Scarves up with Kansas City Spurs supporters

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Spurs supporter scarves on display in Kansas City

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Custom Scarves for 2018 season

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Customize scarves for your team to kick off the 2018 season...

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Ruffneck Scarves partners with California Interscholastic Federation as official scarf provider

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Ruffneck Scarves is now the official scarf provider to all member schools of the California Interscholastic Federation.

Ruffneck and CIF have entered into a new agreement where Ruffneck will be the exclusive partner for scarves for the federation.

The purpose of the partnership is to provide member schools with a source for high quality custom scarves to use for fundraisers, spirit wear, staff gifts and end of year recognition.

Interested in getting custom scarves for your school?

Visit our Custom Scarves page for more information.

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Custom Scarves for your Team as Holiday Gifts

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You are right in the heart of your fall season....

Now is the time to start thinking about end of year and holiday gifts for your players, staff and supporting families.

What would be better than custom scarves with your team logo, colors and name.

Custom scarves are great for:

  • End of year gifts
  • Tournament win recognition
  • Fundraising
  • Team spirit wear

If you are interested in learning more about how to customize scarves for your team visit our Custom Scarves page to request more info or call 855-873-2673.


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Customize scarves for your team now!

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It’s that splendid time of year again; when the leaves start to turn, when the temperatures recede back to comfortable normalcy, and when soccer season really gets going.  In the past few weeks, numerous leagues have begun play, ranging all the way from the top heights of the English Premier League and other big European leagues, down to the local youth soccer leagues all over the world.  In between, you’ve probably had a chance to hear about how your local high school and college soccer teams are faring in the new season as well.  And with so many beautiful games upon us, now is the best time to reserve custom soccer scarves to represent your own club!

The timing couldn’t be better.  By ordering your scarves now, you’ll be certain to receive them right as the season hits a climax, providing an awesome parting gift to your players and fans.  Additionally, as winter weather begins to settle in, people will really be scrambling for something to keep them warm during those frigid playoff game nights or crisp early Saturday mornings. 

Scarves have long been a tradition in the sport of soccer, well entrenched over a period extending 100 years, as fans have brought their team’s colors to the matches in order to stay warm and to show their support.  Famed scarf walls adorn the stands of most professional matches these days as supporters hold their scarves up over their heads, showering their beloved team with belief and good spirit.  Now you too can look to the sidelines and stands to see the famous scarves of the game, in your team’s very own colors!

Custom scarves have become increasingly popular over the years and also serve as a vital fundraiser for clubs of all shapes and sizes.  Of course major clubs manufacture thousands of them for their many supporters, but at the lower levels of the game scarves can serve an important financial benefit to any team.  High schools can use the sale of 100 scarves or so to help fund new jerseys, while youth clubs can benefit by covering tournament costs and other expenses. 

But of course there’s no better time to get started with a custom soccer scarf order than during the season, when interest in the sport and your team is at its max!  People are interested in how the team is doing, and they want to show their support.  Don’t wait until after the season is over to order scarves for your players; get them now, while the games are coming up and while they will serve their vital purpose.  This is an excellent opportunity for your team to take part in this wonderful tradition in soccer.  So take advantage of this perfect time to get your team’s very own custom soccer scarf and watch your team soar to new heights!

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7 Fool-Proof Ways to Run a Successful Custom Scarf Fundraiser

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Raising Money with a Custom Scarf Fundraiser is EASY! Use the 7 simple tips below & see how easy success can be.

1. Do a Pre-Sale! There are a number of reasons why running a pre-sale will contribute greatly to a successful Custom Scarf Fundraiser.

