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Ruffneck has the most extensive selection of global scarves available anywhere. Our international catalog of scarves ranges from Taiwan to Afghanistan from Argentina to New Zealand. We began adding international scarves back in 2010 during the World Cup. Our collection has grown year over year by adding all of the familiar participants along with many of the lesser-knowns.

We've got the world covered for any football fan. 

Proudly support your favorite country with a soccer scarf representing national colors, flags, and motto.

Our collection of global scarves also serves as a great gift for cultural enthusiasts, ex-pat communities, and any group event that gathers to celebrate their heritage.

Cherish your heritage, celebrate your culture, or support your team.


world cup scarf 2026

The World Cup is coming to North America in 2026.

Ruffneck has also created this exclusive scarf to get you prepared for the grand stage of international football. The United States, Canada and Mexico will co-host the greatest event in all of sports.


Click HERE to see our international catalog of global scarves available.



Looking for a specific country that we don't offer?

Please let us know in the comments below or contact us at

We are always looking to add more designs to our catalog and encourage you to share your ideas.


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