How Have Soccer Scarves Persisted for 100 Years?

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Things generally come and go in the world of sports.  Most professional careers only last several years, and it seems that as quickly as a new star emerges, another fades.  The same can be said for the many traditions of soccer.  Remember the vuvuzelas of the 2010 World Cup?  Vaguely, but I haven’t head that wretched noise in years!  But sometimes there are things that stay in soccer.  One such item is the soccer scarf.  For over 100 years now, scarves have persisted in the stands of soccer games, helping fans showcase their passion and raising the level of play for those on the pitch.  How could such a thing so unrelated to the actual sport itself become such a popular soccer mainstay?

Ultimately, a soccer scarf captured all the necessary things in a fan item.  It’s outfitted in the colors and bears team crests, logos, or chants.  This way, it is a simple means of declaring fan loyalty and allows fans to express themselves.  But can’t fans do that with jerseys or other pieces of paraphernalia?  Of course they could, it’s just that scarves are better.  Official team jerseys are ridiculously expensive.  Meanwhile, a scarf typically runs for around $20. 

Additionally, scarves can serve a valuable purpose.  Played throughout the winter and year-round, many soccer matches are held in cold weather.  People actually need something to keep their necks warm.  Not only does it help them stay healthy, but it also preserves the necks of fans.  We all know how important team songs and chants are, as well as jubilant yells of glee following a goal, and through the use of a soccer scarf, a fan’s voice is kept in tact, providing for a great range of vocal activities.  Soccer teams love this because it keeps fans in the stands and roaring proudly, spurring the team on to victory and success.

At this point in time, soccer scarves have been around for more than a full century.  They have become ingrained within the fan culture surrounding the sport.  Scarf walls adorn stadiums of major clubs like Liverpool or Barcelona, displaying hundreds of scarves in unision, spread out proudly, showcasing the true essence of the club and the dedication of their supporters.

The scarves are now so important that even high school teams and youth club soccer teams utilize them.  They are great for fundraisers and help to keep friends and families excited about the team, as well as the players themselves.  Classic scarves have even become prized collectibles, showcasing the importance and longevity of this unique fan item.  Wherever there is a soccer team, there is a scarf!

And so as you look for ways to invigorate your squad or fans, consider the benefits of soccer scarves.  Clubs need a vibrant support in order to raise their game and win matches.  Scarves are a key ingredient to providing just that, evidenced by their incredible run with the game through the years.  Soccer scarves have been around for a century!  May they continue to support the game for many more!

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