Ruffneck Custom Assist

The Ruffneck Custom Assist (RCA) program was established to help customers order custom scarves and sell them to their audience of followers/members via (Program applies to custom scarves only). 

How it works:

  • Ruffneck creates the perfect customized scarf design for your group
  • You promote your scarves to your followers / members for 2 weeks
  • Ruffneck fulfills each order and ships to your followers / members (similar to drop shipping)
  • You make $$ from each scarf sold

 RCA is ideal for:

  • Individuals and/or organizations that can commit to selling the minimum of 50 custom scarves
  • Supporters groups, schools and youth clubs
  • Charitable groups looking to raise money
  • People, brands and groups that have a a large following on social media
  • Companies looking to expand their product offering

Interested in getting started with Ruffneck Custom Assist (RCA)?