New Heineken Ad Featuring Ruffneck Scarves

Posted on March 25, 2016 by Felecia Clow | 0 Comments

In 2007, longtime friends and Ruffneck Scarves' founders, Jeff McIntyre and Erin O'Brien were inspired to follow their dream of spreading passion for the beautiful game by connecting supporters with the global symbol of club support; soccer scarves. Their journey has taken them from a tiny two-man start-up connecting with the local USL club's supporters, to a multi-million dollar operation providing soccer scarves to hundreds of youth and school clubs, dozens of supporter groups, all twenty MLS clubs and U.S. Soccer. 

For the former Microsoft employees turned scarf aficionados, the experience has been life changing. With the rise of soccer in the U.S. McIntyre believes Ruffneck will soon be a household name, and there's no doubt things are headed in the right direction. Just this week global beer company Heineken released an epic new soccer related ad. The video speaks of the growing soccer culture in the U.S. and features a massive crowd of wildly passionate supporters wearing, waving, and holding high Ruffneck Scarves. 

There is nothing quite like the feeling you get when your hopes and hard work come to fruition. From a dream in a garage, to the hands of millions of fans around the globe. It's been a crazy ride, and Ruffneck Scarves can't wait to see where the journey is headed next.



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