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5 Reasons Every Fan Must Own a Soccer Scarf

Posted on November 18, 2014 by Jeff McIntyre | 0 Comments


If you love the sport of soccer, you are certainly not alone.  As the world’s most popular sport, billions of people enjoy the beautiful game!  But do you really understand the sheer power of soccer, and the devoted loyalty that hardcore fans share for their clubs?  Do you even own a soccer scarf?  The scarf is one of soccer’s most sacred items, and anyone that considers themselves a fan should have at least one.  Most have many more.  Why?  Here are 5 reasons that every soccer fan must own a team scarf:

  1. They showcase your passion for the club – Every fan loves to brag about the exploits of their favorite team, and there’s nothing wrong with that! But you don’t have to do much talking the day after a big win when you’ve got a colorful team scarf hanging around your neck.  People will look upon you with a nod of respect, knowing the blissful happiness that you must be in.  But remember, true fans stick by their teams through thick and thin, and showing your team pride no matter what is always a powerful statement.
  2. Scarves keep you warm at night – Besides just being soft and fluffy, soccer scarves help you stay warm. In many ways, this is actually the real reason that they were created in the first place!  Teams needed their fans to come out to the games, and with many soccer seasons extending deep into the cold winter months and with many games being played at night, team scarves have helped fans stay warm and healthy in the stands by preserving their neck and throats.  It is a great combination of team support and fan safety!
  3. They help the team win – Since fans are now healthier and outfitted in bright, colorful scarves, the home team often performs better. Everyone knows how a vibrant fan base can help a team find winning momentum, and the scarves help promote exactly that.  Fans can sing and shout louder from the stands, knowing their necks are covered and largely protected from catching a cold, while players will rise up every time they look over at their loud supporters bearing the very same colors they wear on their chests!
  4. Scarves help you make new friends – A great byproduct of the scarf is the friendships it helps to foster. Making new friends can be tough in our modern world as people find it hard to relate to each other and find common ground.  But what if you come across a fellow fan of your favorite team who is sporting such a delightful team scarf?  Now you have something you can share and enjoy in.  Perhaps just wearing your scarf out in public can lead to a joint game-viewing party or maybe you’ll learn about a local sports bar that shows the games for your team.  With soccer scarves, you’ll be able to recognize fans of your team and have a reason talk to one another, as well as to invite others to do the same.
  5. Soccer scarves help the memories last a lifetime – There’s a reason that teams make commemorative scarves to celebrate major matches. Cup finals and big tournament matches are what fans will remember and hold dear to for decades down the road (so long as your team wins!).  Similarly, just owning any team scarf will help rekindle the glorious memories that have coincided with your loyal support.  Instead of losing heart because of your fading memory, that long-lasting scarf will help you remember all the fun you’ve had supporting your favorite soccer team!

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Will New York Red Bulls Make a Surprising Run to MLS Cup?

Posted on November 18, 2014 by Jeff McIntyre | 0 Comments

For all the talk about Clint Dempsey and the Seattle Sounders’ determination to win the MLS Supporters’ Shield, or for Landon Donovan’s last chance to lead the Los Angeles Galaxy to another MLS Cup before he retires, the team that’s gotten hot in time for the MLS Playoffs is actually the New York Red Bulls, led by Thierry Henry and his world class technical abilities.

Henry came to New York several years ago to great aplomb, but much to his disappointment has yet to claim a title in this league.  He did help the Red Bulls to a Supporters’ Shield trophy last season, but they fell in the first round of the playoffs. 

This year, the team has taken a different path.  An up and down season resulted in a 4th place finish in the Eastern Conference and an appearance in the wildcard round.  The Red Bulls defeated the reigning MLS Cup champions Sporting Kansas City, and have now earned a two-goal advantage in the Conference Semifinal matchup against top-seeded D.C. United. 

But while Thierry Henry is the Red Bulls’ most famous character, the chief goal scorer all season long has been Bradley Wright-Phillips, who now has 3 goals in 2 games in these playoffs.  During the regular season Wright-Phillips led the entire MLS in goals by quite a large margin, netting 27 times! 

And in many ways, this is the type of player that Thierry Henry thrives with.  In his glorious Arsenal days he worked alongside Dennis Bergkamp, one of Holland’s finest legendary strikers.  Now he supports Wright-Phillips, and the successful working relationship has been evident in the early goings of the playoffs, with Henry setting up goals with quality passes.  His cheeky back-heel assist was an absolute gem from the Frenchman. 

