Top 5 Reasons Why the USA Women will Win the World Cup

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For those worried that there isn’t going to be much soccer this summer, fear not!  The 2015 Women’s World Cup is soon to be here!  And given the American Ladies’ tendency to contend for every major tournament, the anticipation may be well worth it.  The USA Women’s Soccer team is one of the big favorites for the World Cup, and I fully believe that they’ll be able to win it this time.  Here are 5 reasons why:

  1. The World’s Best Players – There’s little doubt that America houses the top talent in the world when it comes to women’s soccer. A favored sport by the top female athletes in America, collegiate soccer produces an incredible crop of talent each year and the USA national team reaps the rewards.  Their FIFA ranking may be 2nd to the women of Germany, but make no mistake about it, with a history of success in the Olympics and World Cup tournaments, the USA has the top talent that anyone would covet.
  2. Talented Veteran Leaders – First off, Abby Wambach is perhaps the greatest goal scorer of all time in women’s soccer. Her 178 international goals is tops all time and she has a knack for grabbing late, decisive goals.  Her memorable last-second header against Brazil in the 2011 quarterfinals was her shining moment of glory.  At 34, she’s reaching the end of her amazing career, and certainly wants a World Cup title to cap it off.  On the opposite end of the pitch will be goalkeeper Hope Solo.  While she’s been in the news lately for all the wrong reasons, on the field she’s a vital leader.  Goalies are known to be a bit on the crazy side, and this fiery instinct is what makes her such a powerful keeper.  She’ll need to keep her head on off the field, but while playing, there’s no one better equipped to protect the goal.  Lastly, American captain Christie Rampone has quietly been one of the team’s key cogs in defense for over a decade.  39 years old with over 300 caps to her name, her experience will be a major asset to the team.
  3. Rising Stars – Fortunately, a solid group of youngsters will enhance this side greatly and provide the strong legs needed to endure the tournament physically. Most USA fans know of Alex Morgan, and this could be her shrining campaign.  Already with more than 50 international goals to her credit, Morgan is a monstrous force and paired with Wambach up top makes by far the world’s strongest offense.  Sydney Leroux is another young talent who should excel here and could become a hero at the tournament.  With a delightful balance of veterans and hungry youngsters, this USA team is ripe for glory.
  4. Home field Advantage – While the tournament will be housed in nearby Canada (technically not the USA), there’s no doubt that this will be a huge advantage to our players. Traveling across our northern border is relatively easy and affordable for fans, and far easier than for supporters of Asian and European contenders.  Certainly, the 8th ranked Canadian Ladies will be eyeing a host’s title, but the USA is more talented and should benefit from nearly as much support as hosts themselves. 
  5. Determination – While the USA hasn’t taken this tournament in the new millennium, they came painfully close in 2011, losing out only on penalty kicks to Japan. Nevertheless, they’ve proven themselves time and time again at the Olympics, with three straight gold medal performances.  The fact that this current group of players has yet to take the World Cup is leaving them tremendously hungry and determined.  Some of the older veterans are likely playing in their last tournament for the national team, and they’ll be desperate to win it.  With matches being played close to home, with the perfect combination of young and experienced players, and with a certain passion for winning this trophy, I fully expect the USA Women to take the 2015 World Cup, asserting themselves on the global stage once again!

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