    • Initial Cost: If your team is concerned with the initial cost of starting a Custom Scarf Fundraiser, pre-selling scarves could be the solution to eliminating that concern. The sales made during this time can be used to cover the cost of production, and get things moving until your custom scarves arrive.
    • Generate Interest: Before your scarves arrive you can generate interest with your pre-sale. Ruffneck Scarves will produce a digital mock up design of your custom scarves that you can use in an email blast to your mailing list, put up on social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram), or on your organization’s website. You will sell some scarves and also create a buzz before the scarves even arrive!
    • Lighten Your Load: The more scarves you are able to sell during your pre-sale, the less you will have to sell later. Sites like could be a big help with getting you started by creating a FREE online shop that can be linked to on your existing webpage.
    • Pre-Sale Discount: A great tactic to pre-sell scarves during your fundraiser is to offer a pre-sale discount. Many organizations offer deals to the early bird purchasers, even a small discount encourages people to purchase early. Discounting your scarves from $20 to $18 during pre-sale could be just enough motivation to get those early orders.
    • Idea of Demand: Another benefit of doing a pre-sale is getting a vague idea of your demand. It is not uncommon for organizations to sell out of scarves during a pre-sale. Luckily if that happens you can quickly get in touch with your Ruffneck Scarves Custom Scarf Specialist and look into increasing your order to keep up with demand.

Visit the Fundraising Page at to download a Fundraising Pre-Sale Template to help you get started pre-selling your custom scarves.

2. Spread the Word. It is impossible to run a successful fundraiser if no one even knows you’re having one, so spread the word!

    • Social media: An obvious place to start would be sharing your Custom Scarf Fundraiser via social media. Post pictures of your team, club, or organization sporting their flashy new scarves and be sure to include a link to where they can get their own!
    • Newspaper/Newsletter: An often overlooked place to spread word of your fundraiser is through a newspaper, or newsletter. Particularly for high school or college groups, getting in touch with the newspaper staff to run a feature about your swanky new scarves is an easy and free way to let the entire school know about your fundraiser.
    • Email List: Many organizations keep record of some sort of email list which may include alumni, students, teachers, parents, or recent visitors to your school or organization. These list are a great market to reach out to because they are already tied to or interested in your organization. Develop a concise message about your fundraiser, include a photo of the scarf, and a link of where to purchase they’ll be jumping to get their hands on one!
    • Make an Announcement: Before your match, at an assembly, on your school’s radio channel or news broadcast make an announcement. Let people know you’ve got scarves and they need them.
    • Word of Mouth: Tell your friends. Tell your family. Tell your peers. Tell your coworkers. Tell the person you’re sharing the elevator with. One of the fastest ways to spread news is word of mouth, and besides that making a personal touch point is a great way to bring people in to help your cause. Let them know how great the scarves you’re selling are, and how the money raised will benefit your organization. 
3. Make Them Available. So people keep hearing about these awesome scarves you’re selling but they have no clue where to get them? That is a problem! In order to successfully sell your scarves they need to be available when and where supporters of your organization are going to be.
    • At Games: If you’re a sports organization, it is imperative to have your scarves available at your games. Setting up a simple merchandise table will allow you to easily service your game day fans, who will be thrilled to have a new way to show their support.
    • Outside Common Areas or Cafeteria: High traffic areas like the cafeteria are another great place to sell scarves, and reach people who may not make it out to games. Always ask permission from administration prior to setting up in these locations.
    • Pick-Up Location: Having a pick-up location can be a great way to ease distribution and increase sales. If you ran a pre-sale, announcing a pick-up location with specific dates and times will make fulfilling those early orders a snap, and can also serve as a place for new customers to make purchases. An adviser or coach’s office could serve as a great pick-up location.
4. Choose an Inclusive Design. There are literally unlimited ways to customize your scarves with Ruffneck. You can choose your own colors, logos, text, and more to create the perfect unique scarf for your organization. But with so many options, sometimes it is easy to get carried away and lose sight of the end goal which is to raise funds for your team. Your scarf should be designed with this goal in mind, and the best way to reach that goal is to appeal to as many potential customers as possible. One of the best ways to appeal to a wider range of people is to choose a more general inclusive design.

    Example: The Lost Lake High School Lancer’s Soccer team is designing scarves for their Custom Scarf Fundraiser. They scarves have their school colors, mascot, and name so there is plenty of team spirit in the design, but by excluding the word soccer their scarves now appeal to a wider range of supporters. With this more general design not only can they sell their scarves to the soccer team & supporters, but to Lancer football fans, LLHS alumni, staff members, general students, and more!