But the MLS Cup is still a long ways away, and the New York Red Bulls certainly have their work cut out for them.  Should they navigate through D.C. United (which looks likely given their two-goal advantage, they would probably face the New England Revolution before the final, likely to be against either the Galaxy or Sounders).

To me, an MLS Cup against the Galaxy would be a monumental occasion given the impending retirement of Donovan and Henry’s own uncertain future.  He may be leaving the game soon too at age 37.  While the American hero would likely get most of the attention, I could see Henry having the final say.  His supporting cast is finally capable of bringing home a title, and he is hitting top form during this playoff run. 

While any American would certainly like to see Donovan retire from soccer on top, Thierry Henry and the New York Red Bulls have the opportunity to play the spoiler role to perfection.  Henry’s career accolades are the stuff of legends and include a World Cup title with France in 1998 as well as a EURO title in 2000.  He has played on the grandest of stages and performed.  While Donovan certainly has had his own share of success as well, the pure class of Henry and his talented teammates Bradley Wright-Phillips and Tim Cahill might just snatch the MLS Cup for New York!  Either way, it’s shaping up to be an enthralling end to the 2014 MLS season.

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Custom Scarves preserve your team memories

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While any season spent with a youth soccer team can be an absolute joy, often times players and coaches will find that all the fun is over just as soon as things really got rolling.  Most soccer seasons are just 3 months long and will end.  While photos and plastic trophies attempt to help players hold on to the fun memories, those things often collect dust and disappear within the boxes of storage closets from their youth.  The memories typically fade as well.  But there is another item that will help your team remember the glory days of their soccer team; it’s called the soccer scarf!

Most people that understand the world of soccer know all about the soccer scarf craze that’s well ingrained in the sport.  Major clubs like Liverpool, Manchester United, and Real Madrid have proud hoards of spectators who all bring their team scarves along to the matches.  They wave them around, they hold them up together in scarf walls, and they clutch them in nervous excitement during the final moments of tense matches.  But many people don’t realize that custom soccer scarves are now available for teams at every level!

For youth teams the soccer scarves can be a wonderful item.  They are utilized for fundraisers, advertising, and can be widely distributed to friends, family members, and the players themselves.  For the players, these scarves can be an item to cherish and hold onto their enjoyable season. 

The important thing about scarves is that they are a usable item.  They keep people warm, they are colorful, and they can be used as decorations around your home.  They don’t just collect dust.  Every time you see the custom scarf around, you’ll be reminded of the season.  Perhaps it will rekindle thoughts of that glorious game-winning goal you scored, or perhaps that tremendous comeback win from 2-0 down.  Or maybe you’ll be reminded of the great friendships you made or the vast improvements you found in your play that year.  Whatever fantastic memories you have of that season, your scarves will reunite you with them time and time again as you use it.

Another great attribute of the soccer scarves is their high quality 100% Acrylic fabric that enables them to last for decades.  This is a vital ingredient to the preservation of memories through the scarves.  What good would such a scarf be if it only lasted one year?  Fortunately, our custom scarves are manufactured to the highest standards to ensure that your batch will last as long as the memories themselves!  Why else would MLS and the U.S. Soccer Supporters club choose Ruffneck Scarves to be their official scarf provider?

But now your high school, college, or youth soccer team can create a long-lasting tradition of team scarves as well!  Creating positive memories and enjoyable experiences is one of the key goals of youth soccer, and with a tangible gift like a custom soccer scarf that represents all of the attributes of your team, you can help the players rekindle the season and those fine memories for years to come down the road! 

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What does your soccer scarf say about you?

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One of the brilliant aspects of utilizing custom soccer scarves for your team is the freedom of design that you are granted.  Various patterns, color options, and printed word possibilities enable you to display your team in the exact manner in which you wish it to be presented.  This is a very important part of the soccer scarf process.  Scarves represent the core ideals of your team and will make one of the first impressions that people get regarding your club.  Therefore, be sure to spend some time considering what you want to say about your team through your custom scarves.

Firstly, you should think about the colors you’ll want on the scarf.  This should be relatively simple as most teams typically employ just two or three main colors.  However, when you begin integrating the design style, you’ll need to decide which color you want at the forefront and also what color you’ll want to use for written words.  Choosing the right combination of colors for your specific design pattern is very important. 

