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Ruffneck Scarves becomes official scarf supplier to U.S. Soccer

Posted on January 09, 2015 by Jeff McIntyre | 0 Comments

We're off to a great start for 2015! 

In what was one of the hardest secrets to keep over the last couple of months, we were finally able to announce our new first-of-its-kind agreement with U.S. Soccer.

This new relationship is going to be fantastic for U.S. Soccer supporters everywhere. Whether you support the men, women, youth teams or all of them together, you'll now be able to get uniquely designed scarves to show your patriotic soccer pride.

Ruffneck will be working on many exclusive scarf designs over the coming months that we're confident soccer supporters will be proud to own.

Check out some of the new U.S. Soccer Scarves recently released.

To read the full press release click here

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What Lies Ahead for Soccer in 2015?

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While 2014 provided delightful excitement through a hard-fought World Cup and several other major soccer games, it is time now to bid farewell and look ahead to 2015.  With the dust settling on Landon Donovan and Thierry Henry’s careers, there will surely be some change (especially in the MLS), but this will merely open the door of opportunity to all the young stars looking to make a name for themselves in the sport.  2015 will certainly be another fantastic year for soccer as there is much to look forward to.  Here’s what to expect in the year ahead:

The 2015 Gold Cup – While not quite as glamorous as the World Cup in Brazil, the Gold Cup is actually a wonderful tournament in which the USA has a good chance of winning.  Comprised solely of North American CONCACAF teams, the tournament features World Cup attendees like Mexico, Costa Rica, and Honduras (should they qualify via playoff).  Costa Rica will be interesting to watch considering their success in Brazil where they defeated Italy, Uruguay, and Greece, making an improbable quarterfinal run.  Joel Campbell and Bryan Ruiz will be key players.  Meanwhile, Mexico’s run to the round of 16 restored their pride, making them a dangerous threat as well. 

But America will be the heavy favorite as the host nation and reigning champion.  It will be a vital tournament for manager Jurgen Klinsmann, who has now held the position for 3.5 years.  Though the USA performed decently at the World Cup, we will want to see progress and that means claiming a second straight Gold Cup.  Look for Clint Dempsey and Tim Howard to star, while young players like DeAndre Yedlin, Julian Green, and John Brooks seek to establish themselves as regular USA internationals this July.

The 2015 Women’s World Cup – Another great tournament in which the USA should contend for is the Women’s World Cup, which starts in June.  Though held in nearby Canada, it will be a major test for the Americans.  While they’ve won three straight Olympic Gold Medals, the USA hasn’t claimed a World Cup title since 1999.  The 2011 Final was a terribly painful ordeal in which the USA lost to Japan on penalties after leading for much of the extra time period.  One only hopes that they can get it right on this occasion.  With Hope Solo starring in goal and the Abby Wambach/Alex Morgan duo bagging goals galore as forwards, the USA has a great chance to claim this World Cup.  However, they will be tested from the start in a group of Nigeria, Sweden, and Australia.  Later round contenders will include Brazil, Germany, France, and of course, Japan.  It should be a thrill to watch!

And while these international fixtures will be the main draw for American soccer fans, the professional club game will continue as usual.  New stars are set to arrive in the MLS as are two new teams, New York City FC and Orlando City SC.  New York will welcome Spanish hero David Villa while Brazil’s Kaka will lead Orlando.  Nevertheless, American players like Dempsey, Michael Bradley, and Graham Zusi should continue to impress stateside.

And of course the rest of the world’s soccer teams will continue to delight as well.  With the Champions League, English Premier League, La Liga, and other world-class leagues building to a grand finale in the spring, 2015 is shaping up to be another fantastic year for the sport of soccer.  Best get yourself ready with a soccer scarf!

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A World Without Soccer Scarves?

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Where Would the Game of Soccer be Without Scarves?

For years, the sport of soccer has been completely intertwined with team scarves, which are brought to games by the thousands all over the world.  National soccer teams, colleges, famous professional clubs, and even amateur youth teams all have soft and colorful scarves that decorate the stands and get waved about in an effort to inspire the players on the field.  But what if those scarves didn’t exist?  Would soccer still be the most popular sport in the world?  Would the matches still be attended by thousands of loyal and passionate fans?  Would the value of the major teams still be measured in the billions of dollars?  Because of the persistent relationship between the sport and its scarves, this is a hard world to envision, but I will attempt to do so in the paragraphs ahead.

