Custom Soccer Scarves : The easiest fundraiser

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Fundraisers aren’t all fun and games.  In fact, they can be quite challenging for any soccer coach or administrator new to the business.  There’s lots of planning involved, and then you’ve got to actually push the product onto people, becoming a sort of salesman/coach hybrid.  But while this certainly does test one’s resolve and spirits, it typically does end well for the team, providing for necessary costs like team jerseys and tournament fees.  But what can make it especially bountiful is if you choose the right product.  Selecting the right item for your fundraiser can make all the difference.  Among all the products in the beautiful game, none has proven to be more successful than the soccer scarf, which is why it is simply the perfect idea for your next fundraiser.

Soccer scarves are an ingrained part of the sport.  Just about every professional team in every professional league in the world has their own brand of scarf.  High schools, colleges, and preparatory schools often have their own custom soccer scarves as well, as do many youth soccer clubs.  Here’s what makes the scarf such a great marketing product:

First, it’s fun.  Scarves invoke the passion of the game, displayed by thousands of pictures of fans roaring their team on, scarves in tow.  Just type “soccer scarves fans” into Google images and you’ll see what I mean.  Second, scarves are very affordable, in general costing around just $20.  It’s an easy bargain for sales, and it’s right around that happy medium of being affordable but still substantial enough to help your team earn money. 

Additionally, the custom scarves will help market your team, which is especially valuable for youth clubs and prep schools.  As one wears the scarf around town on a cold day, passers by will take notice, and if they are the soccer-inclined type, they will most certainly investigate your team.  They might just sign up!

Of course soccer scarves are good, sound products too.  They are comfortable and soft, they keep you warm when it’s cold out, they are lightweight and easy to carry around, and are able to be folded or rolled up and fit into a small bag.  Also, when made with 100% acrylic material, the scarves are long lasting; meaning those marketing benefits will last for years!  When designed properly, the custom scarves can also be quite endearing to behold.  With school or team colors, crests, and chants, the scarf can capture the very ethos of your club.  It can become a symbol of your character and your success on the pitch. 

Fortunately, Ruffneck Scarves has long assisted various teams with their specific soccer scarf needs.  Happy customers range from the official US Soccer Supporters club, to MLS teams, to colleges, high schools, and youth clubs.  Ruffneck has manufactured many of the scarves that you may have seen on TV or at a local high school match.  With a customer service department ready to assist you in designing your scarves and helping plan your team fundraiser, you’ll be well on your way to getting those necessary funds for your team’s upcoming season!

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College Soccer Scarves are Insanely Popular

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There’s little secret you might not have heard that team scarves are a major part of soccer.  Nearly every professional soccer club has their own brand of scarves, as do most international teams.  In recent years, youth club teams and high school soccer teams have embraced the tradition.  But perhaps the one area where custom soccer scarves have really begun to take hold is colleges and their teams.  Here are some reasons why:

First, there is a bond between people and universities that runs very deep, bordering on utter madness.  Sporting events are often an all-day event, complete with pregame and postgame partying.  Alumni make trips to the matches to relive the glory days of their past, while current students take pride in attending games and showing off their school spirit.  Rivalries amongst such schools and their fans are extreme.  Of the most famous such college rivals are Ohio State-Michigan, USC-UCLA, North Carolina-Duke, Alabama-Auburn, and the list goes on and on.  With this high drama, winner-takes-all stakes that surrounds college sports, the fandom loves to be expressed.

Team scarves make this all possible, especially when supporting a university soccer squad.  Students love to embrace the passion of soccer, which they’ve certainly seen by watching the World Cup or English Premier League.  At this burgeoning age where youth meets adulthood, being loud and exuberant in the stands of your college’s big soccer match is an absolute joy.

A second reason why scarves and collegiate soccer make the perfect match is that soccer continues to be a rapidly growing sport within the young generation.  Access to viewing matches in famous leagues like the EPL or La Liga today is far beyond what anyone had 10 years ago (I remember watching the FA Cup final 3 days later on tape delay one year, purposefully avoiding any soccer websites until I’d seen the match).  Additionally, the MLS’s continued growth and the USA National Teams’ success (both Men’s and Women’s) have created a plethora of young adults fascinated with the sport.  But the problem despite all this development is an overall lack of access to live games. 

The MLS houses just 20 teams.  England alone has 20 teams in the EPL, as well as nearly a hundred more in the lower divisions.  Roughly 60-80 of those clubs could be considered professional, and please bear in mind that England is roughly the size of Louisiana.  Then consider the size of Europe and the numerous leagues in contains.  The continent has hundreds of pro soccer teams to compare to America’s 20!

But what fills the void is college.  We have hundreds of universities here and many feature a soccer team.  This gives students a chance to really take an active part in the matches, and they do.  As part of embracing soccer, the fans take on soccer scarves, which help to legitimize the teams and add excitement to the games. 

Soccer is beginning to show a real growth in America, and much of that is coming at the collegiate level.  As more and more colleges release soccer scarves for their teams, the drama and wonder of the sport continues to blossom in the United States!

