How To Host a Scarf Design Contest

Struggling to decide on the perfect design for your teams custom scarves? Let the people decide!

Easily the most difficult decision while creating custom scarves with Ruffneck Scarves is choosing a final design. There are several factors to consider. Does it properly represent our team? What should the text say- a team name, school name, mascot, should the text be “sport” specific? And most importantly will our supporters like the scarf design and want to buy it? All of these are important points to consider when finalizing a scarf design, and all of these can be resolved by letting your team and supporters get involved in the design process!

Hosting a Scarf Design Contest is a super easy way to get your community involved and excited about your team’s incoming scarves. Here’s how to get started!

Open Call for Scarf Designs.

Call on your community to design a supporter scarf for your upcoming season! Use your mailing list, social media sites, school newsletter, and any other resources to inform your community that you are taking entries for the best supporter scarf around!

Be sure to include:

No time for a scarf design “Open Call?” No worries! Ruffneck can help.

Holding a design open call typically takes a couple weeks. So, for those working on a stricter schedule skipping this step can save valuable time, and get your scarves produced faster. Ruffneck Scarves’ talented custom scarf specialists can create digital mock up designs for you FOR FREE! Simply fill out the “Custom Scarves Inquiry” form HERE ( and you’ll be connected with a specialist who will have designs drafted in no time.

Choose your top designs for voting.

Before opening up voting to the public, it is best to narrow your entries or digital mock up designs to around 5. This gives a reasonable number of options but not so many that you can't get washed out results.

Open up the Vote.

There are several free sites that offer simple voting polls that you can share on social media, and embed to blogs and webpages. is a very easy to use platform that allows you to use images as polling answers. Twitter also now has a polling option for tweets. Encourage your followers to share the poll. The more input you get the better!

It is also good to set a specific time frame for voting i.e. 1 week, 5 days, etc.

Determine a Winner!

After your designated voting window is closed it is time to determine your winning design. Be sure to announce your lucky winner to your community, and contact your Ruffneck Scarves specialist with the winning design to get it into production as soon as possible!

Hold a Pre-Sale

Letting the community get involved with your scarf design process has a number of benefits. Not only does it let you know what scarf design your community likes best, it helps your supporters feel like an important part of the team. Feeling important creates an even deeper connection between your organization and the faithful fans who support it. After a final design is decided and into production at Ruffneck Scarves, a great way to continue the hype your design contest has raised it to hold a pre-sale of the winning design. This is often a good time to offer the scarf at a "special pre-sale" price. This will encourage people to buy while they are already excited, and will immediately start generating income for the club with scarf sales.



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