In short, the soccer world would be far different.  One of the crucial factors surrounding the soccer scarf is its ability to keep fans warm.  This prevents them from catching cold in the harsh winter nights, when matches are often played.  Without scarves, the fans would become sick and thus attendance would probably go down.  Considering the effects, night soccer matches would probably never happen, which would further reduce the numbers of supporters in the stands since most people have jobs and work during the day. 

The soccer season would probably shift towards an MLS-like summer only type of schedule to avoid the cold.  However, that could negatively affect fans since the summer is often spent travelling to beaches and other fun locations.  But another effect could be just as costly for the sport…

Soccer scarves promote an incredible atmosphere in stadiums!  They get waved about and are held high while club anthems are bellowed by the faithful supporters.  Without the scarves, fans’ hands would likely be down in their pockets staying warm with their bodies hunched over, hardly able to sing loud and proud.  There would be a quiet, observant nature from the spectators that would take the thrill right out of soccer.  You would wonder if people would even care about the game at all.

In fact, there is a very real possibility that without the scarves, soccer would hardly be as popular as it is today.  There would be no mega-stadiums packed to the rafters every week, there would be no soccer channels broadcasting the games to every corner of the globe, and there might not even be a FIFA World Cup!  Without scarves, soccer might be relegated to a casual game played by youngsters looking to expel some energy.  There would be no Messi, no Pele, no Ronaldo’s (of course they’d probably be alive but certainly wouldn’t be able to make a living in soccer, and thus would be largely unknown to the rest of the world). 

Without soccer heroes to idolize, the populace of the world would have a hard time finding inspiration, and would be numbed into a callous lifestyle of all work and no play.  In short, a world without soccer scarves would be a very sad world indeed…

But fret not, because the scarves are here and they’re here to stay!  If you are a true soccer fan, you’ll have a hearty supply of scarves and they will help keep you healthy and spirited at each and every game you attend with their warm and colorful fuzziness.  Scarves truly make the soccer world go round!

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Soccer scarf for the holidays

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Embrace the Holiday Season with a Soccer Scarf

Shop for scarves

Holiday season is here, and while the cold temperatures can make for quite the hardships, the festive spirit of holiday celebrations are keeping families and friends across America warm and happy.  Another thing that is helping people stay heated and cozy despite the wintry weather is the soccer scarf!  No fan items serve such a multi-faceted purpose as soccer scarves, and they can help you stay warm and jolly in this exciting time of the year.

The scarf is a delightful item for winter.  Soft and fuzzy, it wraps around one’s neck and prevents them from catching cold outside.  With darkness falling earlier as the days shorten in length, and with freezing conditions running rampant, heading outside can be a tricky prospect no matter where you live.  Taking efforts to stay warm is absolutely vital, and having a scarf can make the difference between you waking up fully rested in the morning, or reeling from a sore throat and reaching for cough drops…

But what makes soccer scarves so special is how they go beyond the typical merits of your everyday scarf garment.  These custom scarves are outfitted for the various soccer clubs from all around the world.  Incredibly, just about every soccer team you can think of has their very own brand of scarf!  World-renowned professional teams like Manchester United and Real Madrid have them, MLS teams closer to home have them too, countries far and wide all have scarves to represent their soccer team, hundreds of colleges and high schools make them, and even youth soccer clubs from all over have them.  Soccer scarves have spread across ever corner of the world and inhabit nearly all the clubs that play the beautiful game of soccer!

And due in large part to the game’s popularity, you’ll be sure to see plenty of colorful soccer scarves whenever you go out and about.  At malls full of Christmas shoppers you’ll often see the scarves keeping shoppers warm, and especially in the stands of soccer games (such as the upcoming MLS Cup Final) there’ll be plenty of fans staying warm and cheery no matter what the temperature is like.

Soccer is a game that is often played continuously around the globe no matter what the conditions are like, and being outfitted in proper clothing is vital for the loyal supporters.  And in the excitement of such games, these soccer scarves offer a very important purpose as fans wave them about with passion or hold them stretched out wide while singing famous club songs. 

