Another Five for Don

This past week Don Garber was offered an extension and has signed on for another five years as Major League Soccer’s Commissioner. Although the new terms were not disclosed, his previous contract was a $5 million per year salary. We can only guess that number has increased. 

In Garber’s 19 years in the position he has been praised and credited with expanding the league from 12 to 27 clubs and developing 19 soccer specific stadiums across the United States and Canada leading to his induction into the National Soccer Hall of Fame. Previously he held many positions with the NFL for 16 years including senior vice president of NFL International.

Though the success of the MLS under Garber’s control is undeniable, it’s not without controversy. He is also the CEO of Soccer United Marketing as well as a member of U.S. Soccer’s board of directors. This has raised several red flags about conflicts of interest. He has also been criticized for MLS’s singe-entity structure and willingness to ignore it’s own rules regarding allocating players, however none of that seems to have affected Major League Soccer’s position on him. 

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