What's the Best Message for your Soccer Scarf

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We all know the vital impact soccer scarves have on their respective clubs; why else would practically every club and country on the planet make them?  But what message should you convey on your team’s scarf?  While the choice of colors should be pretty straight forward based on team colors, and the overall design should reflect the type of personality that your team has, what about the actual physical statement made on the scarf?  Here are some tips in conveying an effective message through a soccer scarf:

First off, you want this statement to be short and sweet.  Remember, one of the big impacts that scarves make is on the players themselves.  A struggling player looks towards the stands for fan support.  Realize these specific players may be up to a hundred yards away from this scarf.  If you’ve got a full list of accomplishments and accolades about each player on the team, chances are the font will have to be so small that your players will never even know what they say.  You want a simple statement that can be printed large and clear, so that everyone in the entire stadium can see when a fan lifts their scarf and holds it out wide.  Something like “Go Cats” or “Ram Pride” is ideal.

A big piece of importance regarding a scarf’s message is that you want it to be general enough to encapsulate every facet of the team as well.  Thus, the club’s name or mascot is often an ideal choice.  Specific statements about opponents or a particular game aren’t ideal.  You certainly don’t need to mention any other teams, and scarves made for a single game are only good for major professional matches like the FA Cup or World Cup Final where they carry a memorabilia-like quality, but aren’t feasible for a high school championship or playoff game. 

However, one good idea for listing such an achievement would be if your team were state or division champions.  You could write “2015 State Champs” and the fond memory would inspire players and fans for years down the road.

Another valuable message is a popular team chant for your club.  “Go Bulls Go” or “Let’s Go Spartans” is the type of scarf message that inspires players, rekindling the reassuring spirit of hearing fans urging you on.  Additionally, such a message would also help urge fans to chant more.  As we see in the beautiful game time and time again, when the fans truly get behind a team and sing and chant throughout the game, anything is possible.

Basically, it all boils down to what message you to see on the custom soccer scarves, which will both inspire the players and be a fun, engaging slogan for your club.  In most cases, it really is the simplest and most straightforward statement.  However, toy with a couple ideas that would potentially work.  Also know that our Ruffneck Scarves staff can help provide feedback for your ideas and help with the design process from start to finish.  Remember, with the right message and spirit, your soccer team can go on to do great things!

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5 Things to Consider When Designing Your Custom Soccer Scarves

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Designing your team’s soccer scarves can be a blast!  Tap into your creative side as you play with the various types of scarves and fabric styles, mixed in with your team colors and a variety of team chants that you think reflect the core values of your club.  It can be a delightful experience and one that can produce great product representing your team.  However, concocting your own style of scarf can be a tall order.  There are countless things to take into consideration; what is your team’s overall image?  What type of scarf will likely sell the best?  What should your scarves say?  Fortunately, Ruffneck Scarves has a team of experienced designers to help produce the top quality scarves you covet for your soccer club.  But of course you will certainly want to come into this world with some idea of what you want to create.  Here are the 5 most important things to think about when making your scarf designs:

  1. Team Colors – Most soccer teams have just 2 or 3 colors, and your scarfs should probably stick close to that number as well. This isn’t time to get too playful and make a vibrant work of art!  Besides, if your scarves have just as much of the opposing team’s colors as your own, who are the fans really supporting in the stands?  You want to use the scarf colors to clearly depict your team or school.  This way, there’s no confusion as to who’s rooting for who, and they’ll look better too.
  2. Design Style – Also important is the general aesthetic of the scarves. Designs like argyle, classic bar, checkered, and others call back to different types of teams and institutions.  For example, a preparatory school may want to display the diagonally focused argyle style to show a bit of distinguished flair, while an amateur adult league team may prefer the checkers, reflecting more of the hardworking ethic they espouse on the field.  It’s all up to personal preference, but you certainly want to appeal to your fan base.  Often the standard bar style is the safest way to go.
  3. Message – Many soccer scarves include a written phrase or team chant. This can be great when fans hold up the scarves and stretch them wide, revealing the message for all to see.  The best phrases are the simplest because they allow for the largest font.  Something like “Go Tigers” is way better than “The Tigers are the Best Team Ever” because people across the field may actually see what’s written on it!  Be sure to keep the message true to your team identity.
  4. Type of Scarf – Another thing to think about is the kind of scarf you want to use (yes, there are more than 1!). The traditional jacquard knit scarf is the most affordable, and features the team crest woven directly into the fabric.  Meanwhile the embroidered scarf enables the crest to be sewn in, providing higher definition.  The lightweight HD summer scarf utilizes sublimated printing to offer practically any design or image you want on to the scarf.  However, the scarf won’t be keeping fans terribly warm!  Consider where you live and what’s more important for your team’s needs.
  5. Scope of Fundraiser – It’s wise to think about the business aspect of your fundraising endeavor when designing your team’s custom scarves. What may look really cool to you might not sell.  You want to bring forth a scarf that not only looks great, but that also speaks to the club’s history and makes fans want to own one.  These things can be accomplished together with a little forethought and help from Ruffneck Scarves.  Happy scarf designing! 

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