. Your scarf can't possibly fly away when it's tied in this traditional knot.

Before you put your scarf on your body, fold it in half. Drape the folded scarf across your neck to that you have the loop sitting on one shoulder and the two ends on the other. Pull the two ends of your scarf through the loop.

The loop effect will create the appearance of the knot. But because it isn't too complicated, you'll still be able to keep the ends flat to show off your team and your player's names. Adjust as needed in order to do so.

The Loop-the-Loop

This method is fashion-forward, remarkable, and warm all in one! A loop-the-loop scarf looks great if you're trying to wear your soccer scarf outside of the stadium. It looks like you put effort into the look, but you still get to represent!

Place one-third of the scarf on your chest and begin looping the scarf around your neck. Keep looping the scarf (hence the name) until the opposite end is the same length as your starting end. Adjust as needed so that they match perfectly and lie flat under the loops.

You'll be so so warm and, if done correctly, the littlest best of your team name should be visible on your ends.

Braid Method

Okay, this way of wearing a scarf is truly for the professionals. This method will really stand out, and you'll be showing off your scarf-tying skills a little more than your team spirit. But it will combine the colors of your scarf in a new beautiful way.

Fold your scarf in half like you're doing a European knot and drape it. Push just one end of your scarf through the loop. Twist the loop in half and then pass the other end through. If done currently, you'll have a very fancy braided effect.

Show Off Your Team Spirit

There's no better or more traditional way to show off soccer team spirit than with a custom soccer scarf. Now that you know how to wear a soccer scarf, there's no excuse not to buy one and show off your favorite team!

Are you ready to represent your team the gold old-fashioned way? Make custom scarves today!

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