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NWSL soccer scarf tradition

Ruffneck Scarves: Marrying Tradition with Modern Sports Fashion 

Today, Ruffneck Scarves is the world’s leading provider of custom and licensed sports scarves. Since 2007, we have served as leaders in sports fashion around the world. While we can take credit for our high-quality, customizable products, we can’t take credit for starting the trend. 


In this blog, we’ll delve into the history of the football scarf. We’ll go through its earliest origins and discuss how they led to contemporary trends. Keep reading to discover how far Ruffneck Scarves have really come since this fashionable sportswear tradition began! 


What Is the Origin of the Football Scarf Tradition?   


The first football scarves appeared on the pitch as early as the late 1920s. Back then, athletic scarves were colorful but logo and crest-free. If you wanted a soccer scarf, you needed to knit one yourself or find someone to knit one for you.  

The First Football Scarves 

According to Ruffneck Scarves CEO Jeff McIntyre, most believe scarves appeared when teams began wearing one fixed “team color.” The best way for fans to show their support was to don accessories in that color.  


Scarves were only one such accessory to appear around the turn of the century. Everything from ribbons to rosettes were popular displays of support. Naturally, team scarves would appear in chilly, rainy England, where the sport was a beloved institution 


These bold, warm accessories went in and out of style. They seemed to vanish from pitches during times of scarcity, such as WWII. At the time, wool and yarn were commodities, and every spare scrap went to the troops. They wouldn’t regain popularity until the post-war boom of the 1950s when they reappeared for good.  

The Football Scarf Boom 

This accessory seemed to reach its peak popularity in the 1960s when scarves in general were en vogue. The humble scarf became the go-to accessory for fashionistas and sports fans alike.  


Furthermore, post-war recovery meant a boom in manufacturing technology. First came knitting machines, which produced simple bar scarves. By the late 70s, businesses had the technology to offer printed scarves, often made of polyester fibers. Once fans saw how much detail you could include on a scarf, the demand only grew. 


The Evolution of Fashion Sports Scarves 

The result was the birth of jacquard knit scarves. These scarves use state-of-the-art computer technology to design complex patterns. These include crests, logos, slogans, mascots, and more. Today, trusted scarf manufacturers like Ruffneck Scarves can leverage this technology using softer, higher-quality materials.  

Ruffneck Scarves Are An International Phenomenon 

Once the technology was available, the appeal of soccer and football scarves only grew. Today, they are a popular accessory across the world, including North America. Ruffneck Scarves proudly stands at the intersection between sports and fashion.  


We are transforming fashionable sportswear with the following features: 


  • High-definition, full-color, digitally designed graphics 

  • A range of materials, from polyester to super soft acrylic 

  • Double-sided designs  

  • Metallic thread 

  • Full-color embroidery 

  • Pockets printed with custom text 


There is a reason why Ruffneck Scarves are now an international phenomenon. Now you can become part of fashion and sports history. Learn more about what Ruffneck Scarves has to offer and design your custom scarf today 

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