10 Tips for Buying and Wearing Custom Soccer Scarves

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custom soccer scarves

The sport of soccer traces its origins back to over 2,000 years ago. With reported use in the ancient cultures of China, Rome, Greece, and even parts of Central America. Though the British had the biggest hand in transitioning soccer, called "football" in their vernacular, into the worldwide phenomenon it is today.

The soccer scarf, on the other hand, originates in the early 1900s when single-colored scarves were one of the first items worn to represent their favorite football teams, like Manchester United, and keep fans warm during the cold outdoor games.

Custom soccer scarves are one of the best ways you can rep your favorite soccer team with flair and pizzazz. But did you know that there are many ways you can style your custom soccer scarves as well?

In this guide, we'll detail 10 ways you can wear your custom soccer scarves with style. Keep reading for more information below.

1. The Traditional Drape/Reverse Drape Method

The traditional drape method is the most popular way for fans to wear their custom soccer scarves. This method allows fans to easily access their scarves to raise them up above their shoulders at different points during the game such as when their team scores a goal, when they're representing their team on camera, or during the team’s anthem.

Simply hang the scarf around your neck and adjust it so that the scarf hangs at an even length on both sides of your shoulder. Check that your logo is visible and that the scarf is flattened across your shoulders, not bunched up.

Then grab the scarf by the two ends to raise when needed and put it back the same way when you're done.

An alternative to this method is the reverse drape which is a more secure version of the traditional drape method. For this method, you'll follow the same procedure as above except you're going to drape the ends down your back instead. 

2. The Full Wrap Method

Being a diehard fan means sticking it out during some very cold games. Even in frigid temperatures, custom soccer scarves are worn for warmth while still prominently displaying their favorite sports team's logo.

In such matches, you will find soccer fans using the full wrap method of wearing a scarf to keep warm.

Again for the full wrap method, you will start with the traditional drape first. Then, flip one end of the scarf over your opposite shoulder and do the same for the other side so that the ends of the scarf fall onto your back.

Adjust these ends so that they lie flat and smooth on your back and ensure that your team’s logo is clearly visible from both ends.

3. The Half Wrap Method

Soccer fans that are fashionable always choose the half wrap because of how cool it looks. This method of styling your soccer scarf is also a fashion statement made popular by runway models.

This method may denote someone who is a more casual soccer fan who just wants to watch the game for pure enjoyment.

Start by draping the soccer scarf over your shoulder like the traditional drape method, equalizing the scarf's length on both sides of your shoulders. Hold one end of the scarf and cross it over to drape over the opposite shoulder and down your back. This makes your team logo visible on the front as well as on the back.

For added fashion when wearing custom soccer scarves, you can even match a soccer scarf with the color of your jacket or coat. 

4. The Full Tuck Method

The full tuck method provides extra warmth for custom soccer scarves. It also acts as a sort of neck brace if you have any kind of neck pain. 

To achieve a full tuck, start by draping the scarf around the neck leaving one side considerably longer than the other side. You'll want to aim for about a ratio of 80% to 20% in length difference. With the longer end, wrap it around your neck twice until the long end is about the same length as the shorter end.

Then criss-cross the two ends into an "X" formation underneath your neck. To finish, just tuck the ends under the wrap portion around your neck. It should fit snugly and comfortably, but not too tight.

5. The Half-Tuck Method

While the full tuck method does provide necessary warmth, it may not be the best-looking way to style a custom soccer scarf if you want to emphasize fashion and your team's logo. The half-tuck method offers fashion and functionality for custom soccer scarves.

It shares some similarities to the full tuck method but with fewer steps. So it is much simpler than the full tuck.

Start by draping the scarf around your neck again with one end slightly longer than the other like the full tuck. Wrap the longer end around your neck twice and tuck the remaining portion under the part wrapped around your neck.

Then adjust the shorter hanging end in the front so that it is flat and visibly displays your team's logo.

6. The Tie Scarf Method

This method of wearing a scarf favors fashion and staying warm first, with the team logo's visibility as a second priority. The color of the soccer scarf itself is usually what signifies the team a fan supports since each team has its own distinct color palette.

Just like a normal tie, you need a scarf that is long enough to give you a reasonable-looking tie length result.

Start by draping the scarf around your neck, keeping one length about a third longer than the other end. Take the longer end and wrap it around the neck once. To make the two sides the same length, the end should go from the front of the neck around the back and back to the front.

Wrap one of the halves around the other to create a loop. Then pass it through the loop and tighten it like a standard Full Windsor Knot with one end longer than the other just like a regular tie.

Flatten the ends and adjust them so that the longer part is over the shorter half in a way that shows your team's logo at the ends. 

7. The Hook Method

The hook method for scarf tying provides ample warmth for your neck. The hook method is also a more secure way to keep your scarf in place so you'll spend less time adjusting your scarf's placement. Less emphasis is placed on displaying the team's logo.

Start by folding the scarf into two slightly uneven halves and then drape the folded scarf around your neck. Hold the loose end and pass it through the loop on the other side.

Gently pull down the loose end to form a knot ensuring that one of the loose ends is somewhat longer than the other. 

8. The Braided Method

The braided method of wearing a scarf is another fashionable way to style custom soccer scarves. Although it looks complicated it is actually very easy to do with just a few simple steps. 

Start by folding the scarf into two halves just like in the hook method to double it up, then drape the folded scarf around your neck. Take the looped end and twist it to form a figure eight. 

Then take one of the ends and pass it down through the loop. Take the other end and pass it through the same loop with the end hanging over the loop.

Tighten the braid to secure it. Adjust the scarf so that it hangs in the center of your chest. Soccer scarves provide versatility for wear and this unique method is a fun way to display your team spirit.

9. The Mouth Shield Method

It is important to protect yourself from the elements like the cold while also protecting your nose and mouth from environmental factors like smoke. With the mouth shield method, your custom soccer scarves can also serve as a cover for your nose and mouth.

This method works best with a large, puffy jacket or a high-collared coat to keep the scarf in place. Start by draping the scarf over your shoulder so that it rests on the collar of your jacket. Then adjust the scarf so that one side is twice the length of the other side.

Wrap the longer half around your face once making sure it is not too tight. You want to ensure you can pull it up or down to cover your nose or mouth freely. Straighten out the free ends to make your team's logo more visible.

10. The Simple Knot Method

Rather than having your scarf hanging too loosely where it can fall off at the peak of gameplay, the simple knot method is an easy fix. 

Drape the scarf around your shoulder so the two sides are of equal length and cross the two halves in an "X" formation just below your neck.

Then take one of the ends and loop it around the other end, passing it through the opening under your neck. Adjust both ends to make one side longer than the other side and tighten the knot to make it secure but comfortable. 

Center the scarf ends and flatten them to properly display your team’s logo. 

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No matter how you choose to style them, soccer scarves are an essential part of any soccer fan's wardrobe. Custom-made soccer scarves amp up your game in a big way. From the colors to the logos, custom soccer scarves are certain to wow.

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