Top Tips on How to Wear a Soccer Scarf with Style

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how to wear a soccer scarf

There are many different ways to wear a soccer scarf. Discover how to wear a soccer scarf and how to style it in all the different ways.

Scarf down! Soccer scarves have been a feature at soccer games since the early 1900s. They have evolved greatly over the last century, and you can find many different versions of scarves. 

This may make you think that you can wear a scarf however you like. In reality, it can be hard to wear a scarf fashionably. You need to spend time learning how to wear a soccer scarf and looking at a few different ways to wear one. 

What are the most popular ways to wear a soccer scarf? How can you match your scarf to your outfit? How should you wear your scarf if you want to stand out? 

Answer these questions and you can find your perfect soccer scarf style in no time. Here is your comprehensive guide.

Place a Scarf on Your Shoulders

The most common way to wear a soccer scarf is to put it around your shoulders. Some people call this soccer scarf style "the Accessible Way" because it frees up your hands and arms. 

Pick up your scarf with both hands and put it on your shoulders. The scarf should hang down from the back of your neck, with the scarf lying against your chest and stomach. 

It should be even on both sides. If you're struggling to adjust it, look in the mirror so you can do it properly. Make sure your team name and logo are visible. 

Keep your arms out to your sides so you don't bang into your scarf. If your scarf starts to get wrinkled, you can use your hands or a damp cloth to smooth it out.

Flip Your Scarf

You can flip your Ruffneck scarves so they fit tighter on your neck, which can keep you warm on cold days. Put the scarf around your neck as you would with the Accessible Way.

Then pull one side down so it's an inch or two longer than the other side and flip it over your opposite shoulder. The end of your scarf should drape down your back, with the fold fitting against your neck. 

If you're becoming too warm, you can adjust the fold. Take the end of the scarf that is on your back and pull it out to the side. This will open up the fold around your neck and give you more access to the air. 

It can be hard to see what team you are supporting with a flipped scarf. You can keep your logo exposed by pulling the shorter tail of your scarf out. Make sure the logo doesn't flip over in the wind or rain. 

Wrap Your Scarf Around Your Neck

If the weather is very cold, you can wear your scarf around your entire neck. Drape the scarf around the back of your neck while holding one end in each hand.

Take the right end and wrap it around the front of your neck, allowing the scarf to cross over your left shoulder. If you're left-handed, you can cross the left end over your right shoulder. 

Then repeat the action on the other side. You can continue the process until the ends of your scarf are too short. Once they are, you can tuck the ends beneath the folds you have made.

Your scarf should not be too constricting around your neck. If you want to free up some space, undo one of the folds you have made and untuck the ends. Most people find that one or two folds are enough to keep them warm.

Wrap the Scarf Around Your Face

Your scarf can form a mouth shield, filtering the air when you are congested or cold. Place one end of the scarf over one shoulder so it rests on the front of your body. Then take the other end and drape it so it is twice the length of the other half. 

Wrap the longer half around your face once. Do not do this too tightly, as a tight wrap can make it hard for you to breathe. You can raise the scarf up to cover your mouth and nose, or you can lower it so it conceals your mouth. 

A scarf around your face can fall off easily. You can wear a shirt or coat with a high collar that will keep the scarf in place. You can also secure the scarf with a hairband or rubber band. 

If you don't have a high-collared shirt or a hairband, you can tie the ends of your scarf together. Form any basic knot you can tie, as long as you do not damage the scarf itself. The knot can go on the back of your neck or against your shoulder.

Make a Knot

A knot can keep your scarf in place and create a unique soccer scarf outfit. Place the scarf around your shoulders, with both ends being equal lengths. Cross the two ends over each other, creating an X below your neck and chin. 

Turn one end around the other end and then pass that end through the opening you've made beneath your neck. If you want to make a tighter knot, you can bring the end out from underneath your scarf and pass it through the opening again. 

Once you've made the knot you want, you should adjust the halves of your scarf so one end is an inch or so longer than the other. Flatten the two halves so they are smooth and display your team's logo to onlookers. You can place the two halves down the center of your body, or you can spread them out a little. 

You can also make a European knot. Before you put the scarf around your neck, fold the scarf in two.

Drape your folded scarf around your neck, lowering it so the loop sits on one shoulder and the two ends sit on the other. Pull your two ends through the loop to form a loose knot.

Make a Braid

A braid is a variant of a European knot. Fold your scarf in half and place it over your shoulders, as you would when you make a European knot. However, you should then take one end and put it through the loop, leaving the other end on your shoulder. 

Twist the loop in half, then take the other end and pass it through. This will produce a braid on your chest. You may need to adjust the ends or the part of the scarf around your neck so the braid stays in place.

Be careful when turning your head or moving your neck, as the braid can slip out. If the ends of your braid start to untangle, you can try making a braid again.

Try a Loop-The-Loop

A loop-the-loop is a fashionable way to pair your scarf with pieces of business casual clothing. Many people like to wear their loop-the-loop with a blazer, blue jeans, or black pants. 

The loop-the-loop can be tricky, so try to make one while looking in the mirror. Place one-third of the scarf along the left side of your chest with the logo facing out. Loop the rest of the scarf around the back of your neck. 

Keep looping your scarf, crossing it in front of your throat and then back around your neck. Stop when you have a small tail left, and lay it against your right side. The ends should be lined up so your team logo is visible.

Make a Scarf Tie

A scarf tie can look great if you order a custom scarf with bold colors. You can wear a tie over a buttoned-down shirt, t-shirt, or jacket. If you work in a business casual environment, you may even be able to wear your tie to work.

Drape the scarf over your shoulders and adjust the length so one end is longer than the other by a third. Take the longer end and wrap it around the circumference of your neck. Both halves should now be of roughly equal length. 

Wrap one half around the other to make a loop. Pass that end through the loop and tighten it, letting one end be longer than the other. Flatten the two ends and align the longer half over the other similar to an office tie. 

Figure Out How to Wear a Soccer Scarf

Mastering how to wear a soccer scarf can be difficult. When in doubt, drape your scarf over your shoulders. You can also wrap it or fold it around your neck. 

If you want to get a little more elaborate, you can flip your scarf or conceal your face with it. If you're wearing formal clothes, you can wear your scarf like a loop-the-loop. Wearing it like a tie can make a bold fashion statement. 

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