Perhaps most importantly, wearing such a scarf showcases your dedication to the team and clearly displays your soccer loyalties.  But during the Holidays, soccer scarves can be a delightful distraction from the cold.  Perhaps you can celebrate the big game outfitted in such a scarf, or perhaps this item can make for the perfect Holiday gift to a friend or loved one.  No matter what purpose you wish your soccer scarf to serve, this time of year is a merry time to join the festivities and celebrate the game of soccer, no matter how cold it may be outside.

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Best fundraising idea yet

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Start a Succesful Fundraiser with Soccer Scarves

Running a soccer team can be a costly endeavor at any level.  Jersey costs, tournament registration fees, travel arrangements, and other expensive considerations must be covered every step of the way.  Naturally, various clubs and school teams attempt to use a fundraiser in order to boost support and help accumulate these funds.  However, depending on what a team sells in such a fundraiser, the success of levels of a campaign can vary greatly.  But there is one item that is a sure bet for any wonderful fundraiser: the soccer scarf!

Completely customizable and designed with your soccer team in mind, custom soccer scarves are the ultimate representation of your club.  Team colors flow throughout the scarves while a team chant or crest will define the exact image that your team puts forth.  Any fan of the team would want such a scarf!

One of the great things about scarves is their close tie with the sport of soccer and their century-long track record of success.  Run a Google image search for “soccer fans” or for supporters of your favorite team and you’ll be greeted with hundreds of photos of loyal soccer fans.  Alongside them will certainly be a great deal of scarves. 

People who love soccer also love the scarves because they represent so much of what is great about the game.  Through cold weather and various other struggles, the most loyal of fans stand full and well behind their club, kept warm by the soft fabrics of their scarf.  When they get excited they spread their scarves out wide and hold them high, displaying the image of their club for the fans and players to see. 

This dedication to their favorite teams and their unanimous choice of soccer scarves to show off their affection sets your next fundraiser up to perfection.  Soccer fans want scarves!  All you have to do is bring the scarves to them.  Ruffneck Scarves has helped teams of every level do just that.  Whether it’s in the form of thousands of soccer scarves for the US Men’s National Team or just a few hundred for a local high school varsity team, Ruffneck has all the tools needed to make your fundraiser a hit!

In addition to just helping you raise funds for the current soccer season, a scarf sale will help your team for years to come.  The scarves will be worn around town and do a fabulous job of advertising your club.  Locals will befriend each other over common interests in the sport and youngsters will be inspired to try the game.  The scarves will have a lasting longevity in the stands at games, where the team colors will shine through and improve the general fan atmosphere at your matches.  You might even find that your team raises their level of play, all because of the improved support through soccer scarves. 

So instead of fretting over how you’ll manage to pay all those hefty bills for your soccer team, take action by organizing a soccer scarf fundraiser.  Before you know it, your team will be supported like Liverpool or Real Madrid with hoards of scarf-clad fans!

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5 Reasons Every Fan Must Own a Soccer Scarf

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If you love the sport of soccer, you are certainly not alone.  As the world’s most popular sport, billions of people enjoy the beautiful game!  But do you really understand the sheer power of soccer, and the devoted loyalty that hardcore fans share for their clubs?  Do you even own a soccer scarf?  The scarf is one of soccer’s most sacred items, and anyone that considers themselves a fan should have at least one.  Most have many more.  Why?  Here are 5 reasons that every soccer fan must own a team scarf:

