Soccer scarves in time for the new school year

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While the kids may still have their hearts set on their mid-summer bliss, any adults preparing for the new school year understand this is a very crucial period of planning for the year ahead.  In fact, many of the choices that a soccer coach or team administrator makes now could have a major impact on the success of that very team.  Organization of team tryouts and fall practice schedules, determining which soccer tournaments to attend, and even day-to-day choices about team travel and apparel must be made during this time.  This is why the present moment also happens to be the perfect time to prepare your team’s custom scarves for the season ahead.

Soccer scarves are an integral part of the success for any soccer team, ranging from fledgling youth clubs all the way up to major professional and international teams.  They all have scarves.  They all understand the variety of purposes the scarves serve.  Soccer scarves invigorate the fan base (and players), they get people out in the seats, they spread the word about your team, and they work as a tremendous fundraising opportunity.  The lightweight items are very reasonably priced and often utilize all the key aspects that a club or school team would wish to promote.  The team colors, design style, phrases, crests, or team logos all combine to harness the true ethos of the very club.  With one snuggly item that is built to last for years of waving and wrapping around one’s self, the soccer scarf could truly be the most marvelous creation associated with any major sport.

Summertime is an excellent opportunity to order a new batch of scarves for your team.  Every order takes some time to process.  You need to figure out all the particular design aspects you want covered and think about the right number of scarves to order for your specific team’s needs.  Fortunately, the staff at Ruffneck Scarves is well prepared to handle all of your questions, regardless of how big or small your program may be.  But no matter how you cut it, you’ll want the scarves to be ready for the fall season pep rally and especially for the team’s first game.  By taking advantage of this break before you have to get entirely involved with the players and the onslaught of team duties that accumulate alongside, preparing your soccer scarf fundraiser will be a piece of cake, and you’ll be well prepared to tackle the season and its challenges ahead. 

A great result comes with practice, preparation, and execution.  Those who succeed most in life have a plan and they act in a direct, concise manner.  While the summer often means exotic vacations and lazy afternoons for most, those looking to lead their clubs to success and glory in the months ahead are already working hard, prepping for what lies ahead.  Getting your soccer scarf campaign moving ahead right now is the perfect time to do so, and you’ll certainly reap the rewards in the coming weeks as your players and fans salivate over the delightful set of soccer scarves that arrived just in time for their big first game!

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Women's World Cup Forecast

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The US Women’s National Team (USWNT) entered the 2015 FIFA Women’s world cup knowing they were dealt a difficult hand in the group stage. The aptly named “Group of Death,” proved to be a formidable foe, but the Lady Yanks rose to the challenge securing their place at the top of Group D and into the round of 16. From day one the USWNT have been strong favorites in the competition, expected to make a deep run in the tournament. The results of group stage have left the US in arguably the best position to advance at the very least to the semifinals, but there are some critical matches that stand in front of the US and taking home another World Cup title.

Colombia has already stirred the pot, surprising everyone with a 2-0 victory over France in a spectacular display of determination and perhaps a bit of luck. But making assumptions from a statistical stand point, the US should handily beat Colombia in today’s illumination match, joining the other three “Dark Horses” (Germany, France, and Canada) in the quarter finals, where they will be paired up with China one of the weakest teams remaining in the competition.  

After falling short of qualifying in 2011, China’s National Team has taken new direction under Coach Hao Wei. They have held their own in the competition thus far; a great part from the help of former defender turned forward, Shanshan Wang who scored both in the 2-2 draw with New Zealand and the lone goal against Cameroon. But, despite fighting their way to the quarterfinals, the Chinese will be hard pressed to find a foothold against an experienced and technical US team.

It is in the semifinals where things will really start to get interesting for the USWNT. France’s early upset against Colombia has lead down a path that will match them with the overall tournament favorite Germany in the quarterfinals. Winner of the France v Germany match will be paired against the USWNT in the semifinals. Both Germany and France rank in the top five internationally, either will present an immense challenge for the US. We predict Germany will have the upper hand in this meeting, thanks to the world class goaltending by team captain Nadine Angerer who has allowed only two goals in this competition. If this is the case this quarterfinal pairing will be the match to watch, as the top two ranked take to the pitch.

The US has the depth and skill to match that of the German’s. The match will boil down to which team is more creative and can open up opportunities to take strike, which though Germany’s team is strong and technical I think has to be handed to the US team. They have already proven the diversity in strike force, not even including Abby Wambach who holds the international goal scoring record for a woman or a man, the USWNT front line has proven to be extremely powerful. Midfielder Megan Rapinoe will be one to watch in upcoming games. After netting 2 of 3 goals against Australia, she has proven her versatility is a dangerous force. We also expect Alex Morgan to spend more time off the bench by the end of the tournament. Resting an injury Morgan has only made short appearances thus far, but could be the necessary ingredient to the US victory over Germany.

