Who is Christian Pulisic?

For the avid followers and die hard fans of US Soccer, Christian Pulisic is already a well known name as a rising star working hard for the U-17s. But for everyone else who just tuned in, seeing the 17 year old American making headlines in Bundesliga and being called up to play for the USMNT's "must win" World Cup Qualifying match last month has them scratching their heads wondering where this kid came from. So, lets bring your up to speed.

Lets start with the easy stuff... Who is he?

Christian Mate Pulisic (pronounced Pah-LIS-ic), son of former professional indoor soccer player Mark Pulisic, is a 17 year old midfielder who has been diligently making a name for himself in the ranks of the US U-17 club.

Where the heck did he come from?

Originally from Hersey, Pennsylvania, Pulisic joined the US Soccer youth academy at just 14 years old. Over the course of the next few years, his natural talent and hard work did not go unnoticed as he attracted interest from several international clubs including Barcelona and Porto before officially being picked up the Bundesliga side, Borussia Dortmund (BVB).

Where is he now?

If you had caught this weekend's soccer headlines you'd have seen that Pulisic is making history in Bundesliga as the youngest player to EVER score two goals in the leagues history. It's pretty incredible stuff. After making his way to BVB at 16 years old, and playing just 15 matches with Dortmund's U-19's, Pulisic was called to the first team. On April 17th during a 3-0 win over Hamburg, Pulisic made his scoring debut becoming the youngest  foreigner to net one for BVB. He now has two goals in two consecutive matches.

And he is only 17?

That is correct. Born September 18, 1998. Christian Pulisic isn't even allowed to drive a car to practice, as the driving age in Germany is 18.

 Will we see him playing for the USMNT?

Klinsmann has long time been criticized for what many view as an apparent lack of investment in fostering youth development, and often fills his rosters and starting XI with tried and tested, experienced players. But, much to the surprise and delight of the USMNT faithful, Jurgen Klinsmann made an uncharacteristic move and called up Pulisic for the second leg of USAvGUA WCQ on March 29th. With the USA up 4-0 Pulisic would earn his 1st USMNT cap during the 81st minute of that match securing allegiance to the US. No doubt his recent successes in Bundesliga have not gone unnoticed by Klinsmann and US Soccer. It is also no secret that the USMNT midfield has noticably struggled since last summer. An inspired, energetic, eager to please, young player like Pulisic could be the missing ingredient to breath life back into the US attack. We cannot say for sure whether he will be seeing playing time soon, as no one seems to know what Klinsmann is thinking, but we hope so.



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