MLS Fantasy League 2017 with The Cooligans

Posted on February 21, 2017 by Felecia Clow | 0 Comments

The wait is almost over! Just under two weeks until the MLS is back in full swing, which means you have just 10 days left to sign up for MLS Fantasy League!

This year Ruffneck Scarves has teamed up with The Cooligans to bring you all the best that Fantasy League has to offer coupled with some super awesome prizes! Win cold hard cash, scarves from yours truly, and swag from On The Volley Apparel.


If you aren't convinced yet? Here's five reasons why you should join in on the Fantasy League fun.

  1. It's FREE to sign up.
  2. All the Cool(igan) kids are doing it...
  3. Who doesn't need $100?
  4. You will increase your knowledge & appreciation of MLS players across the league.
  5. Win and you get to brag to all your friends about your infinite awesomeness.

Ready to sign up?


Or sign up manually at  League Code: 7163-1507




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