World Cup 2026: Trending Soccer Scarves for Fans

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World Cup 2026 scarves

World Cup 2026: Trending Scarf Designs for Fans 

With a sport as popular as soccer, it’s never too early to start planning for the next event. The 2026 FIFA World Cup will be in Canada, Mexico, and the United States. If the 2026 World Cup is anything like those in the past, every fan is going to want a soccer scarf. Although qualifiers don’t start until this summer, we’re confident in predicting the scarf trends you should keep in mind before coin toss. 

Historical and Modern Soccer Scarf Trends 

The tradition of representing your favorite soccer team with a scarf comes from the cold and rainy UK. In the early 1900s, a scarf was the biggest statement a fan could make to show their allegiance. Early scarves were simple and handknit by loved ones, but mass production took place by the 1970s. 


Almost 100 years after the first soccer scarves, these colorful badges of loyalty are still ubiquitous at soccer matches. Today, soccer scarves are high quality and can be incredibly intricate. Also, an infinite number of customization options are available. We anticipate a sea of flying scarves at the 2026 World Cup final!  

Our Trend Predictions for the FIFA World Cup 2026 

Scarves are a crucial part of soccer culture. At this point, they have become ingrained in soccer tradition. As soccer fans ourselves, we’ve been creating soccer scarves and following the trends since 2007. From the traditional to the extreme, these are the scarves we expect to see at the 2026 World Cup. 


You can never go wrong with a traditional jacquard knit soccer scarf. They’re our most popular custom scarf seller for good reason! These scarves are classic, traditional, and relatively heavyweight 

Ultra Soft Knit 

With the option for different logos on each side, our ultra soft knit is one of our favorite scarves to customize. This scarf allows for much more detailed and intricate logos. It’s also as soft as its name and perfect for staying warm.  

HD Jacquard Knit 

Our HD jacquard knit soccer scarf is like a traditional jacquard knit with one key difference: the resolution. These scarves are ideal for detailed logos and vibrant colors. 

HD Woven 

These midweight, slightly thinner scarves have the best detail of all our acrylics. HD woven scarves are perfect for double-sided designs and complex logos. 

Summer Scarves 

Lastly, let’s be realistic: the World Cup in 2026 will take place over two of the hottest months of the year. Traditional scarves may be right for a Manchester United fan, but they’ll be warm at the World Cup games in Mexico. Our summer scarves are printed on lightweight polyester. Summer scarves have no limitations for detail or colors. 

Stay On Top of 2026 World Cup Scarf Trends 

The World Cup will be here sooner than we think. Make sure you’re ready by following us to stay on top of all the latest fan trends in hats and scarves. Trust the official scarf of the MLS, NHL, NCAA, USL, and US soccer team for the most premium soccer scarves. 


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