Top 5 Soccer Scarf Display Ideas

Jeff McIntyre

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soccer scarf display


So you've built up your collection of soccer scarves from matches you've attended both stateside and abroad. You've got your favorite go-to scarves you like to wear to your hometown stadium, but what are you supposed to do with all the others? You don't have a soccer scarf display strategy. You need to know how to hang a scarf on a wall or how to display your soccer scarves properly.

Figuring out how and where you display your soccer scarf collection requires some thought around the location, the material of the scarves, the size of the scarves and where will they capture the most attention.

We've come up with a shortlist of ideas for you to consider when creating your soccer scarf display.

1. Tack scarves on a wall in your man-cave / she-shed

Do you have a dedicated space for all of your sports teams' memorabilia and other interests? Consider using thumbtacks to simply fix each to the wall. If your collection is significant you'll probably have to hang them vertically, but if you can it's always best to hang them vertically for readability. Remember, most scarves have something different on each side, so you'll need to figure out which side you want to show off most.

2. Use a pre-built soccer scarf display like a scarf rack

Buying a pre-built soccer scarf display like the ones available from a company like Scarf Racks is a great way to go if you are wanting a professional-looking display for your scarves. This works great in more formal areas of your house like the living room or entry hallway to your home.

3. Individually hang each scarf using soccer scarf hangers

Do you already have a spot in mind, but all you need is a hanger to hang your scarves on? Ruffneck has individual scarf hangers available for just this scenario.

These are the same hangers we provide to our retail store customers to hang scarves in their storefronts.

4. Try a basic towel rack

One inexpensive solution to try is a towel rack. You usually will only be able to display a few scarves at a time, but if your collection is small you may only need a few racks to make it work.

5. Curtain rods work great too

If you have the room and you can affix the hardware to your walls or another surface, then a curtain rod works great for displaying several scarves at a time. You could hang multiple rods and drape your scarves over and across each rod for a large display.

Whichever soccer scarf display you choose, do your best to get those scarves up and out for a show. They represent your love for the game, your experiences, and your travels.

Do you have another idea for how to display soccer scarves?

Let us know in the comments.

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