Soccer Scarves are a "must have" this summer

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Daylight savings has now passed, meaning that days are filled with late sunsets and warm weather.  Snow is melting throughout the country and people are embracing the signs of spring, beckoning another splendid warm summer.  But what does that mean for soccer scarves.  We’ve come to love the scarves for their many purposes, one of which is the garment aspect that keeps people healthy and warm in the face of cold, winter weather.  Why on Earth would anybody want a scarf during summer, when temperatures soar and cooling becomes the main goal?

Well, if you happen to be a soccer fan there are plenty of reasons to get a soccer scarf for the summer.  First off, is the return of the MLS.  America’s professional soccer league has gotten underway and is featuring games all over the country in which thousands of spectators will attend each week.  The league features superstars from home and abroad, including Clint Dempsey, Michael Bradley, Kaka, Robbie Keane, and Jozy Altidore.  What’s more, as the summer progresses more stars are arriving, including Frank Lampard and Steven Gerrard, two legends of English soccer.  You’ll notice that also at all these MLS games are hundreds upon hundreds of soccer scarves getting waved around.

Another exciting prospect about the summer is the major international competitions in which the USA is participating.  The Women’s World Cup takes place in June, and supporting our ladies will be especially exciting, given they are one of the major favorites to win it.  Stars like Abby Wambach and Alex Morgan will make pulling out your America scarf an easy decision as you take it to the sports bar to watch a big game. 

The USA Men’s team will also have an intriguing summer.  A trip to Europe will see them play giants Germany and the Netherlands in friendlies before heading back stateside to compete in the Gold Cup against the CONCACAF teams in July.  They’ll be needing our support, and the scarves will be waved tremendously throughout the stadiums, no matter what the heat.

The importance of soccer scarves is that they express the passion and excitement that surrounds the sport.  Players react to the buzz around the stadium and take their game to higher levels.  Performance improves, which further inspires the fans to make a ruckus in their stands, roaring their team on to victory.

The role of expression also draws allure to soccer scarves.  With several major tournaments taking place at the international level this summer, heading out about town with a scarf won’t be anything strange, especially on days when America plays in a big match or when your favorite MLS team is set to play.  Additionally, modern lightweight scarves can provide similar levels of support without causing your body to overheat.  They are also easy to fold up into small sizes for transport.  But whatever type of scarf you may choose to support your team with, the summertime is just as good a time for any to get one.  Sure, it may not be a practical purchase in terms of the weather, but soccer scarves are all about support and passion.  Besides, it’ll get cold again before you know it.

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