What does your soccer scarf say about you?

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One of the brilliant aspects of utilizing custom soccer scarves for your team is the freedom of design that you are granted.  Various patterns, color options, and printed word possibilities enable you to display your team in the exact manner in which you wish it to be presented.  This is a very important part of the soccer scarf process.  Scarves represent the core ideals of your team and will make one of the first impressions that people get regarding your club.  Therefore, be sure to spend some time considering what you want to say about your team through your custom scarves.

Firstly, you should think about the colors you’ll want on the scarf.  This should be relatively simple as most teams typically employ just two or three main colors.  However, when you begin integrating the design style, you’ll need to decide which color you want at the forefront and also what color you’ll want to use for written words.  Choosing the right combination of colors for your specific design pattern is very important. 

Of huge importance is what words you wish to put on your scarves.  This is literally a thing that your scarves will say to passers by and will spell out exactly what you wish to express on the scarf.  The school or club name is a popular choice, which explicitly advertises the team and lets everyone know who those fans support.  Another important factor is what you say on the other side of the scarf.  Many teams like to utilize their team mascot and use a phrase such as “Go Eagles” or “Go Rams” to help inspire their team, however here is another area in which you can create a unique catch phrase to support the club.  One thing to note is that these phrases should be short and simple in order to utilize a larger font.  If the phrase is too long, the font will be too small, and people from afar won’t be able to read and understand it. 

Another thing to consider when designing your custom scarves is what sort of imagery you want woven into the fabric.  Many teams choose to employ a team crest but other symbols showcasing the club can also be given.  Again, depending on what you choose this will be a major image seen by people exposed to your club.

The main thing to realize is that when you order a supply of custom soccer scarves, you will be creating a window in which many other people will view your soccer team.  Whether it’s opposing teams and their fans, random people around town who see your scarves, or just friends and family members of your own players, the soccer scarf will represent them and their club.  Therefore, be sure to spend a bit of time coming up with the scarf that sends out the perfect message for your club.  At Ruffneck Scarves, we guide you every step of the way to ensure that you’ll have a fabulous scarf design for your order but remember, the final decision is up to you!  Therefore, be sure to think about what you’ll want to say with your next order of soccer scarves!

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