Luka the Lion

Posted on June 30, 2016 by Felecia Clow | 0 Comments

There are rare opportunities in your life when you are presented with the opportunity to be something bigger than yourself, this is one of those times. When Luka’s family came to us at Ruffneck with the incredible story of their son Luka and an idea for a scarf, we knew immediately that these scarves were going to be special. Looking back, we never could have imagined fully how the ripple of Luka’s spirit would cause an international movement. Waves of people, scarf in hand, from all corners of the globe, joining the Pride to share Luka’s story, lend their support, and raise awareness for pediatric rare diseases.

Luka is a lion. A fighter. And Ruffneck Scarves are humbled by the opportunity to help share Luka’s inspiring story and raise awareness for pediatric rare diseases. We encourage everyone to read more about Luka the Lion and the Luka the Lion Foundation, join in the #LukaTheLion #ScarfChallenge, and help spread awareness.

Learn more here:

#LukaTheLion #ScarfChallenge

Luka the Lion Foundation



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