Proper way to wear your scarf

Contrary to many a streaker’s belief, running naked through a professional soccer game bearing just a scarf is not the proper way to show your support.  In fact, such behavior will likely result in a rough tackle by a team of security guards and a lifetime ban from attending matches of your beloved soccer club.  Simply stated, it’s not the best idea!  Here are some of the more approved and supportive ways to wear your soccer scarves:

Around your neck - One of the most natural and sensible manners in which to dress yourself in a team scarf is the typical way in which regular scarves are worn, just around your neck.  This is most beneficial in cold weather, and is appropriate in all facets of life.  You can wear them around town, on the ski slopes, and of course at the stadiums on game day. 

Held up high – The most proud and passionate form of scarf wearing is to thrust it up and hold it wide, stretching out your arms and showing the world your scarf.  This style is often accompanied by team chants or famous club songs.  For many clubs, entire sections of fans will hold their scarves up high together, creating a scarf wall.  Such scenes are incredible and help inspire the team to new heights.  Such fan behavior is one of the reasons for home field advantage in soccer.

Around one’s waist – Many casual spectators like to have their scarf handy, but what if the temperature is too warm to wrap a scarf around the neck?  Having the scarf around your waist makes it easily accessible for when you want to grab it, but also keeps it out of the way.  This is a great way to wear the scarf for an evening game.  While the sun is still out you’ll be warm, but when night falls and the temperature drops, you’ll want that scarf nearby for usage.  Having a scarf on your waist will also enable your hands to be free for carrying things to the games.

Clutched in nervous despair – Evoking echoes of childhood blankies, numerous adults have been known to desperately cling to their favorite scarf as a team struggles or bravely holds on to a slight lead to claim a victory.  The most popular use of this style of wearing is during penalty kicks, when emotions run high and the game hangs in a tight balance.

Whirling in the air – This type of action is usually reserved for pregame buildup and goal scoring celebrations.  While it certainly is the most entertaining to watch (especially if a big group of supporters wave their scarves together!), the practice can be tiring and distracting for fellow fans.  It can be quite hard to watch a game through a waving scarf, so it is best to hold off on energetic scarf waving until periods where play has stopped, such as a goal being scored for your team. 

 As you can see, there are quite a few ways in which soccer fans wear their scarves.  Obviously, the situation calls for varying types of actions, such as the weather or nature of the game you’re watching, but all in all you will now have learned the proper methods of using your team’s soccer scarf.  And yes, other creative and fun ways to wear a scarf are often welcomed, so long as your clothes stay on!

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