Of huge importance is what words you wish to put on your scarves.  This is literally a thing that your scarves will say to passers by and will spell out exactly what you wish to express on the scarf.  The school or club name is a popular choice, which explicitly advertises the team and lets everyone know who those fans support.  Another important factor is what you say on the other side of the scarf.  Many teams like to utilize their team mascot and use a phrase such as “Go Eagles” or “Go Rams” to help inspire their team, however here is another area in which you can create a unique catch phrase to support the club.  One thing to note is that these phrases should be short and simple in order to utilize a larger font.  If the phrase is too long, the font will be too small, and people from afar won’t be able to read and understand it. 

Another thing to consider when designing your custom scarves is what sort of imagery you want woven into the fabric.  Many teams choose to employ a team crest but other symbols showcasing the club can also be given.  Again, depending on what you choose this will be a major image seen by people exposed to your club.

The main thing to realize is that when you order a supply of custom soccer scarves, you will be creating a window in which many other people will view your soccer team.  Whether it’s opposing teams and their fans, random people around town who see your scarves, or just friends and family members of your own players, the soccer scarf will represent them and their club.  Therefore, be sure to spend a bit of time coming up with the scarf that sends out the perfect message for your club.  At Ruffneck Scarves, we guide you every step of the way to ensure that you’ll have a fabulous scarf design for your order but remember, the final decision is up to you!  Therefore, be sure to think about what you’ll want to say with your next order of soccer scarves!

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Custom Soccer Scarves will help your team win!

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Most soccer fans are aware of how prevalent soccer scarves are within the sport.  Attending a match at nearly every level of the game will reveal countless different scarves to you.  Professional teams, college soccer teams, high school teams, and even local club teams often have their very own brand of scarves to help inspire the fans and create more of an atmosphere around the stadium.  But while no one disagrees with the fact that soccer scarves are great fan items and help keep people warm, do they actually make any impact in the game being played?  Can the scarf actually help a team win?

In actuality, an item as simple as the scarf can most definitely help a soccer team win, and they’ve been helping them do just that for over 100 years! It all starts with the team itself and the belief that a player has the moment they pull on their jersey and walk onto the field.  Due to the growth of the MLS and the prevalence of major soccer matches through the English Premier League and the World Cup, most kids have been exposed to the sport, and they’ve seen the scarves adorned around excited fans around the world.  They know that legitimate soccer clubs have their own scarves.  Therefore, if you run a youth soccer organization or high school team, think about the emotional impact that having custom team scarves could have for your players.  They would find that determination and belief, seeing the reality of a proud soccer club right in front of them.

Another thing that will strengthen a soccer team’s belief is an energized fan base, and that is another key benefit of the custom soccer scarf.  Distributed through fundraisers or giveaways, your fans can come to matches equipped with their scarves.  Soccer scarves play a very important role in fan behavior, from being waved around to being held up by a large number of fans together in a scarf wall (often alongside passionate chanting), there’s no doubt that scarves will raise the energy and noise of the attendees at your next game.  This will be extremely helpful to the players on the field.  Soccer is one of the sports most heavily influenced by the home team support.  Professional teams often play far better in front of their home fans because of the energy created behind them when they get on the ball.  In a sport often dictated by momentum swings and the need for coming through in a clutch moment, having the full support of your fans loudly cheering your team on will be vital to your success and could certainly go a good ways to helping your team win.  And to think that could all start with a soccer scarf!

Therefore, if you want to help your soccer team win more games, you would be wise to invest in custom team scarves.  Ruffneck Scarves has been supplying teams of all levels with high quality scarves for years and can help your team too!  Be sure to inquire today about the various options and designs for you to create the right scarf that represents your soccer team!

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Why have scarves taken over the sport of soccer?

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When you watch a soccer game, a strange phenomenon occurs in the stands.  People start jumping up and down and waving these weird scarves around.  Matching the team colors and usually carrying some sort of chant or team logo, the soccer scarves have become ingrained in the sport.  While we now look at such clothing items as a perfectly normal part of the game, one cannot deny that bringing along a soccer scarf to a match is a bit of a strange tradition.  How did the scarf manage to take over soccer?

Well, in short the soccer scarf serves two key elements for supporters: it is functional, and it also is a wonderful garment used to cheer on your favorite team.  Let’s begin with the useful nature of soccer scarves.

