How to Wear a Soccer Scarf

how to wear a soccer scarf


Did you ever wonder why soccer fans wear scarves, or how to wear a soccer scarf so you fit in with the other fans at the match or your favorite pub?  Well, we've got 5 different ways for you to look like a pro just by switching up your soccer scarf wearing style.


1. The Standard

Allows you to have easy access from wearing it around your neck to raising it up and joining the celebration while repping your team!


  • Place scarf around your neck
  • Make scarf ends even on both sides while also making sure your team/brand logos are visible
  • If needed to hold the scarf up (which of course you do…) grab scarf by both ends, raise it up and rep your team!

2. The Wrap

Weather at outdoor soccer games can be rough and windy. Which is why it's important to grab multiple layers for the match. But if your face is freezing, this is the perfect method to block that constant cold breeze.


  • Loop scarf twice around the neck make sure they are both balanced wraps
  • Tie ends in half knot
  • Tuck both ends under the scarf loops

3. The Hook, Line, and Sinker

A more casual look that’s usually tucked inside of a jacket or vest, making this the most fashionable choice.


  •   Wrap scarf behind neck
  •   Take one end and wrap around your hand
  •   Pull through making a knot shape
  •   Take other end and slide through loop spot
  •   Tighten it to stay on neck

4. The Classic Flip

Leaving one end hanging in the front and sometimes in the back as well, this method is usually a lazy fit but looks and feels comfortable over a coat no matter what the weather.


  •  Pull scarf around the neck
  •  Make one end slightly longer
  •  Put a shorter end in the back, let longer one hang in front

5. The "Scarves Up"

The ultimate celebratory standard. Putting your scarves up for the stadium to see. 


  •  Hold up your scarf
  •  Repeat Step 1 if you have to


What’s your favorite way to wear your soccer scarf? Share some ideas and pictures by tagging us @RuffneckScarves on social media!

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