    5. Get the Community Involved! Everyone likes to feel included and when you let your community feel involved in important decisions, such as helping to design or decide on your custom scarf design, they will be more likely to make purchases down the road. Holding a Scarf design contest is super simple. You can use THIS scarf design template to let members of your community get involved and submit potential scarf designs. Please also know Ruffneck Scarves will create digital mock up scarf designs for FREE. You can choose a few of your favorite designs and call upon your community to take a vote for their favorite. The community involvement will increase interest & you will also know which scarf is appealing to the most people. Sounds like a win-win, and sites like and make voting a snap.

      6. Incentivize Selling. Fundraisers are for the whole team’s benefit, whether it’s to raise money for new uniforms, travel expenses, equipment, or a killer end of season banquet the whole team shares in the reward, so the whole team should participate. One way to make fundraising fun is adding a bit of competition or incentive to sell. Perhaps the top three sellers don’t have to run sprints at Friday’s practice. Or anyone who sells 10+ scarves earns their own scarf for free. There are dozens of different ways inspire your fundraising sales team, so get creative!

      7. Show Them Off!!! One of the best ways to sell your custom scarves is also the easiest, just wear it! You’ll be shocked by how many people enquire about your new accessory and want to know where they can get one. It seems so obvious but had to be mentioned, because it is super effective. Don’t be surprised if someone wants to buy the scarf right off your neck! When people see how functional, fashionable, and spirited your custom scarves are they will jump at the chance to pick one up.

      Ready to start raising money with your own Custom Scarf Fundraiser? CLICK HERE TO GET STARTED!

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        What's the Best Message for your Soccer Scarf

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        We all know the vital impact soccer scarves have on their respective clubs; why else would practically every club and country on the planet make them?  But what message should you convey on your team’s scarf?  While the choice of colors should be pretty straight forward based on team colors, and the overall design should reflect the type of personality that your team has, what about the actual physical statement made on the scarf?  Here are some tips in conveying an effective message through a soccer scarf:

        First off, you want this statement to be short and sweet.  Remember, one of the big impacts that scarves make is on the players themselves.  A struggling player looks towards the stands for fan support.  Realize these specific players may be up to a hundred yards away from this scarf.  If you’ve got a full list of accomplishments and accolades about each player on the team, chances are the font will have to be so small that your players will never even know what they say.  You want a simple statement that can be printed large and clear, so that everyone in the entire stadium can see when a fan lifts their scarf and holds it out wide.  Something like “Go Cats” or “Ram Pride” is ideal.

        A big piece of importance regarding a scarf’s message is that you want it to be general enough to encapsulate every facet of the team as well.  Thus, the club’s name or mascot is often an ideal choice.  Specific statements about opponents or a particular game aren’t ideal.  You certainly don’t need to mention any other teams, and scarves made for a single game are only good for major professional matches like the FA Cup or World Cup Final where they carry a memorabilia-like quality, but aren’t feasible for a high school championship or playoff game. 

        However, one good idea for listing such an achievement would be if your team were state or division champions.  You could write “2015 State Champs” and the fond memory would inspire players and fans for years down the road.

        Another valuable message is a popular team chant for your club.  “Go Bulls Go” or “Let’s Go Spartans” is the type of scarf message that inspires players, rekindling the reassuring spirit of hearing fans urging you on.  Additionally, such a message would also help urge fans to chant more.  As we see in the beautiful game time and time again, when the fans truly get behind a team and sing and chant throughout the game, anything is possible.

        Basically, it all boils down to what message you to see on the custom soccer scarves, which will both inspire the players and be a fun, engaging slogan for your club.  In most cases, it really is the simplest and most straightforward statement.  However, toy with a couple ideas that would potentially work.  Also know that our Ruffneck Scarves staff can help provide feedback for your ideas and help with the design process from start to finish.  Remember, with the right message and spirit, your soccer team can go on to do great things!

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