The sport of soccer began as football in the cold, wet confines of England.  Anyone who has experienced that part of the world knows the type of weather that fans typically encounter on their game days.  It rains, a lot.  Additionally, the temperatures are often quite low, especially in the winter months when the games still go on. 

For a fan at one of these matches, the conditions could be described as being more than a bit harsh.  While they huddle together and cheer on the team with strong vocal singing, the following day can be rough.  Sore throats, weakness, and a general cold would typically follow such a fan.  Simply stated, that’s no fun, and it was costing fledgling soccer teams their fans. 

Enter the soccer scarf.  Warm and soft, the scarves began to appear in the stands to preserve the health of fans.  With a scarf wrapped around one’s neck, suddenly the tough climate became manageable.  Sicknesses were prevented, perhaps even lives saved, and the teams benefited from the louder and more vibrant support.  Each team soon picked up on the trend and began making scarves of their own bearing team colors and crests.

Soon fans began using the scarves to support their favorite clubs.  In good weather, they would still bring along the team scarf, and even began to hoist them into the air as they roared chants and sung team songs.  A whole new ethos surrounding the soccer scarves emerged as they were incorporated into exuberant fan behavior.  Grouped together, the scarves can create a formidable scarf wall, which is quite a sight to witness!  This is how the scarf has taken hold of soccer in modern times. 

Soccer teams big and small now each have their own brand of soccer scarves for their most dedicated fans to use in support of the team.  Custom soccer scarves have even become a popular item for youth teams and high school teams all over the country who want to improve their brand and image, as well as partake in this wonderful aspect of the game.

In essence, the soccer scarf has taken over the sport of soccer, and it truly is a great thing.  Teams now have a wonderful piece of merchandise to distribute through fans that not only keeps them healthy (and coming back for more) but also advertises the team, and shows off everyone’s support and dedication.  The scarf is now ingrained in soccer because it has helped the sport take off to become the most popular game in the world!  Soccer and scarves are a perfect match, and you can now get scarves from your favorite clubs or order your team’s own batch of custom scarves right here with Ruffneck Scarves!

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Soccer scarves collector? What to do with them all....

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You’ve been a faithful soccer fan for several years now.  You’ve accumulated soccer scarves of all your favorite teams over the years and currently own a sizable number of them.  At first, you went out and bought those of your beloved clubs or schools, but since then you’ve been collecting numerous scarves along with ticket deals and promotions.  Perhaps you’ve even gotten a few commemorating a specific game you attended.  Needless to say, there’s a lot of excess fabric lying around your house these days.  What should you do with all those soccer scarves?

Unfortunately, the laws of nature prevent most fans from wearing more than a single scarf out to a match so you really must have a nice place to store your scarves.  But while a full drawer does make a suitable location, you should really think about how awesome and decorative those items can be.  Beautifully designed with bright colors, fun chants, and special logos, these scarves need to be seen and displayed!

One great way to show off your scarves (and to make room for them) is to hang them in a group on a wall in your home.  In as few as 5 scarves hanging side-by-side you can have a marvelous tribute to a specific team or league of soccer.  Many soccer fans have massive scarf collections and have decorated an entire room’s walls with scarves! It creates a fantastic aura and display.  Set in one’s personal soccer theater (or man cave), the scarves may even dampen the loud roars that emerge on weekend mornings as you watch the EPL.

But there are other ways of handling your ever-growing soccer scarf collection as well.  Perhaps there’s a person in your life who has recently been taken by the sport, and they’ve decided to support your favorite team!  You could ingratiate them into your fold of fans with a marvelous scarf to cheer on with.  You can also disperse them as gifts, sparking new generations of fans and supporters.

But if you wish to keep your scarves, there are various more decorative ideas beyond simply hanging them up from walls.  You can wrap the scarves around lampposts to show them off, bringing the bright team colors home with you.  Adorned around other pieces of furniture can also be great locations for the scarves.  Be creative and find a neat area to show off your fandom! 

But lastly, and most importantly, you should be getting the best use out of the scarves from what they were intended for: using them!  Soccer scarves have long kept fans warm and cheer from their seats in the stands, and your scarves should be alongside you whenever you engage in a live game.  Rotate them in to your matches (or perhaps find that “lucky” scarf) to see which one gets you most excited about supporting your team.  Or simply wear them about town as you go about your business.  With winter weather approaching, you’ll soon be begging that you’d taken one of your scarves with you as you battle the cold!

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