Save Your Season Spirit with Scarves!

Posted on November 22, 2015 by Felecia Clow | 0 Comments

As an athlete, looking up into the stands and seeing a crowd of excited fans draped in your team colors, is an indescribable feeling. Knowing you have a community of supporters behind you can completely change the outcome of the game. Hearing their cheers gives you that extra pump of adrenaline, and seeing those colors go crazy motivates you to lay down all that you’ve got. A strong supporters section literally makes the team better, and as a fan of course that is the ultimate goal.

It does however become increasingly difficult displaying the same team spirit once winter sets in. Your team jerseys and t-shirts that painted the sidelines with fighting colors during the beginning of the season are simply no longer enough to protect you from the elements. But as you attempt to evade the cold with a heavy winter coat, the colors you are trying to proudly display are lost under the layers.

The advantage of supporters' influence is at risk of being muted, but it doesn't have to be. Scarves are the perfect solution to save your sideline spirit though any season. On the coldest day of the season, when you've bundled up to your nose, your scarf will always be the bright spirited top layer. Yes, it will help keep you warm, but more importantly it will visibly display to the players on the field your still standing with them.

Scarves are more than an accessory. Hold it high and let the team see who you support. Wave it in the air to celebrate victories with a flash of color. Rock it not just at the game, but anytime to let the world know your fandom is true. Winter doesn't have to stifle your team spirit. Scarf up and show your colors!



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