If the ladies do make it to the final, we all will be in for a treat. Coming from the lower half of the bracket, home team Canada looks like a likely candidate to make it to the quarterfinals where their likely opponent will be Japan the returning WWC Champions. On paper Japan looks the better of the two teams. Coming in off a world cup high and doing expectantly well through group stage, Japan is already favored fourth in the tournament. There is however something to be said of home field advantage. The Canadians have the luxury of playing on their own turf. Swarms of adoring fans and local support at their back might be just enough to edge them through to the final.

Either outcome, Canada or Japan, will give fans plenty to cheer about. A final meeting of US and Japan will result in a rematch of the 2011 WWC, where Japan snuck one past to win the title. A Canada v US final will be the ultimate battle of the borders. Due to their close proximity, US fans have already swarmed across the border to cheer on the ladies in red, white, and blue. If the scenario plays out Canada’s home advantage will no longer be a factor, and playing for a packed stadium of enthusiastic fans is sure to result in a fiery match. But in the world of soccer, nothing is for certain. A match can change its course in the matter of seconds completely turning the tables on the rest of the tournament. No matter the outcome, the finish of the 2015 FIFA Women’s World Cup is sure to be a wild ride.

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Wherever scarves go, fans will follow..

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The sporting world can often be a fickle one, where just as one team begins to make waves and win a few titles, a few players depart and suddenly the team plunges back into obscurity.  Sometimes, the opposite is true, and a team long forgotten begins to get back on track and start winning again, and a seemingly endless arrival of lifelong fans re-emerge.  It’s all part and parcel of the beautiful game.  However, there is one trick up the managerial sleeve that is a sure bet to win over the hearts of fans, and can often kick-start a resurgence of team support.  This delightful secret comes in the form of the soccer scarf!

Whether you run a high school, college, or youth club soccer team, getting fan support can be a major challenge.  Sure, parents and family might come out to the games, and perhaps an occasional alumnus will venture down to a match to rekindle old memories, but what keeps the sport truly alive is the fans.  Fans are there week in and week out, cheering the team on and supporting them through thick and thin. 

However, fans will only support a club or team that they find to be alluring and cool.  In order to present a proper image of a reputable soccer club, a team must have soccer scarves.  No club is complete without a scarf!  Scarves have been a part of soccer since the game’s inception, initially helping the fans stay warm and cozy in the stands despite the cold British evenings that surrounded the matches.

Later on, teams began outfitting their own brand of soccer scarves, designed to match the team’s appearance with similar colors, crests, and team chants.  Not only did this preserve the health of the fledgling clubs’ fans, but it helped spread the word about the game, bringing in scores of new fans who were inspired by the colorful scarves floating around town, which were especially prevalent on game days when match-goers would be in full gear!

A similar experience can happen with your own team if you embrace the almighty soccer scarf.  Games take on greater importance when there is a buzz around town, and casual soccer fans may head down to the high school for a big playoff match.  Fellow soccer enthusiast students will be inspired by seeing the scarves and decide to check out a game.  All these things will lead to greater support and a more vibrant aura come the match. 

The element of support is huge in soccer, even at the professional level.  Home teams typically fare better than road teams and usually come away with the points.  This is because soccer is a game about passion, momentum, and emotion.  When you have 300 screaming fans waving their scarves around like mad every time your team bears down on goal, you’d better believe that your players will respond.  These days, Ruffneck Scarves makes it easier than ever to get custom soccer scarves for your team and its fans, so be sure to inquire about how you can get your club to become a powerful force and one beloved by its hoard of loyal fans!

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Soccer Scarves wrap a team in passion

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Soccer is a sport dictated by passion.  It’s that will to win at all costs, that burning desire to win the ball back and go for goal.  How often does a team less talented rise against the odds and take down a formidable opponent?  It happens all the time, and it is often accompanied by a roaring home support, urging the players on and creating a raucous atmosphere to frustrate their opponents into submission.  How is this passion born within the fans and players?  Well, one way to invite passion into the ranks of your team is with custom soccer scarves.