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A World Without Soccer Scarves?

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Where Would the Game of Soccer be Without Scarves?

For years, the sport of soccer has been completely intertwined with team scarves, which are brought to games by the thousands all over the world.  National soccer teams, colleges, famous professional clubs, and even amateur youth teams all have soft and colorful scarves that decorate the stands and get waved about in an effort to inspire the players on the field.  But what if those scarves didn’t exist?  Would soccer still be the most popular sport in the world?  Would the matches still be attended by thousands of loyal and passionate fans?  Would the value of the major teams still be measured in the billions of dollars?  Because of the persistent relationship between the sport and its scarves, this is a hard world to envision, but I will attempt to do so in the paragraphs ahead.

In short, the soccer world would be far different.  One of the crucial factors surrounding the soccer scarf is its ability to keep fans warm.  This prevents them from catching cold in the harsh winter nights, when matches are often played.  Without scarves, the fans would become sick and thus attendance would probably go down.  Considering the effects, night soccer matches would probably never happen, which would further reduce the numbers of supporters in the stands since most people have jobs and work during the day. 

The soccer season would probably shift towards an MLS-like summer only type of schedule to avoid the cold.  However, that could negatively affect fans since the summer is often spent travelling to beaches and other fun locations.  But another effect could be just as costly for the sport…

Soccer scarves promote an incredible atmosphere in stadiums!  They get waved about and are held high while club anthems are bellowed by the faithful supporters.  Without the scarves, fans’ hands would likely be down in their pockets staying warm with their bodies hunched over, hardly able to sing loud and proud.  There would be a quiet, observant nature from the spectators that would take the thrill right out of soccer.  You would wonder if people would even care about the game at all.

In fact, there is a very real possibility that without the scarves, soccer would hardly be as popular as it is today.  There would be no mega-stadiums packed to the rafters every week, there would be no soccer channels broadcasting the games to every corner of the globe, and there might not even be a FIFA World Cup!  Without scarves, soccer might be relegated to a casual game played by youngsters looking to expel some energy.  There would be no Messi, no Pele, no Ronaldo’s (of course they’d probably be alive but certainly wouldn’t be able to make a living in soccer, and thus would be largely unknown to the rest of the world). 

Without soccer heroes to idolize, the populace of the world would have a hard time finding inspiration, and would be numbed into a callous lifestyle of all work and no play.  In short, a world without soccer scarves would be a very sad world indeed…

But fret not, because the scarves are here and they’re here to stay!  If you are a true soccer fan, you’ll have a hearty supply of scarves and they will help keep you healthy and spirited at each and every game you attend with their warm and colorful fuzziness.  Scarves truly make the soccer world go round!

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Custom Soccer Scarves will help your team win!

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Most soccer fans are aware of how prevalent soccer scarves are within the sport.  Attending a match at nearly every level of the game will reveal countless different scarves to you.  Professional teams, college soccer teams, high school teams, and even local club teams often have their very own brand of scarves to help inspire the fans and create more of an atmosphere around the stadium.  But while no one disagrees with the fact that soccer scarves are great fan items and help keep people warm, do they actually make any impact in the game being played?  Can the scarf actually help a team win?

In actuality, an item as simple as the scarf can most definitely help a soccer team win, and they’ve been helping them do just that for over 100 years! It all starts with the team itself and the belief that a player has the moment they pull on their jersey and walk onto the field.  Due to the growth of the MLS and the prevalence of major soccer matches through the English Premier League and the World Cup, most kids have been exposed to the sport, and they’ve seen the scarves adorned around excited fans around the world.  They know that legitimate soccer clubs have their own scarves.  Therefore, if you run a youth soccer organization or high school team, think about the emotional impact that having custom team scarves could have for your players.  They would find that determination and belief, seeing the reality of a proud soccer club right in front of them.

Another thing that will strengthen a soccer team’s belief is an energized fan base, and that is another key benefit of the custom soccer scarf.  Distributed through fundraisers or giveaways, your fans can come to matches equipped with their scarves.  Soccer scarves play a very important role in fan behavior, from being waved around to being held up by a large number of fans together in a scarf wall (often alongside passionate chanting), there’s no doubt that scarves will raise the energy and noise of the attendees at your next game.  This will be extremely helpful to the players on the field.  Soccer is one of the sports most heavily influenced by the home team support.  Professional teams often play far better in front of their home fans because of the energy created behind them when they get on the ball.  In a sport often dictated by momentum swings and the need for coming through in a clutch moment, having the full support of your fans loudly cheering your team on will be vital to your success and could certainly go a good ways to helping your team win.  And to think that could all start with a soccer scarf!

Therefore, if you want to help your soccer team win more games, you would be wise to invest in custom team scarves.  Ruffneck Scarves has been supplying teams of all levels with high quality scarves for years and can help your team too!  Be sure to inquire today about the various options and designs for you to create the right scarf that represents your soccer team!

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