The Best Fundraiser Idea of 2015

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Many youth sports teams in America face an uphill battle.  Costs for things like jerseys, transportation, tournament fees, and coach’s wages can make running a sports team a pricey endeavor, and many teams often simply cannot foot the bill. Unfortunately, those costs are often placed upon the players’ families and many simply quit the game.  However, fundraisers can be a major savior for many such teams, and one item in particular has become very successful in helping teams organize successful fundraisers: custom sports scarves!

Many fans feel that team scarves are simply reserved for famous teams like Liverpool and Real Madrid, or World Cup nations like Germany, but they are indeed mistaken.  Sports scarves have taken over the game at every level and can be found out in full force at high school matches and even along the sidelines of youth  games!

The reason is that the scarves are wonderful items for teams and fans.  They come relatively inexpensive, they are lightweight, easy to fold into small bags and purses, can be cleaned, and the list goes on and on.  Their colors blend into those of the players on the field and help to create a wholesome, team focused energy at games.

But perhaps even more importantly, scarves help inspire the fans and players alike.  When a young player looks up to the sidelines for support, he will see his team colors waving around proudly, or perhaps his dad stretching a scarf out proudly, revealing a team chant or logo on the fabric.  These kinds of things will elevate the level of a player’s play and promote passion and hard work.

For fans and parents, the scarves can help get the crowd more positively involved in a game.  If you’ve ever seen an English Premier League match or a Seattle Sounders MLS home game, you will have seen the faithful devotion by fans to their teams.  Scarves are waved about, songs are sung, chants assembled, and blissful scenes of soccer merriment take place.  Having custom scarves created for your team will elevate the atmosphere around your games.  Beyond any financial support generated, you’ll also watch your team have more fun and excitement on game days as a result.

Sports scarves can help your club for years.  Made from the finest materials, they can last for decades and will be seen around town again and again.  This is the kind of thing that will enhance your overall presence around town and could well help urge the top players in your area to sign up for your team.  Scarves are a normal fashion accessory that are worn everywhere on cold days.  Therefore, you’ll see the presence of scarves far beyond the confines of the field.  This could help start a powerful winning tradition for your club!

And so when it comes to fundraising, there really is no substitute for the soccer scarf (Why else would all the professional teams have them?).  The item is affordable, inspiring, colorful, and soft.  Check with Ruffneck Scarves today to begin the process of ordering team scarves for your club.

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