Ruffneck Scarf Wall at the National Soccer Hall of Fame

Hall of Fame scarf wall by Ruffneck Scarves

If you haven't had the opportunity to go to Dallas, well Frisco, Texas and visit the National Soccer Hall of Fame's new location, it is certainly a must for any true American soccer fan. Soccer Scarves everywhere too...

This was our first visit in person and it could have been any better. 

As soon as we walked through the front doors we were greeted by the Ruffneck Scarves Scarf Wall, where it appeared all of the visitors to the HoF were taking photos.

Hall of Fame soccer scarves

We worked with the staff at FC Dallas and the National Soccer Hall of Fame to donate these soccer scarves for the display, but until we saw it in person, it was hard to comprehend how "cool" it was, and how fulfilled we feel as a small soccer business to be represented in such a way.

We are grateful to have a legacy that represents our passion and the passion of soccer supporters across America. 

National Soccer Hall of Fame

Click here for more information or to visit the National Soccer Hall of Fame.

Scarves up!

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