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Custom sports beanie worn by fan

Why Ruffneck Custom Beanies Make the Best Winter Gear for Any Sports Fan 

Good exercise and training gear is designed with comfort and warmth top-of-mind. But the best winter sports gear takes it a step further, providing durability, style, and personalization.  


Ruffneck custom beanies and scarves provide you or the sports fan in your life the chance to show off the common bond they share with other fans by displaying wearing merch that proudly displays their favorite team.  


Winter gear for soccer matches, jogs around the block, or even trips to the grocery store never looked this good! 


Here’s why our beanies make a great gift for you or the soccer player in your life. 

Warmth & Comfort 

If you’re looking for men’s or women’s winter running gear, you’ll need a good quality hat, along with a comfy base layer and possibly even gloves and a scarf. The colder the weather, the more you’ll want to bundle up. 


Ruffneck custom beanies are available in three styles: 


  • Cuffless: Cuffless hats & beanies are what they sound like; they are a single piece of material that you can choose to roll around the ears or keep as a single layer. 

  • Cuffed: Cuffed hats are considered among the best winter running gear because the built-in extra layer around the ears provides more warmth. 

  • Cuffed With Pom: Cuffed hats with poms are just fun and stylish! 

Customizability & Team Spirit 

Looking for custom winter gear for the soccer fan in your life? Ruffneck beanies are customizable by nature, allowing to let you show off your team spirit, even on the coldest of days.  


Countless sports fans have shared their stories of how Ruffneck beanies have kept them warm during chilly NFL games and MLS matches alike, all while letting them look the part. 


Like our scarves, our beanies are affordable, available in a wide range of fabric options, and fully personalizable. Whether you wear one to show camaraderiey and support for your child at away games, or you gift one to your best bud for their birthday, Ruffneck beanies are the winter sports gear you didn’t know you were  missing! 

Pair With a Custom Scarf 

For the ultimate in winter warmth and outward enthusiasm for your favorite team, pair one of our affordable high-quality custom beanies with a custom scarf to match! 


Looking for a great way to raise money for a cause near and dear to your heart while also showcasing team spirit? Ruffneck has been working directly with organizations of all levels to maximize fundraising goals since 2007. We’re happy to be a part of your efforts to give back. 

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