10 Ideas for Custom Soccer Scarves for Your School Team

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custom soccer scarves

Did you know that there are over 240 million registered soccer players around the world?

With such an enormous fan base for the sport, there is a good chance that your school team also has a few soccer enthusiasts among its students. So, why not bring them together and create a sense of community by creating some team merchandise?

If you are looking for ways to increase school spirit among your students and get them excited about supporting the school team, then custom soccer scarves could be just the thing you are looking for!

Read on for ten awesome custom soccer scarf ideas that everyone in your team and school will love!

1. Incorporate Your Team's Colors

Having a set of team colors is essential to creating a team identity. When everyone on a soccer team proudly wears the same colors, it can make them feel like they are part of something great. A sense of belonging is crucial to teamwork, so creating soccer scarves that focus on team colors can motivate players to be the best!

Not only that, but colors can have many psychological impacts. A color like red can represent power, while a color like blue can represent serenity and honesty. So, having strong colors represent your team on your custom soccer scarves will also send a message about your team to everyone who sees them. 

No matter what your school/team's colors are, incorporating them into your custom soccer scarves is a great way to boost team spirit. Furthermore, having your team members and fans wear soccer scarves with your colors on them will create a sense of community! 

2. Personalized with Your Team's Logo

Your logo has the potential to grab people's attention. So, adding it to your team's soccer scarves is a fantastic way to not only build team spirit but also promote the team to the world!  

When players and fans wear your team's soccer scarves, they will become walking advertisements for the team. Adding your logo will make people want proudly represent your team in public. 

Furthermore, your logo will be a defining factor that separates your team from the competition. Although other teams might have similar colors, your logo is unique to you, so adding it to your soccer scarves is a great idea to set you apart from all other school soccer teams. 

3. Add Each Player's Number

Although soccer scarves make an incredible merchandise item for fans, creating versions that are unique for the team is a great way to honor each player. 

A player's number identifies them on the field, making it a very important aspect of their uniform. So, if you want to reward your team members with a gift, creating custom soccer scarves with each of their numbers is a fantastic option. 

Furthermore, having custom scarves with each player's number might also encourage their friends and family members to get those since they would be representing their favorite player. 

4. Personalize by Adding Everyone's Names

Another way to honor each player individually is by creating scarves with their first or last names. Similar to their numbers, this customization option makes an excellent gift for the players and a fantastic keepsake for friends and family members who want to rep their favorite payer. 

You can also create a "team scarf" and add everyone's names to the design. This way, fans will not have to choose a favorite player— instead, they'll be able to represent the entire team! 

Similarly, everyone on the team will have a keepsake highlighting the names of all their team members, making it a special item that they will cherish for the rest of their lives.

5. Soccer Scarves for added Warmth

If your team plays somewhere the weather is frigid, getting custom scarves with an appropriate fabric will be crucial. Not only will the people in the bleachers feel much better wearing a warm and cozy scarf, but your team will thank you for the choice after they leave the field and get to put it on.

Keeping the weather in mind can make this merch item much more popular amongst fans, friends, and family members of the players! When it gets cold, soccer scarves will be the #1 merch choice for everyone at a game. 

Fabrics like fleece, high-quality acrylic, etc., will keep you warmer than other fabrics. So, keep this in mind when customizing scarves for your team!

6. Breathable, Lightweight Fabric for Warmer Weather

Even if your team plays in a warmer city, soccer scarves can still be a fantastic merchandise option. Luckily, summer soccer scarves exist, and they are a great item that the team members, fans, etc., will love when picking out items to represent the soccer team. 

The best part about summer scarves is that they are made out of polyester, which is a very light and breathable fabric. So, no matter how hot the weather gets, soccer scarves can still be a fantastic option for boosting team spirit. 

7. Get Creative with Patterns and Designs

Besides boosting team spirit, creating a sense of community, and being a great merch item, one of the best parts about soccer scarves is that you can get creative when designing them. So, think outside the box and get creative with your designs. 

Some soccer scarf materials and options support unlimited colors. In addition, they also support printing images in full detail. So, have fun and develop a design without limiting your creativity. 

Some fun things you can do to set your soccer scarves apart from the rest are printing your team's mascot on the scarves, creating cartoon images of the team players, and printing them on the scarves, etc. 

The possibilities are truly endless! 

As a fun way to incorporate the community into your designs, hold a school-wide contest and have students submit design ideas. Then, pick a winner and order custom soccer scarves using that design!

8. Team Up With Sponsors 

If your team's budget is a little tight, but you still want to get some custom soccer scarves, you should consider reaching out to local companies to sponsor your team. Team sponsors are very common for school teams and a great way to get some money. 

Most times, all sponsors require is that your team wear their logo on their uniforms/merchandise. So, take this as an opportunity, and ask local companies if they'd be willing to sponsor your custom soccer scarves in exchange for using a design that promotes their business. 

This is a great way to get some extra cash for your team, get custom soccer scarves, and involve the community!

9. Add the Year

Another great way to customize soccer scarves for your team is by adding the school year in the design. Each year, the team, their friends and family members, and their fans can get a unique soccer scarf. Adding a time-bound element to your soccer scarf designs is a beautiful way to turn this fun team merchandise item into a keepsake. 

By making a superb design, soccer scarves with school years printed on them will become an item that students look forward to getting every year! Not only will these be collectible, but they will also allow players to have something to remember the school year by. 

10. Create Different Versions 

If you love the idea of turning your school's soccer scarves into collectibles, you don't have to stop at adding the year! You can create different versions of soccer scarves for many different occasions. 

For example, you can create different versions of your team's soccer scarves for fans and the team. You can also create different versions for each season. 

Because the design possibilities are endless, you can get creative and come up with unique designs that your community will love. The collectible aspect will encourage people to get them, making them a great item to promote your school's soccer team! 

Get Your Custom Soccer Scarves Today!

Soccer scarves are a very popular item amongst soccer fans, making them a fantastic merchandise addition for your school soccer team. To get the best custom soccer scarves, remember to add fun elements such as your team's logo, colors, player's numbers, names, etc. Also, remember to pick out the right fabric depending on the weather in your city. 

There is no limit to your creativity when it comes to designing a fabulous soccer scarf for your team. 

So, what are you waiting for? Check out the many custom scarf options at Ruffneck, and start designing a scarf that your team and your community will absolutely love! 

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