6 Sure-Sell Fundraising Customers

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When most coaches think of doing a team fundraiser is normally the same washed up ideas that get thrown around, but we all know last year’s car wash didn’t raise the team squat. It’s time to get more creative. A fundraiser that has some serious earning potential and fuels excitement and pride for the team. It’s time to call in Ruffneck to set you up with custom scarves.

Trying new things is always a little daunting. You’re team has never done a custom scarf fundraiser before, and you’re not sure who you’re going to sell to… The short answer is everybody, because once they see the scarves they will be lining up to get their hands on one. But more specifically, look towards the people who surround you and your team every day. You’ll be shocked at how quickly the scarves sell themselves.

6 Sure-Sell Customers:

Team: Okay, okay. This one is a bit of a no brainer, but it can’t be overlooked. Don’t forget when you’re ordering your custom scarves a big chunk of the scarves will be bought up by the team itself. There are few better ways to remember the sports season by than with a scarf. While sweatshirts fade and tare, scarves stand the test of time, cannot be outgrown, and are the perfect memento wrap up the season’s memories.

Team Supporters: The parents, family members, friends, and community that fill the stands each game will be your best customers. They already support their team and will be thrilled with another way to show it. Scarves are an undeniable symbol of support. They can be raised high, swung around, and worn over jackets that would normally cover up spirit wear like a t-shirt. Because of the supporting versatility and affordability of scarves, your clubs fans will be eager to get their hand on one.

Other School Athletics: Just because the fundraiser is for your team does not mean that you can’t sell to the other sports teams at your school. Their team and supporters want to show their pride too. Make an appearance at another sports games proudly sporting your school spirit. When someone asks the inevitable question of where you got your awesome scarf, you’ll let them know they can buy one then and there!

General Student Body: You don’t have to limit yourself to just sports fans. Spirit gear is a school wide affair regardless of athletic affiliations. Wear your scarf around campus and soon the whole school will be buzzing about your scarf fundraiser. Talk to your school newspaper to get help spreading the word about your fundraiser and where other students can purchase their scarf.

School Staff: Students are not the only ones who are proud of their school, many teachers/professors have closets full of school affiliated apparel. All they are missing is a scarf. Put up a flier in the staff lounge and have your scarves ready.

Alumni: Team pride is not a fleeting feeling. Once you’re connected to a school or club the memories and fondness for the organization carries on for many years to come. Many former graduates of a university or high school support that school for years to come, especially there athletics which makes alumni great potential scarf customers. Social media makes reaching out to alumni easier than ever before. Look up your school’s alumni on Facebook and let them know you’re selling awesome school supporters scarves. They will be a hit.

Let Ruffneck Scarves help get you started on your custom scarf fundraiser today with free design mockups and consultation.



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