Ruffneck Scarves Announces New PDL, USL Partnership

Posted on September 15, 2016 by Felecia Clow | 0 Comments

Most would consider it mad to leave a cushy job at Microsoft to sell soccer scarves out of your garage. When CEO, Jeff McIntyre, founded Ruffneck Scarves in 2007 there were many uncertainties, but one thing always rang true; passion for the game. Over the past 9 years, Ruffneck Scarves has had the privilege to spread our love for the game to passionate supporters all over the world. Scarves have paved the way for Ruffneck to support the growth of the beautiful game from recreational youth leagues to professional football clubs. Today, we are thrilled to announce Ruffneck Scarves will be about to continue to promote the beautiful game in a huge way, as Official Scarf Providers of the PDL and USL.

“It is important for us to contribute to the growth of the game at all levels and the USL provides the opportunity to touch every level of the game from youth, to amateur to the professional ranks,” said McIntyre. “With the league’s footprint continuing to expand and supporters responding in record numbers, Ruffneck Scarves looks forward to bringing the scarf to life in USL markets across the United States and Canada.”

Though Ruffneck Scarves has been a USL partner since 2014, the new extended partnership and addition of the Premier Development League will create a whole realm of new opportunities to help promote and establish deeper connections between clubs and their communities. Scarves are recognized around the globe as wardrobe staple of the soccer supporter.

“The league’s relationship with Ruffneck Scarves has showcased how the scarf is a functional piece of a club, its game day atmosphere and its identity. We look forward to working with Ruffneck Scarves and the clubs to develop more colorful and innovative ideas to integrate the scarves into the game day and community for the USL and its clubs,” said Steven Short, Vice President of Business Development for the USL.

Scarves are recognized around the globe as wardrobe staple of the soccer supporter. As the industry’s leading sports scarf provider, Ruffneck Scarves looks forward to providing USL  & PDL supporters the highest quality soccer scarves, and continuing our ongoing support of the organization’s growth and community efforts.



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