7 Types of Custom Scarves for Your Favorite Sports Team

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custom scarves

Custom scarves come in a variety of styles, colors, and materials.

According to the Guinness Book of World Records, the longest fan scarf was made in Columbus, Ohio, in 2022. It measures 4,858.56 feet, nearly one mile in length, and is made from over 1,000 scarves tied together.

On Our Sleeves "Wrap Them In Support" campaigners and the Columbus Crew soccer club created the scarf to raise awareness for children's mental health issues. It shows that scarves are more than just an accessory to keep you warm. They offer a way to cheer on your favorite team and make a difference.

Custom scarves are a great way to show your favorite team what they mean to you. Want to learn about the different custom scarves you can choose from to rep your favorite team?

Keep reading this blog post for more information on designing and buying custom scarves.

1. Personalized Custom Scarf

The personalized custom scarf is made from a polyester and acrylic blend that is lightweight, comfortable, and sturdy enough for everyday wear. It features a double-sided design, so you can even have a different design on each side.

The personalized aspect of this scarf allows you to have your name printed on one end of the scarf. This way, each person can have their very own scarf with no confusion over which scarf belongs to which person.

It's a great gift idea for any season ticket holders and family reunions. Or you can give it as a corporate gift for your employees to represent your company so that everyone feels like they are your team players.

There's no limit on the array of color choices you can choose, so you can find precisely the right colors to represent your favorite teams. The coordinating fringe can accommodate up to two colors for truly remarkable-looking designed custom scarves.

2. Embroidered Knit Scarf

The embroidered knit scarf utilizes embroidery techniques to sew the thread into a jacquard scarf to create high-definition logos. This allows your team's logos to pop with eye-catching detail. These embroidered elements are available for an additional cost.

This high-quality scarf is made from 100% acrylic. This provides long-lasting durability and extra cozy warmth for those spectating their favorite sports team in colder temperatures. It is also stain-resistant and repels mold and odors.

The embroidered scarf can also be made with a double-sided design. You can feature a different design on each side for a unique look.

You can choose from up to five colors to incorporate into your custom scarves for team logos and distinct color combinations. Pick up to three colors for the fringe to combine to complete the look.

3. Ultra Soft Knit Scarf

Are you looking for something soft and cozy? The ultra soft knit scarf blends high-quality acrylic yarn with flexible reinforced polyester yarn. As the name implies, this creates a scarf material with incredible levels of softness.

This custom scarf allows for high levels of detail to show through and lets your custom scarf designs shine. These custom scarves with logo designs are sure to please.

The ultra soft knit scarf can also accommodate up to seven colors and up to three colors of fringe to represent your teams in style. The double-sided design allows you to feature a different design on each side for a dual reversible look on all of your custom scarves.

The heavy-weight scarf construction is ideal for wearing to sporting events during the cold winter months. You can support your team, stay toasty even in the most frigid temperatures, and revel in the unbeatable softness.

4. HD Woven Scarf

With an HD woven scarf, you can have the most precise resolution available on a custom-printed scarf. It is made from 100% high-quality acrylic for durability and warmth.

The woven form of this scarf is a mid-weight variation with a thinner profile compared to the knitted scarf version. The significant difference lies within the exceptional clarity of images, text, and logos. These custom scarves are ideal for logos containing a lot of detail. 

The high-definition appearance offers superior quality that lets your images and logos come to life beautifully. Create dazzling custom scarves that everyone who sees them will envy. You're sure to stand out from the crowd with your HD woven custom printed scarves.

The scarf's construction allows for a double-sided design to accommodate a different design on each side. The scarf can contain up to six colors, while the fringe can include up to three colors.

5. Summer Scarf

The summer scarf is a lightweight polyester scarf that is perfect for wearing during those times of the year when it is hotter during the day but cooler at night. Made from a lightweight and sturdy polyester and acrylic blend, this scarf has so much more to offer than traditional custom scarves.

What makes this custom scarf so unique is the use of sublimated print technology. It provides the highest level of detail possible. There are no limits on color for the design of this scarf so that you can achieve the highest possible resolution for your photos and logos on a scarf.

This allows for the use of glorious full-sized and full-color images for a dynamic appearance. This means you can use almost any image on these custom-printed scarves, from pictures of people to landscapes and even action photos.

You can go beyond the sports arena and use these custom scarves as gifts or create custom fashion trends. The lightweight versatility makes the summer custom scarves great for everyday wear for any event.

These custom-printed scarves also come with a double-sided design option so that you can feature a different design on each side. Then, top it all off with a coordinating fringe with up to two colors.

6. Traditional Jacquard Knit Scarf

The traditional jacquard knit scarf is one of our best sellers. This custom scarf is made from 100% high-quality acrylic, meaning you can stay warm and look stylish at the same time. In addition, the double-sided design feature allows for a different design on each side.

Jacquard knit custom scarves offer color versatility for up to five colors, while the fringe option permits up to three colors. Showcase your favorite sports teams in bold, rich colors and logo designs.

Jacquard fabric is any textured fabric that uses a Jacquard machine fitted to a loom. This machine ensures the loom weaves a pattern directly into the fabric.

Jacquard refers to the weave of the fabric rather than the fiber it is made from. It is a modern look using an old-world technique that originated in the 6th century.

A traditional Jacquard knit scarf gives you the look of a classic soccer scarf. Logos and mascots can be interwoven into the scarf's design. However, it will appear pixelated—a style similar to the 8-bit graphic design of the old Nintendo games. For many, this element adds appeal.

This heavy-weight scarf will keep even the most die-hard outdoor sports fans warm. For example, it is a top choice for custom soccer scarves.

7. HD Jacquard Knit Scarf

The HD Jacquard knit scarf takes the concept of our traditional Jacquard knit custom scarves and kicks it up a notch. It features the same loveable Jacquard knit on a conventional knit scarf.

The difference is that the HD Jacquard knit scarf uses a thinner gauge thread, creating a tighter knit. This allows for the capture of more detail in the images. These custom scarves are the highest-resolution Jacquard knitted scarves available.

They are made from 100% high-quality thin-gauge acrylic thread, perfect for producing more elaborate custom scarves. The logo designs feature finer details while still offering the look and feel of a traditional Jacquard knit scarf.

The double-sided design gives you the option to feature two different designs on each side to switch up your look. With the HD Jacquard knit scarf, you can choose up to six base colors and up to three fringe colors. Customize your scarf to your team's colors!

The HD Jacquard is the perfect gift for any sports enthusiast who wants to show off their team allegiance.

Create Your Own Custom Scarves With Ruffneck Scarves

Sports fans live, eat, and breathe the game.

Custom soccer scarves make great gifts for friends, family, and co-workers, whether in the stadium, watching from home, or repping their favorite teams while out and about. With a custom scarf, anyone can proudly display their team loyalty.

Ruffneck Scarves understands the importance of having the right gear for sports team support. That's why we specialize in custom printed scarves and custom scarves with logo designs. With our custom scarves, you can set yourself and your team apart.

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