Welcome to the MLS Austin

As you probably already know by now, Austin has become an MLS city. The announcement was made last month in a ceremony accompanied by champagne, confetti and a sea of bright green banners and Ruffneck scarves. As the 27th club to join Major League soccer they will join Dallas and Houston in what should evolve into some great Texas rivalries. 

This is the first professional franchise for the city in any of the major American sports leagues which would probably account for all the excitement, not only in the soccer community but in Austin as a whole. During the event Garber stated “It’s always good to be first in anything you do,” he added. “I think our optimism about the success of this club is going to drive other leagues to start thinking about Austin. Because the city is growing so fast and has got such political and strategic importance to what’s going on in our economy and throughout our country.”

Austin FC will begin play in 2021 in a privately financed 20,000 seat stadium in North Austin. They hope to break ground on the stadium by September and they are currently finalizing the plans of a training facility. There’s still been no word on where that facility is to be located. While 2021 still seems like a long way away, there is still much to do when building a club from scratch. Word is the interviewing for general manager, coaching candidates and player recruitment will not begin until 2020. 

Congratulations Austin. It may seem like a long way away, but your chants of “alright, alright, alright, Austin FC” will soon fill your sparkling new stadium and it will be well worth the wait.

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