Soccer scarves are a huge part of the game, and they instill a sense of passion throughout a club.  With vibrant team colors, crests, and perhaps a chant or slogan placed upon the fabric, scarves rain down from the stands with the very ethos and representation of the team.  During the excitement of a game, players look to their fans for support, and seeing their colors swirling about as the scarves are waved will push them on to greater success on the pitch.  Fan atmosphere is immediately enhanced through soccer scarves as the item begs to be held aloft proudly.  Additionally, these scarves help the fans feel a part of the team as the colors match players’ jerseys and thus are encouraged to take a greater part in the game, through chanting and singing. 

For any age of soccer players, from youth to professional, seeing these scarves will inspire the passion needed for true glory.  Just knowing that their team has such representation will make them feel a stronger bond and dedication to the club and urge that fighting will to strengthen, building that hunger and passion that so often leads to victories on the soccer field.  Especially at the youth level, where coaches have to push their kids to play more aggressively and with more will, presenting the players with their own brand of soccer scarves will give them that extra step and burst to work harder and achieve greatness.

Another big factor about custom scarves is the tradition they uphold with soccer’s history.  For over 100 years (roughly as long as the sport itself has existed) scarves have had a home within the game.  From their earliest days in preserving the warmth of fans at English clubs, scarves have now spread far and wide wherever soccer has gone.  National teams, colleges, and high schools have all found out how beneficial soccer scarves are at building a winning tradition with their programs and how they inspire passion throughout the club, from players to fans.

And so if you sense that your players could take their game up a notch, custom soccer scarves could provide just the solution you’ve been looking for.  They add a fun element to any team, rekindling feelings of World Cups and nervy English Premier League matches, but also serve to inspire greatness, a hardworking ethic, and most importantly, a resounding passion for playing the beautiful game.

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Where to find the best soccer scarves

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Ever go into a store all excited to buy something only to be sourly disappointed when the specific item is nowhere to be found in that store?  This is a usual occurrence for soccer fans seeking team scarves.  Almost all soccer fans know about scarves.  If you’ve ever entered a soccer bar during a match you’ll be certain to see them adorned around the various fans.  If you’ve ever gone to a professional soccer game, you’ll have seen hundreds of them, maybe even united to form a scarf wall!  But the question may enter your mind: where do I get them?  For all the game’s growing popularity, few stores actually carry soccer scarves, and when they do it’s just a handful.  With so many soccer clubs and national teams spread out across the globe, your particular team of interest may be quite difficult to find represented in a scarf.  Where do you find them?

The obvious answer is at the stadium on game days.  Most pro teams have stores filled to the rafters with team gear, ranging from jerseys to flags to hats, and yes, scarves too.  Additionally, you’ll be certain to find similar items in sports shops in the general area of the club, perhaps even within the whole city.  Even colleges and high schools often have soccer scarves for sale as fundraisers at games, enhancing the atmosphere and spreading the fun. 

Unique scarves for specific matches like the FA Cup or World Cup often have commemorative designs outfitted just for that match.  If you’re lucky enough to be attending one of these games (usually cup finals or championships), it would be wise to grab a scarf to cherish the memories with….so long as your team wins!

However, unless you’re going to the game, it’s hard to know where to start to find these and other scarves.  With soccer having become such a global sport, many fans that would love scarves simply don’t have the ability to attend the games.  How am I supposed to get an Arsenal FC scarf out here in California?  Or a Barcelona scarf?  Or a Germany national team scarf?  Unless you reside in the club’s immediate area, you’re often out of luck.

Fortunately, the Internet has made finding scarves a much easier task.  At Ruffneck Scarves, you’ll find hundreds of the world’s most popular team scarves available.  As the official scarf provider for MLS and USA soccer, you’ll find the same top-quality scarf for sale that you would at the team’s home.  Additionally, unique scarves covering historical teams like the Los Angeles Aztecs or players like Argentina’s Maradona enable fans to embrace the days of old.  For scarf collectors these rare scarves are wonderful items with which to celebrate the game.  What makes Ruffneck the ideal online scarf retailer is that they are the source.  They manufacture each scarf and provide it for their customers conveniently and quickly.  Ruffneck even outfits numerous college and youth teams with customized scarves for their exact needs and purposes, helping with fundraisers and promoting their soccer teams.  And so while you might still have to watch the games from afar on your TV, at least you know that you have the perfect source to nab your soccer scarves for the next big fixture!

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How Have Soccer Scarves Persisted for 100 Years?

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Things generally come and go in the world of sports.  Most professional careers only last several years, and it seems that as quickly as a new star emerges, another fades.  The same can be said for the many traditions of soccer.  Remember the vuvuzelas of the 2010 World Cup?  Vaguely, but I haven’t head that wretched noise in years!  But sometimes there are things that stay in soccer.  One such item is the soccer scarf.  For over 100 years now, scarves have persisted in the stands of soccer games, helping fans showcase their passion and raising the level of play for those on the pitch.  How could such a thing so unrelated to the actual sport itself become such a popular soccer mainstay?

