5 Tips for How to Sell Your Team's Soccer Scarves

Posted on November 02, 2015 by Jeff McIntyre | 0 Comments

You’ve finally gotten with the times and ordered a batch of custom soccer scarves for your team.  Congratulations!  You are now a fully functional club with 21st century ambitions.  But after you’re done taking glorious selfies all decked out in your new team gear, you need to start thinking about how to go about selling them.  Here are the 5 best ways to sell your soccer scarves:


  1. Make sure everyone knows about the scarves – Whether it’s through a school announcement, a pep rally, or even a blast email throughout the club, let everyone know that you’ve got top quality soccer scarves for sale and that you’re trying to raise funds. Let people know what you intend to do with the money and express your deepest thanks for their support.  A genuine plea for help can go a long way and can lead to incredible new avenues for the marketing and sales of your scarves.


  1. Have them handy – Make sure that wherever you go, your scarves follow. Have a box ready in your office for anyone who may be interested.  Leave several in the trunk of your car so that you can sell them wherever you may be.  Take them to the games.  Recruit a volunteer to set up a booth at the games.  You want to be ready and able to sell a scarf whenever someone requests one.  And with scarves so fun and affordable, you should be ready to make sales at all times. 


  1. Hold a giveaway – Sometimes giving a few scarves away for a raffle prize or charity event can perk others’ interest in having a scarf of their own. You never know who may be a soccer fan or a parent of a kid within your club.  Such individuals would certainly be interested in buying a scarf; they just need to know they’re available, and they probably want to see them too.  If they see an excited recipient waving their new scarf in the air, perhaps they’ll head right over and buy one themselves!


  1. Encourage the team to sell – You know what works better than a top salesman? 20 salesmen!  Let your players know that unless they raise the necessary funds through your soccer scarf fundraiser, there won’t be a fantastic tour to Europe, or there won’t be new jerseys for next season, or whatever you’ve got planned.  With the team inspired to make sales of their own, you’ll likely see the scarves distributed faster and wider than you could have imagined.


  1. Wear your scarf – Nothing shows team pride like a soccer scarf. In terms of your fundraiser, this visibility will also be a major benefit.  The more people see the scarves around, the more they’ll think they could use one too.  Put them on during chilly mornings or nights.  Wear them out in public.  More and more people will see the scarves, how acceptable and nice they look, and perhaps be inspired to get one of their own. 



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