Women’s Soccer Scarves – The Perfect Gift for Any Soccer Fan

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Did you know that roughly half of the world's population watched the last World Cup? That means there's a good chance you know someone who's crazy about the beautiful game. For the female soccer fan in your life, give the gift of swag to help them support their favorite teams.

You can't go wrong giving soccer scarves. Learn why in this guide!

Know the History of Soccer Scarves

Soccer scarves have a long history as a vital way to show support for a team. While you'll see fans show up at soccer matchups today in jerseys and face paint, that wasn't the case over 100 years ago.

Scarves were the stars of the show. At the start of the 20th century, attire was much more formal, even at sporting events. And that meant British soccer fans were donning hats and long, tailored coats.

But scarves emerged as a subtle way to show which team you supported. They could add a dash of team spirit and a practical solution on cold days all at once. 

Typically, women in one's family would knit these scarves, earning them the title of granny scarves. Today, however, soccer scarves have evolved in their design complexity and materials. Fans love them because of their history and vibrant appearance.

You won't need to break your budget to get a soccer scarf for your favorite fan, either. You can find classic styles in a variety of fabrics for under $50 today. And today's soccer scarves can feature anything from MLS team logos to the names of popular women's players, like Rose Lavelle.

Whether you want to step back in time and get a solid-color scarf or a more detailed modern one, you can find it. Giving your female friend a soccer scarf will help keep this fun tradition going. 

Scarves Are a Versatile Gift

soccer scarf provides a gift that can be used any time of year — even if there's not a game any time soon. You can wear a soccer scarf with anything from a winter jacket to a t-shirt and look stylish.

Or when it gets hot at a game, you can tie them around your head for a sweatband. And if you didn't bring a sign to hold up to cheer on the team, that's not a problem. Just stretch your scarf between your raised hands to create an instant banner.

When you get someone a soccer scarf, you'll give them a fun way to add color and spirit to monotone work attire, too. Just toss on a scarf for a burst of team spirit on the walk or drive to work. Scarves can add personality to even the blandest outfit.

Scarves work with formal attire or even a simple blouse that someone wears to happy hour. Any female fan who receives a scarf emblazoned with their favorite team's crest will feel proud wearing it, too. Soccer scarves can be fashion statements, banners, or practical ways to keep warm! 

Consider Scarf Materials

When you're looking for a soccer scarf for a gift, you have options when it comes to materials. You can opt for a warmer material that will keep someone comfortable when the temperatures drop. But for a friend in a warmer climate, you can find a soccer scarf material that will let them stay fashionable and cool. 

Jacquard knit scarves are one of the most popular types of soccer scarves. These scarves pull together multiple colors of yarn to create a distinctively bold look. Their soft appearance and warmth are synonymous with soccer scarves.

Since these scarves are knit, they're a bit heavier than some other types. Typically, you'll find logos embedded into knit scarves using a handful of colors.

To upgrade the standard knit scarf, go with a high-definition version that provides a little more detail. Or choose an acrylic-polyester yarn blend for material that feels even softer. You also can get a knit scarf embroidered with a team's logo for an extra touch of class.

And if you're part of the 40% of Americans vacationing each year, you'll need a scarf for those warmer summer matchups. Go with a printed polyester scarf that won't weigh anyone down under the hot afternoon sun. These lighter scarves offer a feminine look that will become a summertime favorite!

Look Into Scarf Designs

Soccer scarf designs offer a lot of versatility, as well. You can choose from a host of designs, including striped scarves that feature a team's colors. The striped vintage look will never go out of style.

Does your friend or a family member have a favorite women's soccer player? Advanced printing techniques have enabled newer scarves to feature pictures of celebrated players. You can find scarves filled with team slogans, crests, or winning records, too.

A scarf is an ideal way to cheer on National Women's Soccer League teams, like the Portland Thorns or KC Current. Or support the U.S. women's national team with a classy patriotic scarf.

Do you know someone who loves soccer but doesn't follow a particular team? You may want to get them a half-and-half scarf for their next game. These scarves appeal to fans who aren't die-hard fans but want to show some fashionability in the stands.

Half-and-half scarves are split between two teams' logos and colors, but bar scarves offer a simpler solution for the casual fan. These scarves only feature one color, meaning that someone can wear the same scarf to support different teams. The bar scarf is a classic and bold look that offers a little more versatility.

Get a Custom Soccer Scarf

As another option, consider getting a custom scarf as a gift. Custom scarves are the perfect way to promote a local team or brand. And you can work with skilled designers to ensure that the scarf you envision comes to life. 

Celebrate the home team with a USA soccer scarf honoring the San Diego Wave or Washington Spirit. Or choose a scarf design that reflects a unique take on the classic soccer scarf. Stitch together multiple logos or invent your own!

If your friend supports a team that's won some major championships, you can add the dates to the design of a custom scarf. And if your friend coaches youth soccer or plays in local clubs, consider customizing a scarf to feature the team name. They'll love seeing something they devote their spare time to captured in the form of a scarf. 

With a custom scarf, you'll get aesthetic control of all parts of the design. You can even customize the colors used on the fringe! Alternate colors for an eye-catching look that will stand out in the stands. 

Help Your Favorite Fan Create a Soccer Scarf Display

Scarves aren't just wardrobe accessories. In other words, you're not limited to just wearing a soccer scarf. They can become decorative features in anyone's home, too!

If your gift recipient has a sports-themed basement or shed, you can jumpstart a soccer display with a few scarves. What better way to add game-time ambiance than with decorative scarves on the walls? 

You could even get them a scarf rack or curtain rod to display their collection. Or get some scarf hangars to show off each scarf in the most professional way possible. Get creative and help your gift recipient spice up their walls.

Show Your Thoughtfulness 

Ultimately, getting a soccer scarf shows the female fan in your life that you truly know them. Rather than going with a generic gift box of lotions or candles, you're choosing something more personal. The soccer fan in your life will love unwrapping a gift that lets them represent their favorite team!

Better yet, make a scarf one of a series of soccer-related gifts you give. A scarf will complement a pom beanie, jersey, and jacket. For a close friend, stick with a soccer theme for your gifts so they always can anticipate something new.

And you won't need to worry if you buy a scarf just as a team updates its uniforms. Scarves are timeless! They will still be the perfect accessory to an updated jersey.

Scarves are easy to ship, too, since they can be folded and are lightweight. If you're trying to celebrate a friend a few states away, send them a soccer scarf. You won't need to pay much for packing or shipping, and unwrapping a scarf will be a surprise treat for them!

Give the Gift of Soccer Scarves

Soccer scarves should be a staple in any soccer fan's game-day wardrobe. When you're hunting for your next gift, get the female soccer fan you know a custom scarf or one emblazoned with their favorite team's colors and logo. You'll show how much you care and provide a versatile gift that can be a fashion accessory or decorative piece. 

Ready to get the perfect scarf? Contact us so we can help!

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