No-Shave Novermber Beard-spiration

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Scarves are undoubtedly the best way to keep your neck warm in the cold winter months ahead, but November calls attention to a different type of face warmer. Movements like No-Shave November and Movember, along with their fantastic men’s health & cancer fundraising efforts, have inspired men around the world to lay down their razors (at least for a month) and embrace their natural chin sweater.

For those staring fresh, or perhaps new to the facial hair phenomena, your November beard is only in its infancy stage. As it continues to flourish over the course of the month, it may be beneficial to draw inspiration from bearded veterans. Take notes boys…

 The Ideal:

 When your stubble's teacher asks what it wants to be when it grows up it says Andrea Pirlo's beard. Dark, full, and just the right amount of unruly to make it look effortless; this is what you envision when you start your beard journey... Until your two weeks in and realize your patchwork grid of facial fuzz may take years to come in.

The Billy Goatee:

 Not to be confused with a traditional Goatee, where the chin portion does not extend towards the neck. The Billy Goatee takes a special kind of person with a whole lot of commitment. In days past, retired U.S. soccer star and current FOXsports commentator Alexi Lalas sported one of a kind, flaming orange, billy goat style whiskers that were almost as famous as his footwork. 

The Patriot:


What better way to display your love for your club or country than adorning your face with the colors? English footballer Adam Clayton and his infamous whiskers did just that. The color of course it was not a permanent facial fixture (it was for a children’s charity fundraiser), but the beard behind it all most definitely is. Clayton’s beard even has its own fan club… How’s that for #beardgoals

The Ringleader:

 Looking to turn some heads? Try taking a page out of Rapid's head coach, Pablo Mastroeni's book, Holy Cow Where'd that Wicked 'Stache Come From. When Mastroeni returned from the 2015 MLS off season with this bad boy, it was the talk of the town, though he looks almost more qualified to lead a circus than a soccer team. Regarless, that 'stache is a show stopper.

The Cast Away:

 This beard has put in some time. Ask Matthais Holst and he would confirm you don't grow a Cast Away over night, this is a ten months stranded on a desert island style beard. Wild, rugged, unruly, and quite possibly the home to a couple woodland critters. This beard is for the growers in for the long haul. 


Forget the social norms. Who needs hair up there? It's about the grow down below... While most people leave the hairy situation for the top and keep things trimmed on the chin, American goalkeeper Tim Howard likes things turned on their head. Clean as a cue on the crown, and bushy, bearded, greatness from nose down. It's rumored his beard is where Howard keeps his power, we believe it.

 The Pencil:

 Thin enough to question whether you can grow legitimate facial hair, yet groomed enough that it looks intentional, the pencil mustache is a curious classic. The best part about this one, is it doesn't take much. Retired English footballer and Sky Sports analyst, Chris Kamara has been sporting the pencil 'stache since he was first able to grow one in his teens. Apparently he liked the little wispy caterpillar he grew so much that he kept it for decades. That is until he was invited to have his little furry friend "imMOrtalized."  Kamara's mustache has been cast and preserved...Yes, seriously.   

 Are you working on your own awesome facial hair style? Or prefer the furry face of another footballer? Share with us your favorites, send in a photo, or leave us a comment or photo below.



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