What Does Your Custom Scarf Design Say About You?

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We live in an age of self-expression.  From a wide range of unique hairdos to an endless collection of clothing styles, people have limitless options when it comes to how they wish to portray themselves.  It’s no different for soccer clubs and teams.  Mascots and colorful team paraphernalia pervade around stadiums, showcasing a specific imagery associated with the team.  This form of expression encompasses teams’ soccer scarves as well, with the type of decoration placed upon the scarf a direct representation of the people wearing them as well the club itself.  Therefore, whenever a team director or coach wishes to produce a stock of custom soccer scarves for their team, there is much to consider!

First off, there is the close relationship between colors from team to jersey.  Certainly, you’ll want your team’s primary colors to flow from the scarf, and usually the secondary color as well.  However, most team scarves stop there.  Adding too many colors to the scarf can be distracting.  Remember, when your players look to the stands and see the same colors on their chests waving around in the scarves, they’ll get that boost of support.

But the main communication often associated with soccer scarves are the few words of print often sewn directly into its fabric.  Here’s where one can get a bit creative.  Certainly the team name is a favored choice, as are simple chants associated with the mascot or club.  The important part is to actually create a simple, clear message.  Remember, the more words included, the smaller font and the less visible your message will be.  A simple catchy phrase can be read from far across the field and is usually the best.  Think about what you want your team’s scarves to read, because that will definitely leave a lasting impression on others.

Other aspects of scarf design also play a role in defining how your scarves come across.  The classic bar style has been in circulation for 100 years, and is perfect for club and youth teams.  However, other styles show a bit more flair, like the argyle pattern, which is perfect for preparatory schools and colleges.  The checkered design is also a fantastic display of color, capturing tradition as well as a bit of exuberance through its appearance. 

The fun part about designing your custom soccer scarf is toying with all the various possibilities.  Though this may seem a bit overwhelming, Ruffneck Scarves’ customer support is here to help.  They have guided hundreds of teams and clubs in their specific scarf design choices, and have also made scarves for the U.S.A. National Team as well as the MLS.  Helping bring the tradition of soccer scarves to American soil, Ruffneck is prepared to help your club achieve its goals through high quality, fashionably styled scarves.  Perfect for fundraisers, end-of-season gifts, and for improving overall team spirit, soccer scarves are the single proven commodity for the beautiful game and its fans.  With endless options of personalization, you’ll be able to express the true ethos and culture of your team through your own brand of scarves.  Now you’ll just need your players to continue their expression through hard work on the field!

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