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Custom scarves by Ruffneck Scarves

Why Major Football Clubs Trust Ruffneck for Their Custom Scarves 

There is no better way for a fan to show their undying support for their team than with a customized, club-branded scarf. These sporting accessories create a sight to behold in the stadium as legions of fans gather and show off their true colors. 


But not all football scarves are created equal. Truly, a cut above the rest is Ruffneck Scarves. Countless major football clubs have entrusted Ruffneck to create custom-printed scarves with a logo for their fans. Here are just a few reasons why. 

Ruffneck Custom Scarves – Sporting Merch Like No Other 

High Quality Materials 

Lots of sports paraphernalia companies like to phone it in when quality products are concerned. Taking a cue from the fast fashion world, many merchandise makers think of merch as disposable. They often deliver bottom-of-the-barrel goods that they likely expect to be tossed soon after their first use. 


This approach comes with plenty of issues, like sustainability and waste. But the biggest issue is it creates a poor relationship between the fan and their merchandise. 


Ruffneck’s custom soccer scarves approach football merchandise differently. Our thick jacquard knit custom scarves with logos are made from high-quality acrylic. They are ultra soft, thick woven, and built to last. 


And the designs are double-sided, meaning there’s no “ugly side” of the scarf to hide. You can even feature unique designs on your football scarf per side. Try finding that with the competition! 

European Made 

Unlike many of our competitors, who rely on low-quality Chinese manufacturing, we do things differently. Our custom football scarves are genuine European, made with the highest quality materials in the mainland. 

Seasonal Blends 

Some sporting merch makers just offer one product and call it a day. But Ruffneck Scarves offers both winter-knit and summer-weight custom football scarves. This way, football fans can show their team some love and support all year long (not just in-season). 

Unique Scarves & Custom Embelishments 

We don’t offer a one-size-fits-all football scarf. Instead, customers can decorate their custom football scarves with elements that make them truly personal. Choose from great options, like: 

  • Personalization 

  • Embroidery 

  • Metallic thread 

  • And Pockets 


With custom football scarves from Ruffneck Scarves, every fan can express their fandom uniquely! 

Design the Perfect Custom Scarf 

There are countless other reasons to use Ruffneck Scarves for your custom football scarf. But the chief reason is our commitment to great customer service. We work hard to ensure every fan gets exactly what they want in their football scarf. Create your custom scarf with Ruffneck today! 

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