  1. They showcase your passion for the club – Every fan loves to brag about the exploits of their favorite team, and there’s nothing wrong with that! But you don’t have to do much talking the day after a big win when you’ve got a colorful team scarf hanging around your neck.  People will look upon you with a nod of respect, knowing the blissful happiness that you must be in.  But remember, true fans stick by their teams through thick and thin, and showing your team pride no matter what is always a powerful statement.
  2. Scarves keep you warm at night – Besides just being soft and fluffy, soccer scarves help you stay warm. In many ways, this is actually the real reason that they were created in the first place!  Teams needed their fans to come out to the games, and with many soccer seasons extending deep into the cold winter months and with many games being played at night, team scarves have helped fans stay warm and healthy in the stands by preserving their neck and throats.  It is a great combination of team support and fan safety!
  3. They help the team win – Since fans are now healthier and outfitted in bright, colorful scarves, the home team often performs better. Everyone knows how a vibrant fan base can help a team find winning momentum, and the scarves help promote exactly that.  Fans can sing and shout louder from the stands, knowing their necks are covered and largely protected from catching a cold, while players will rise up every time they look over at their loud supporters bearing the very same colors they wear on their chests!
  4. Scarves help you make new friends – A great byproduct of the scarf is the friendships it helps to foster. Making new friends can be tough in our modern world as people find it hard to relate to each other and find common ground.  But what if you come across a fellow fan of your favorite team who is sporting such a delightful team scarf?  Now you have something you can share and enjoy in.  Perhaps just wearing your scarf out in public can lead to a joint game-viewing party or maybe you’ll learn about a local sports bar that shows the games for your team.  With soccer scarves, you’ll be able to recognize fans of your team and have a reason talk to one another, as well as to invite others to do the same.
  5. Soccer scarves help the memories last a lifetime – There’s a reason that teams make commemorative scarves to celebrate major matches. Cup finals and big tournament matches are what fans will remember and hold dear to for decades down the road (so long as your team wins!).  Similarly, just owning any team scarf will help rekindle the glorious memories that have coincided with your loyal support.  Instead of losing heart because of your fading memory, that long-lasting scarf will help you remember all the fun you’ve had supporting your favorite soccer team!

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Will New York Red Bulls Make a Surprising Run to MLS Cup?

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For all the talk about Clint Dempsey and the Seattle Sounders’ determination to win the MLS Supporters’ Shield, or for Landon Donovan’s last chance to lead the Los Angeles Galaxy to another MLS Cup before he retires, the team that’s gotten hot in time for the MLS Playoffs is actually the New York Red Bulls, led by Thierry Henry and his world class technical abilities.

Henry came to New York several years ago to great aplomb, but much to his disappointment has yet to claim a title in this league.  He did help the Red Bulls to a Supporters’ Shield trophy last season, but they fell in the first round of the playoffs. 

This year, the team has taken a different path.  An up and down season resulted in a 4th place finish in the Eastern Conference and an appearance in the wildcard round.  The Red Bulls defeated the reigning MLS Cup champions Sporting Kansas City, and have now earned a two-goal advantage in the Conference Semifinal matchup against top-seeded D.C. United. 

But while Thierry Henry is the Red Bulls’ most famous character, the chief goal scorer all season long has been Bradley Wright-Phillips, who now has 3 goals in 2 games in these playoffs.  During the regular season Wright-Phillips led the entire MLS in goals by quite a large margin, netting 27 times! 

And in many ways, this is the type of player that Thierry Henry thrives with.  In his glorious Arsenal days he worked alongside Dennis Bergkamp, one of Holland’s finest legendary strikers.  Now he supports Wright-Phillips, and the successful working relationship has been evident in the early goings of the playoffs, with Henry setting up goals with quality passes.  His cheeky back-heel assist was an absolute gem from the Frenchman. 

But the MLS Cup is still a long ways away, and the New York Red Bulls certainly have their work cut out for them.  Should they navigate through D.C. United (which looks likely given their two-goal advantage, they would probably face the New England Revolution before the final, likely to be against either the Galaxy or Sounders).

To me, an MLS Cup against the Galaxy would be a monumental occasion given the impending retirement of Donovan and Henry’s own uncertain future.  He may be leaving the game soon too at age 37.  While the American hero would likely get most of the attention, I could see Henry having the final say.  His supporting cast is finally capable of bringing home a title, and he is hitting top form during this playoff run. 

While any American would certainly like to see Donovan retire from soccer on top, Thierry Henry and the New York Red Bulls have the opportunity to play the spoiler role to perfection.  Henry’s career accolades are the stuff of legends and include a World Cup title with France in 1998 as well as a EURO title in 2000.  He has played on the grandest of stages and performed.  While Donovan certainly has had his own share of success as well, the pure class of Henry and his talented teammates Bradley Wright-Phillips and Tim Cahill might just snatch the MLS Cup for New York!  Either way, it’s shaping up to be an enthralling end to the 2014 MLS season.

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