Soccer Scarf Wall by Ruffneck Scarves in the Hall of Fame

Jeff McIntyre

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Soccer Scarf Wall by Ruffneck Scarves

If you haven't had the opportunity to go to Dallas, well Frisco, Texas, and visit the National Soccer Hall of Fame's new location, it is certainly a must for any true American soccer fan. The Soccer Scarf Wall will greet you upon entry. You can't miss it.

This was our first visit in person and it couldn't have been any better. 

As soon as we walked through the front doors we were greeted by the Ruffneck Scarves Soccer Scarf Wall, where it appeared all of the visitors to the HoF were taking photos. 

It took us a couple of months to curate all the soccer scarves to donate to this scarf all project. The team at the National Soccer Hall of Fame communicated to us that they wanted a wide range of scarves representing soccer teams from all over the country at every level. With that directive, we pulled together scarves from teams we've worked with over the years. Everything from high schools, MLS, colleges, and semi-pro level clubs.

Hall of Fame soccer scarves

We had a feeling that we were helping build something epic. Until we saw it in person, it was hard to comprehend how "cool" it actually turned out. The sense of accomplishment we felt was incredible. Our little soccer scarf business was recognized on a national level at the Hall of Fame.

We are extremely grateful to have a legacy that represents our brand, our love for the game, and the passion of soccer supporters across America. 

National Soccer Hall of Fame

For more information visit the  National Soccer Hall of Fame.

If you have the opportunity, go and see this museum of American soccer history for yourself.

Scarves up!

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