How to Make a Soccer Scarf Display

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soccer scarf display

To show off your scarf collection or at least have them organized, you need a soccer scarf display. Such a display will allow you to pick the scarf you want to wear to a given event. The display can also double as art in an otherwise lackluster apartment.

FIFA, the governing body of soccer, consists of over 300,000 soccer clubs with over 240 million players worldwide. Fewer fans are more dedicated than soccer fans. So when you want to show support for one of the 300,000 clubs you love, purchase a soccer scarf.

After a time, you'll find yourself with a vast collection of scarves to show off. Keeping them in a closet, bundled in a drawer, or shoving them in the corner of your bedroom doesn't work well at all.

By the time you finish reading this article, you will understand how to put together a simple but effective soccer scarf display.

Basic Soccer Scarf Display

Beautiful, custom scarves deserve a beautiful scarf display. The simplest but most effective display is a wooden dowel with holders on the wall. Then you can hang the scarves over the dowel, much like a towel on a towel rack.

Best of all, this is an inexpensive display since it consists only of a wooden dowel and the hardware to hold it up. Here are the basic steps for putting together this simple display.

Step 1: Purchase Materials

If you don't already have a collection of soccer scarves, you need to begin with those. You could have different scarves representing different teams. Or you could have scarf variations from the same team, showing your unilateral support of one club.

Next, you need a thin wooden dowel, two command hooks, and safety pins. A 3/8-inch diameter, the 3-foot dowel works best for holding a variety of scarves. The 3/8-inch diameter should be thick enough to support the weight of the scarves.

A three-foot dowel will comfortably fit three scarves.

If you have a vast collection of scarves, consider making several displays. In that case, you will need one dowel, two command hooks, and two safety pins for each display.

Step 2: Set Up

Lay your scarves out on a large, flat area. Set them out with the desired display element face down. If your scarves are different lengths, make sure one end of the scarves falls evenly, so they sit level when you present them.

Step 3: Attach Scarves

Place the rod four to eight inches from the top of the scarves you have laid out. The top is the uneven portion of the scarves. Keep your scarf bottoms even and parallel at the bottom.

Next, fold the top end of the scarves over the rod. Then pin the scarves together to create a creased effect. Pinning will secure the scarves and keep them from falling off the rod.

Use two safety pins on each end of each scarf. If you do this part right, the safety pins will be nearly invisible. Keep the big end of the pin on the side that you fold over the dowel.

Pick up the road, keeping it horizontal. The scarves should hang freely on the road. Space your scarves out so you have a few inches on either side of the rod and have the scarves centered.

Step 4: Attach Hooks

Finally, attach your command hooks to the wall. Keep the level of the hooks even, and an appropriate distance apart so the scarves fit between them. Use a level tool to ensure you have hung your scarves up levelly.

Begin by finding the part of the wall where you want your scarves. Mark where your hooks will be located with a pencil.

Separate the hooks six inches shorter than the rod length. Thus, if you have a three-foot rot, your hooks should be around thirty inches apart. Use a level to ensure you have hung the hooks up straight.

Then attach the hooks to the wall following the instructions on the command hook packaging.

Step 5: Finishing

Slowly place your rod with the flags on the hooks. Move slowly, so you do not accidentally detach the hooks from the wall. You want to ensure the hooks can hold the weight of your dowel and the scarves.

If you fear your hooks or dowel will fail, then use an additional support hook in the middle of the display. This will give your display the extra necessary support you need.

If two hooks work well, then space your scarves, stand back, and enjoy your display.

Step 6: Defend Your Decisions

Your display will garner a lot of attention from the people who visit your home. You will find some visitors compliment you while others disagree with whatever club you display.

Regardless, support your choices and defend your team with pride. Whether you're displaying US soccer scarves or clubs around the globe, you will have a display that will stand out and add to your over decor.

Other Simple Display Ideas

If the dowel project feels a bit cumbersome and out of your wheelhouse, you have other options for displaying your scarves proudly. Here are a few common and simple ways to display your soccer scarves.

In a Frame

You can keep your scarves in excellent condition if you use a frame or shadow box to store and display your scarves. In this manner, your scarves will not collect dust or fade. They'll maintain their vibrant colors and shape while giving you another piece of art for your home.

Furthermore, the scarves won't wrinkle when you keep them in a frame. You can use different folding patterns to give variety to the wall. You could add several scarves or just one per frame.

Additionally, if you have several scarves and several frames, you can create an entire wall display with horizontal, vertical, or diagonal frames.

Across the Wall

You can tack your scarves to a wall by draping them over pictures or across the top of your wall. Such a display creates a great conversation piece that ultimately displays what you care about and who you are.

You can also create an entire room with the theme created by the scarves. Use their colors as a guide for your room, and make the scarves the centerpiece of your wall.

Over Ladder Rungs

A ladder is a natural way to display scarves. It has multiple rungs where you can throw scarves and small blankets. Wooden decorative ladders work especially well for this purpose.

Best of all, the ladder sits nearly in the corner, taking up vertical space. It looks casual and simple and can work in just about any room in the house.

Over a Chair

Look for an extra chair in your man cave or game room. You can bring this room to life by draping a single scarf over the back of the chair. You can turn a functional scarf into decoration while still keeping it functional.

When you wake up on a chilly morning, you can grab your favorite scarf and curl up with it. When go-time comes for your club's game, you can grab the scarf and cheer your team on with the right apparel.

In short, the chair is the ideal place for a scarf you want to both display and wear.

In a Glass Case

When you want to elevate the room where you display your professional or custom soccer scarves, consider a glass display case. You can use them in any room to show off your collection. They often include lighting to make your scarves stand out.

You can set the glass case on a table in the center of the room, creating the ultimate display and show of support for your teams. The display will also make an excellent talking point when you have guests over to watch your favorite clubs play each other.

Display and Enjoy

Your soccer scarves shouldn't sit wadded up in the corner of your bedroom or coat closet. You have a hidden gem of art right there that you can showcase just about anywhere in your home. Create a soccer scarf display.

Display your team and club colors and logos proudly with your scarves. Pick the best way that works for your home and family. If you want to have your scarves ready to wear, then put them over a chair.

If you want to keep your scarves in picture-perfect shape, then put them in a glass display case or a shadow box. If you want to create a centerpiece on your wall, then hang them over a dowel rod and build your room around them.

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