Ruffneck Scarves Wins First-Ever MLS Licensee Of The Year Award

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Ruffneck Scarves has been making licensed soccer scarves and custom soccer scarves for nearly twenty years. With our experience, we’ve been able to consistently design and manufacture the highest quality custom soccer scarves. We hold ourselves to a major league standard with every client that reaches out to us - even on a local team level. In fact, Ruffneck started by supporting our local club! 

 MLS Licensee Of The Year Award

Every year, Major League Soccer hosts the MLS Club Retail & Licensee summit. Every MLS team and major licensee attends to see what new products and relationships are around the corner for the league. This is where Ruffneck had a chance to meet with customers, showcase our creativity through our designs, and engage with all of the club representatives that we serve. Rob is our major point of contact between Ruffneck and many of those club representatives, and he credits the excellence of his work to the fact that MLS is so willing to closely work with us and encourage creativity in our designs for their clubs. This collaborative relationship has led to major retail success across the country.

In St. Paul Minnesota, in March 2022,  Major League Soccer debuted a brand-new award: The Licensee of the Year award. The criteria for winning the award were simple: Every MLS Team would submit their vote for the singular best-licensed partner they’ve worked with with the past year. Factors like the quality of the product, customer service, and ease of communication all played important roles.

When the votes were counted, the #1 licensee in Major League Soccer was Ruffneck Scarves! With pride, CEO Jeff McIntyre accepted the award on behalf of the entire Ruffneck team. This award represents the culmination of effort put forth by the whole team of soccer scarves veterans, and here at Ruffneck, we couldn’t be prouder! 

Upon receiving the award, Jeff said: 


“We'd like to thank the MLS buyers that have supported us and worked closely with us for the past 13 years we've spent as an MLS licensee. The collaboration with our customers in MLS is unmatched by any other entity we work with and it truly has been the key to our success in this league. It is a real honor to be recognized as a company by the people we spend so much time working with day-to-day.”

- Jeff M.

There was plenty of competition for this award. What sets Ruffneck Scarves apart from the competition is our commitment to customer service, quality, and communication. Jim has been with Ruffneck for over a decade, and put it best:


“I believe that we won the award based on the customer service we provide. Don't get me wrong, the scarves we produce are top-notch.  However, I genuinely believe it is because we are constantly available to provide honest feedback about our customers' projects and goals and what we can provide to accomplish them.”    

- Jim M.

Ruffneck being named the MLS Licensee of the year validated all of the hard work that we invested in our soccer scarves over the years.

Thank you to all of the Ruffneck team that participated and supported in 2021.


---Kevin Littman, April 2022

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