Ultimately, a soccer scarf captured all the necessary things in a fan item.  It’s outfitted in the colors and bears team crests, logos, or chants.  This way, it is a simple means of declaring fan loyalty and allows fans to express themselves.  But can’t fans do that with jerseys or other pieces of paraphernalia?  Of course they could, it’s just that scarves are better.  Official team jerseys are ridiculously expensive.  Meanwhile, a scarf typically runs for around $20. 

Additionally, scarves can serve a valuable purpose.  Played throughout the winter and year-round, many soccer matches are held in cold weather.  People actually need something to keep their necks warm.  Not only does it help them stay healthy, but it also preserves the necks of fans.  We all know how important team songs and chants are, as well as jubilant yells of glee following a goal, and through the use of a soccer scarf, a fan’s voice is kept in tact, providing for a great range of vocal activities.  Soccer teams love this because it keeps fans in the stands and roaring proudly, spurring the team on to victory and success.

At this point in time, soccer scarves have been around for more than a full century.  They have become ingrained within the fan culture surrounding the sport.  Scarf walls adorn stadiums of major clubs like Liverpool or Barcelona, displaying hundreds of scarves in unision, spread out proudly, showcasing the true essence of the club and the dedication of their supporters.

The scarves are now so important that even high school teams and youth club soccer teams utilize them.  They are great for fundraisers and help to keep friends and families excited about the team, as well as the players themselves.  Classic scarves have even become prized collectibles, showcasing the importance and longevity of this unique fan item.  Wherever there is a soccer team, there is a scarf!

And so as you look for ways to invigorate your squad or fans, consider the benefits of soccer scarves.  Clubs need a vibrant support in order to raise their game and win matches.  Scarves are a key ingredient to providing just that, evidenced by their incredible run with the game through the years.  Soccer scarves have been around for a century!  May they continue to support the game for many more!

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Soccer Scarves are a "must have" this summer

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Daylight savings has now passed, meaning that days are filled with late sunsets and warm weather.  Snow is melting throughout the country and people are embracing the signs of spring, beckoning another splendid warm summer.  But what does that mean for soccer scarves.  We’ve come to love the scarves for their many purposes, one of which is the garment aspect that keeps people healthy and warm in the face of cold, winter weather.  Why on Earth would anybody want a scarf during summer, when temperatures soar and cooling becomes the main goal?

Well, if you happen to be a soccer fan there are plenty of reasons to get a soccer scarf for the summer.  First off, is the return of the MLS.  America’s professional soccer league has gotten underway and is featuring games all over the country in which thousands of spectators will attend each week.  The league features superstars from home and abroad, including Clint Dempsey, Michael Bradley, Kaka, Robbie Keane, and Jozy Altidore.  What’s more, as the summer progresses more stars are arriving, including Frank Lampard and Steven Gerrard, two legends of English soccer.  You’ll notice that also at all these MLS games are hundreds upon hundreds of soccer scarves getting waved around.

Another exciting prospect about the summer is the major international competitions in which the USA is participating.  The Women’s World Cup takes place in June, and supporting our ladies will be especially exciting, given they are one of the major favorites to win it.  Stars like Abby Wambach and Alex Morgan will make pulling out your America scarf an easy decision as you take it to the sports bar to watch a big game. 

The USA Men’s team will also have an intriguing summer.  A trip to Europe will see them play giants Germany and the Netherlands in friendlies before heading back stateside to compete in the Gold Cup against the CONCACAF teams in July.  They’ll be needing our support, and the scarves will be waved tremendously throughout the stadiums, no matter what the heat.

The importance of soccer scarves is that they express the passion and excitement that surrounds the sport.  Players react to the buzz around the stadium and take their game to higher levels.  Performance improves, which further inspires the fans to make a ruckus in their stands, roaring their team on to victory.

The role of expression also draws allure to soccer scarves.  With several major tournaments taking place at the international level this summer, heading out about town with a scarf won’t be anything strange, especially on days when America plays in a big match or when your favorite MLS team is set to play.  Additionally, modern lightweight scarves can provide similar levels of support without causing your body to overheat.  They are also easy to fold up into small sizes for transport.  But whatever type of scarf you may choose to support your team with, the summertime is just as good a time for any to get one.  Sure, it may not be a practical purchase in terms of the weather, but soccer scarves are all about support and passion.  Besides, it’ll get cold again before you know it.

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