Enhance Your Supporters Experience with a Ruffneck Scarf

Posted on November 08, 2016 by Felecia Clow | 0 Comments

Scarves are an integral aspect of soccer fandom. An essential and versatile accessory that combines pride for your team with a functional ability to enhance your game experience.

Scarves keep you warm. It may seem a bit obvious, but if you’ve ever tried to support our team on a frigid November night you know how crucial staying warm can be. A scarf is the perfect way to keep those vocal cords warm so you can cheer, chant, and celebrate. Even if your jersey gets covered up by your heavy winter coat, your scarf will loudly proclaim your love for your team. Rain, hail, snow, sleet, freezing temps; you and your scarf will be able to withstand anything Mother Nature can throw your way.

Scarves create community. A scarf serves as a symbol of your loyalty to your club and automatically bonds you into a community of kindred supporter spirits through mutual admiration of your team. Even outside of a match, in day to day situations, a scarf will continue to connect you with other supporters united by the common bond of supporter passion.

Scarves encourage your team. There are few things more spectacular than seeing an entire stadium, scarves held high, united for their team. What could be more motivating for an athlete than looking into the stands and seeing a sea of your team’s colors and the passionate fans behind them ready to cheer you on till the end?

An extension of your inner team passion. We all know the love you have for your team burns with the constant unwavering heat of 1,000 suns, but sometimes it is hard to express than in normal everyday situations. Scarves are a great addition to your wardrobe that will serve as an outward expression of your deep internal passion. And when friends, colleagues, and even strangers comment on your unique accessory you will be given the opportunity to share your supporter passion to others.

Scarves can amplify the excitement of celebration. Sometimes clapping just isn’t enough. Your team just scored the winning goal in extra time! This isn’t golf, this is soccer and sometimes clapping just isn’t enough. GET EXCITED! Use your scarf to celebrate. Throw it up, wave it around, hold it high and don’t hold back!

Scarves are so much more than an accessory. Utilize them to their full potential, and never stop supporting.

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