5 Reasons Why a Soccer Scarf is your Best Friend

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We all have best friends; those dear associates we like to call first for our house parties, and those whom we always want around, whether its at our wedding or perhaps even at the hospital.  Great friends keep us happy and bring us through our lives with immense zest and enjoyment.  That’s the kind of relationship you end up building with your soccer scarf.  Surprised?  Well, here are 5 reasons for how a soccer scarf can become so close to your heart:


  1. A scarf ingratiates you with a specific club and its fans – Walk into a Manchester United fan pub bearing their scarf, and you’ll be welcomed in open arms. You’re one of them!  There’ll be song singing, joyous splendor, and great times.  Who knows, you may even make some new friends and start attending the fan club with regularity.  When you approach someone wearing the scarf of the team they love, they’ll immediately feel bonded to you.  It’ll be easier to strike up conversation and feel comfortable around their presence.  Just make sure you don’t walk into that bar with a Man City scarf! 
  1. Scarves accompany you to every game – Who are thinking of bringing along with you to the next big soccer match? Your best friend?  How about your scarf?  Of course the scarf is coming along.  You need to show off your team pride!  You want to hold that scarf up high and shout out the famous club chants while enjoying the breathtaking display that is soccer.  You want to wave the scarf around like a mad man when your team scores.  Inevitably you might just be clinging onto it nervous agony as your team fights to hold onto a slender 1-goal lead.  However you cut it, you will want to bring your soccer scarf to the match. 
  1. A soccer scarf keeps you warm – And at that particular match, it may be quite cold, and your voice could certainly go hoarse after a couple minutes of cheering the team on. Not if you have your scarf companion along with you!  Scarves were actually used long before the days of soccer to keep people warm.  You wrap them around your neck, protecting an area that is often exposed and can be quite sensitive to the cold.  Beyond just attending soccer matches, soccer scarves can keep one healthy and warm throughout the cold winter months as you go about your business…what are friends for? 
  1. A scarf is a fashionable accessory – Scarves are a fashion item, make no mistake about it. Fortunately, most soccer scarves are stylish enough to complement a range of outfits, especially if the colors match!  Many beautiful scarf designs such as argyle or checkered can look great alongside a wide variety of clothing choices.  Don’t people value their friend’s opinion when it comes to making fashion decisions?  The soccer scarf even helps with that! 
  1. Soccer scarves are with you through harrowing despair and joyous celebration – Needless to say, your soccer scarf will be with you through thick and thin. It’ll be by your side when your team batters the opposition 8-0, and you may just even throw it to the ground in wretched anger as your team blows yet another game.  But chances are that you’ll pick that scarf up again with pride and think fondly of your team, no matter what the score.  That’s what makes the scarf a truly special friend.  No matter what the scoreline, the situation, or what you’ve been through together, the scarf will be there for you to hold close no matter what.

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