Custom Soccer Scarves : The easiest fundraiser

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Fundraisers aren’t all fun and games.  In fact, they can be quite challenging for any soccer coach or administrator new to the business.  There’s lots of planning involved, and then you’ve got to actually push the product onto people, becoming a sort of salesman/coach hybrid.  But while this certainly does test one’s resolve and spirits, it typically does end well for the team, providing for necessary costs like team jerseys and tournament fees.  But what can make it especially bountiful is if you choose the right product.  Selecting the right item for your fundraiser can make all the difference.  Among all the products in the beautiful game, none has proven to be more successful than the soccer scarf, which is why it is simply the perfect idea for your next fundraiser.

Soccer scarves are an ingrained part of the sport.  Just about every professional team in every professional league in the world has their own brand of scarf.  High schools, colleges, and preparatory schools often have their own custom soccer scarves as well, as do many youth soccer clubs.  Here’s what makes the scarf such a great marketing product:

First, it’s fun.  Scarves invoke the passion of the game, displayed by thousands of pictures of fans roaring their team on, scarves in tow.  Just type “soccer scarves fans” into Google images and you’ll see what I mean.  Second, scarves are very affordable, in general costing around just $20.  It’s an easy bargain for sales, and it’s right around that happy medium of being affordable but still substantial enough to help your team earn money. 

Additionally, the custom scarves will help market your team, which is especially valuable for youth clubs and prep schools.  As one wears the scarf around town on a cold day, passers by will take notice, and if they are the soccer-inclined type, they will most certainly investigate your team.  They might just sign up!

Of course soccer scarves are good, sound products too.  They are comfortable and soft, they keep you warm when it’s cold out, they are lightweight and easy to carry around, and are able to be folded or rolled up and fit into a small bag.  Also, when made with 100% acrylic material, the scarves are long lasting; meaning those marketing benefits will last for years!  When designed properly, the custom scarves can also be quite endearing to behold.  With school or team colors, crests, and chants, the scarf can capture the very ethos of your club.  It can become a symbol of your character and your success on the pitch. 

Fortunately, Ruffneck Scarves has long assisted various teams with their specific soccer scarf needs.  Happy customers range from the official US Soccer Supporters club, to MLS teams, to colleges, high schools, and youth clubs.  Ruffneck has manufactured many of the scarves that you may have seen on TV or at a local high school match.  With a customer service department ready to assist you in designing your scarves and helping plan your team fundraiser, you’ll be well on your way to getting those necessary funds for your team’s upcoming season!

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Best fundraising idea yet

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Start a Succesful Fundraiser with Soccer Scarves

Running a soccer team can be a costly endeavor at any level.  Jersey costs, tournament registration fees, travel arrangements, and other expensive considerations must be covered every step of the way.  Naturally, various clubs and school teams attempt to use a fundraiser in order to boost support and help accumulate these funds.  However, depending on what a team sells in such a fundraiser, the success of levels of a campaign can vary greatly.  But there is one item that is a sure bet for any wonderful fundraiser: the soccer scarf!

Completely customizable and designed with your soccer team in mind, custom soccer scarves are the ultimate representation of your club.  Team colors flow throughout the scarves while a team chant or crest will define the exact image that your team puts forth.  Any fan of the team would want such a scarf!

One of the great things about scarves is their close tie with the sport of soccer and their century-long track record of success.  Run a Google image search for “soccer fans” or for supporters of your favorite team and you’ll be greeted with hundreds of photos of loyal soccer fans.  Alongside them will certainly be a great deal of scarves. 

People who love soccer also love the scarves because they represent so much of what is great about the game.  Through cold weather and various other struggles, the most loyal of fans stand full and well behind their club, kept warm by the soft fabrics of their scarf.  When they get excited they spread their scarves out wide and hold them high, displaying the image of their club for the fans and players to see. 

This dedication to their favorite teams and their unanimous choice of soccer scarves to show off their affection sets your next fundraiser up to perfection.  Soccer fans want scarves!  All you have to do is bring the scarves to them.  Ruffneck Scarves has helped teams of every level do just that.  Whether it’s in the form of thousands of soccer scarves for the US Men’s National Team or just a few hundred for a local high school varsity team, Ruffneck has all the tools needed to make your fundraiser a hit!

In addition to just helping you raise funds for the current soccer season, a scarf sale will help your team for years to come.  The scarves will be worn around town and do a fabulous job of advertising your club.  Locals will befriend each other over common interests in the sport and youngsters will be inspired to try the game.  The scarves will have a lasting longevity in the stands at games, where the team colors will shine through and improve the general fan atmosphere at your matches.  You might even find that your team raises their level of play, all because of the improved support through soccer scarves. 

So instead of fretting over how you’ll manage to pay all those hefty bills for your soccer team, take action by organizing a soccer scarf fundraiser.  Before you know it, your team will be supported like Liverpool or Real Madrid with hoards of scarf-clad fans!

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