Wherever scarves go, fans will follow..

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The sporting world can often be a fickle one, where just as one team begins to make waves and win a few titles, a few players depart and suddenly the team plunges back into obscurity.  Sometimes, the opposite is true, and a team long forgotten begins to get back on track and start winning again, and a seemingly endless arrival of lifelong fans re-emerge.  It’s all part and parcel of the beautiful game.  However, there is one trick up the managerial sleeve that is a sure bet to win over the hearts of fans, and can often kick-start a resurgence of team support.  This delightful secret comes in the form of the soccer scarf!

Whether you run a high school, college, or youth club soccer team, getting fan support can be a major challenge.  Sure, parents and family might come out to the games, and perhaps an occasional alumnus will venture down to a match to rekindle old memories, but what keeps the sport truly alive is the fans.  Fans are there week in and week out, cheering the team on and supporting them through thick and thin. 

However, fans will only support a club or team that they find to be alluring and cool.  In order to present a proper image of a reputable soccer club, a team must have soccer scarves.  No club is complete without a scarf!  Scarves have been a part of soccer since the game’s inception, initially helping the fans stay warm and cozy in the stands despite the cold British evenings that surrounded the matches.

Later on, teams began outfitting their own brand of soccer scarves, designed to match the team’s appearance with similar colors, crests, and team chants.  Not only did this preserve the health of the fledgling clubs’ fans, but it helped spread the word about the game, bringing in scores of new fans who were inspired by the colorful scarves floating around town, which were especially prevalent on game days when match-goers would be in full gear!

A similar experience can happen with your own team if you embrace the almighty soccer scarf.  Games take on greater importance when there is a buzz around town, and casual soccer fans may head down to the high school for a big playoff match.  Fellow soccer enthusiast students will be inspired by seeing the scarves and decide to check out a game.  All these things will lead to greater support and a more vibrant aura come the match. 

The element of support is huge in soccer, even at the professional level.  Home teams typically fare better than road teams and usually come away with the points.  This is because soccer is a game about passion, momentum, and emotion.  When you have 300 screaming fans waving their scarves around like mad every time your team bears down on goal, you’d better believe that your players will respond.  These days, Ruffneck Scarves makes it easier than ever to get custom soccer scarves for your team and its fans, so be sure to inquire about how you can get your club to become a powerful force and one beloved by its hoard of loyal fans!

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